Pam West – Leading With Kindness

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, June 29th, 2017

Kindness is a virtue that many associate with the helping professions—but Pam West has transferred this quality into her own entrepreneurial business as well. Caring for patients as a registered nurse, caring for her family’s financial needs, caring for her team members, and caring for the world around her.

Pam was first introduced to the Rodan + Fields® products by her daughter, Heather Quisel. “I was one of her very first Customers. She knew that I typically used high-end skincare and invited me to try REDEFINE to see if I liked the products. I knew within three days that I would not be giving the Regimen back to her. Without a doubt, my skin had never felt this good with any other products I’d ever tried! I knew this was a product I could stand behind.”

A couple of months later, after learning from Heather how much personal success she experienced in her business, Pam was inspired by what the opportunity could bring in her own life. She brought up the potential business venture with her husband Bill, who encouraged her to jump in as an Independent Consultant in December of 2010.

R+F Consultant Pam West headshot

Moving from hobby to job

Pam’s immediate goal was to earn spending money for travel. “My husband and I both worked hard for our family, but I wanted to have guilt-free income that could be used as ‘fun’ money on top of my full-time income. I started by working R+F as a hobby, about five hours per week.”

Two years ago, Pam had left her position as an RN and was working part-time in real estate when she decided to work her Rodan + Fields business more seriously, increasing to 15 hours per week. She had also moved back to her home state of Montana, which helped spur her on to Level V, but issues with consistency prevented her from maintaining it. “I get easily distracted. If some people are Type A, I’m a Type W. I’m about as far away from Type A as you can get!”

Reflecting on this challenging time in her business, Pam explains, “I don’t think I was ready to be a big team leader in the beginning, even though I enjoyed it and loved my team. It took a lot of self-reflection, but I’ve just realized that this is my journey. Being in business this long and knowing what it’s given to my family, friends, and team, I know I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I have faith that I will reach my goals.”

Pam and Heather on a mother/daughter trip to Mexico

Pam and Heather on a mother/daughter trip to Mexico

Building new goals along the way

Traveling was one of Pam’s initial goals that her Rodan + Fields business has helped her meet. “I took my husband to Belize for our 25th anniversary, completed a medical mission trip in Honduras, and visited Ireland with my great aunt.” She laughs, “I did very well with my hobby!”

As Pam’s business has grown into a bigger part of her everyday life, her goals have grown with her. “Just in a year of working my business more consistently, I’ve seen a huge difference and my dreams are bigger now. I’d like to ease my husband’s few financial worries as a retiree. I want to earn the car and I want to earn the trip, and I want to see my team do that. Within five years I’d like to have five Lexus drivers on my team.”

She’s also developed a bigger mission for her business that surpasses these specifically measurable goals. “My ‘why’ is to create an income that allows my family to contribute to others. I want to know that to get to this point, I’ve stayed true to my values, and that I’m not doing this just for me.”

Pam with her husband and biggest supporter, Bill West

Pam with her husband and biggest supporter, Bill West

Honoring those who walk alongside her

Pam works diligently for those on her team, because she’s witnessed the impact this business has had on their lives. “Connection is my favorite part of Rodan + Fields. My business has completely transformed my relationships with many Consultants on my team, including my sister, Angela Comer, who joined me five years into my business. A team member recently called with tears of joy when her business paid her monthly daycare bill, and another’s business has provided incredible support and comfort for her when her husband recently passed away. This is really a life-changing community.”

As far as leadership potential goes, Pam believes in her skills much more today than she did in the beginning. “I think the qualities that made me a good nurse are the same qualities that I try to use in my business: kindness and ethics. Now I’m very patient with those who work their business in different ways. If you are content with earning enough to pay for your own skincare, I don’t love you any less than the Consultants who are working toward bigger goals.”

Pam celebrating a corporate event in Boise with some of her favorite leaders and Amnon Rodan

Pam celebrating a corporate event in Boise with some of her favorite leaders and Amnon Rodan

Pam emphasizes that her Upline and team members mean the world to her. “A group of team members video chats weekly with me to discuss our weekly and monthly goals, and it’s the highlight of my week! Beyond that, I have an incredible support system and have built friendships that I know I will have for life. Each and every person on my team has value, and I want them all to know that they are incredibly dear to me.”


Tell Me More…

What one word do you most relate to? Kindness.

What is your best R+F team memory? The training we do weekly. Seeing my team’s faces has really helped us grow as a group.

What is your dream R+F trip destination? Bora Bora or the Maldives.

What is your favorite R+F product? REDEFINE™ Multi-function Eye Cream and ENHANCEMENTS Lash Boost™. I can’t pick just one!

Where do you draw your inspiration from in life? I draw inspiration from the small acts of kindness I see every day.


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  1. I enjoyed reading Pam’s story, I feel like I can relate to her story. When I hear how other consultants view the products they sell, it gives me even more confidence that I can share Rodan + Fields with everyone because the products work for everyone.

  2. Sara Dwyer says:

    I agree Pam! The ability to meet, listen and work with such a wonderful group of people makes being a CEO of my own skincare business such a joy! Everyday I wake up knowing I am going to help some one and THAT is the BEST feeling!
    Continued success to you and yours.

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