Our Rodan + Fields Story: Families Who Work in Life-Changing Skincare Together
Tuesday, December 11, 2018

As a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant, one important way you can grow your business is through building a team of confident, passionate, and inspired entrepreneurs. In doing so, you’ll reach out and share the R+F journey with friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and, of course, your family members. These are the people closest to you. They’ve watched you grow personally and professionally, and they’re the people most likely to be inspired and motivated by your own excitement.

As you’ll see from the stories below, it’s incredibly common for multiple members of a family to catch the business-owning bug through Rodan + Fields. This is an opportunity that calls to everyone, whether you’re spouses, sisters, cousins, or the entire family—and this journey is exceptionally fun to embark on as a family. Read on to hear these leaders’ family-driven Rodan + Fields stories.


Rebecca Harrison and her five siblings, all of whom are R+F Independent Consultants.

Getting the whole family involved

“I was the fifth person in my immediate family, sitting around our dinner table, who accomplished the huge goal of earning a Lexus through Rodan + Fields. My sisters and I had different goals and dreams in life, but Rodan + Fields has been a fit for every one of us. Our mom is also included in everything we do, and our two brothers are actually R+F Consultants as well. All five of my siblings are Independent Consultants now, and I love the fact that we truly do not miss a beat.

I love the fact that my family gets to travel together now and that we talk every single day. 90 percent of the time I’m with my sisters, it’s because of Rodan + Fields. We don’t miss a single thing that happens in each other’s lives because we stay so connected through R+F. This business has helped our entire family build a sense of security. Growing up we, of course, had everything we ever needed, but now we have the freedom to do things we’ve never done before. It’s the thing I love most about Rodan + Fields.”

Rebecca Harrison

The Silvestri family (including Kim and her daughters Chelsea and Cassie) are another group of successful Independent Consultants who run a “family business” together.
Read Kim’s story here.



Molly toasting a successful Rodan + Fields event with Marissa McDonough, her cousin and mentor.

Forming family partnerships

“My cousin Marissa McDonough got me started with the Rodan + Fields products and encouraged me to start my own business. It’s been so fun. Even though we never lived in the same town, we have been close our entire lives through summers and family travel. But now all of a sudden, through working this business, we’re communicating with each other every single day! We laugh. We share frustrations. We talk about our families. It’s just really fun. R+F is such a cool opportunity.

When it comes to business, first and foremost, Marissa has been wonderful as a mentor. She is a powerhouse and one of the hardest working people I know. She has just been such a tremendous leader and such a huge help to me, always available, always willing to answer questions, always cheering me on and boosting me up. I couldn’t think of a better person to help train me and cheer me on in this business.

Molly Mosher


“My mom and my sister are both Independent Consultants as well. My sister is a social worker and she works R+F alongside her career in order to help support her family while she achieves her Master’s degree. For my mom, though, this business has been huge—especially this last year. The management of my dad’s cancer is a like a full-time job in and of itself. Because of Rodan + Fields, she hasn’t had to take any time off work. She can work her business from the nooks and crannies in her life. That’s been a huge blessing for her.”

Cristina DiMarzio

 Debbie Boyd and her daughter Jenna make up another mother-daughter partnership.
Read Debbie’s story here and Jenna’s here.


Rodan and Fields Consultants - The Cormays

Josh and Nicole Cormany loving their R+F perks.

Partners in life, love, and business

“After 21 months of supporting my wife Nicole as she worked with Rodan + Fields, I was able to walk away from my position in banking and join her full time. I’ve been relatively happy my whole life, but now I’m in better shape, Nicole and I have a better relationship, and we get to spend more time with our kids. We’re truly surrounded by so much positivity.

I’m also very proud of the team we’ve built and the culture we’ve developed. When it comes to growing a team, we complement each other well—she does the networking while I specialize in training. I can’t express enough how much we appreciate Rodan + Fields as a Company. We are committed to locking arms with them on their purpose to change skin and change lives. Nicole and I are in love with the Company and what they stand for. We are so proud to be associated with such a positive network of people.”

Josh Cormany

In the R+F community, it’s not uncommon to see power partnerships where both spouses
are Independent Consultants. 
Here are other outstanding examples:

Miriam and Randall Steketee     Bonn Brown and Craighton Cooper
Micaela and Matthew Brancato     Donella and John Fields
Melissa and Patrick McCarthy     Elizabeth and Taylor Guess
Cynthia and Aaron Sagarese     Kim and Rick Krause


Katie and Steve Wood with Erin Connor and her husband—together in Hawaii thanks to R+F.

A business built on sisterhood

“I first heard about Rodan + Fields through my sister, Erin Connor, who is now an RFX leader. She is also my neighbor and we have seven daughters between the two of us. I’ve always kind of followed in Erin’s footsteps as her little sister, and I’m glad I eventually followed her lead when she joined Rodan + Fields. I trusted her judgment. I had to shift my plate for what was most important—and anything that allows me to put family first is most important.

I love working with my sister. By sharing this business with me, she gave me the greatest gift. We have even had the chance to travel the world together from San Francisco, to Maui and France! We believe strongly in empowering women, and through running Team Infinity together we have set up a culture of ‘doing the right thing’, inspired by the way Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields lead our Company.”

Katie Wood

Kyla and Anna McKelvey are another pair of sisters who build their Rodan + Fields businesses together. Read their story here.

When we become Independent Consultants, we immediately join hands with others in a larger Rodan + Fields family—but it’s even more special when you have the opportunity to work on a team with your own family members. The fact that so many individuals have become business owners alongside their siblings, spouses, and parents is significant. It shows that this opportunity truly is for everyone and has something to offer each individual, no matter what their goals might be. We hope you and others in your family feel encouraged by these Rodan + Fields stories. There’s never been a better time to start writing your own.

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