Panda Korman – Dream Bigger
Thursday, March 16, 2017

As a passionate anesthesiologist working in Los Angeles, Panda Korman was surprised to find herself quickly achieving and surpassing her initial career goals. Even while pregnant and with a toddler at home, she worked 80-hour weeks and still gave herself extra challenges. Panda repeatedly jumped at the chance to try something new. As an unexpected second career began to grow, Panda’s new dream of helping people beyond the hospital stretched her in different and exciting directions. 

R+F Consultant Panda Korman headshot

Dreaming of a new start

As much as Panda loves her career, the long hours in the hospital had taken a toll on the appearance of her skin. After giving birth to her first child, she noticed that her residency badge photo looked very different from the woman she saw in the mirror. Her skin was aging, and she was eager to find high-quality products to help.

In a moment of perfect timing, Panda was introduced to Rodan + Fields through a Facebook post from her friend Melissa King. One ten-minute phone conversation later, Panda was excitedly starting in on the full REDEFINE regimen and laughs, “It was probably the easiest sale Melissa ever had!” Within five weeks, her confidence grew as she saw remarkable results and “people were asking me about my skin in the operating room.”

R+F Consultant Panda Korman and Lexus

Panda Korman upon earning her Lexus

Dreaming of building a second career

Despite some initial self-doubt, Panda started considering the possibility of selling the products herself. Her first goal was to earn some supplemental income to save for her future retirement and a wise co-worker encouraged her, saying “You should do it. You have nothing to lose.” On December 5, 2014, she published her very first Facebook post as an Independent Consultant. Standing in the recovery room one month later, she was thrilled to receive a notification about her first Rodan + Fields earnings. “I earned income outside the hospital! That had never happened before.”

Panda didn’t have any plans of growing a team until a call with Melissa King and fellow Consultant Cindy Hernandez helped redefine her goals. Soon after, she signed on her first two Consultants, and Team PANDAmonium was born.  Within six months, Panda diligently grew her side R+F business to the point where her monthly earnings surpassed what she earned as a resident pushing 80-hour weeks. She continued to fit in her Consultant work after hours, during her breaks, and after putting her kids to sleep each night. She was surprised when, in April of 2015, she had earned Level V simply by continuing to work about 10-20 hours per week and “concentrating on my Customers and my Consultants.”

R+F Consultant Panda Korman

Panda and Team Pandamonium celebrating their Lexus achievement together

Dreaming of making a difference

This year, Panda finally felt able to cut back on hospital hours to spend more time at home. After months of missing out on taking her kids to school and experiencing the daily joys of their childhood, she acknowledged that “it’s really hard to be a working mom.” Even though Panda doesn’t plan on quitting the hospital anytime soon, she wants to be more present with her kids at home. “I love my job. I just don’t love it 80 hours a week,” Panda admits. Her new goal, with the help of her Rodan + Fields business, is to stay home one additional day per week and spend that time making loving memories with her young children.

The stress of the hospital had also been weighing hard on Panda’s physician husband. High patient volumes kept the couple stressed and in the hospital more than they’d like—but by the summer of 2016, Panda’s R+F income allowed her husband to cut back to part-time. “It never dawned on us that we could pull back,” but Panda is relieved that they made that decision. Finally, she and her husband enjoy their work on a schedule that also works for them.

R+F Consultant Panda Korman and family

One of Panda’s proudest R+F moments: staying home on a weekday morning in pajamas with her beloved family

R+F helped Panda realize her biggest dream yet. “I went into medicine because I wanted to help people… but I never knew I had the ability to help people outside the hospital.” She’s deeply touched by stories from her team—a single mom earning babysitting money for the week, a friend rejoicing to have breakfast with her son, and a Consultant’s daughter being able to go to cheer practice foundation-free for the first time. These moments are what motivate Panda to keep dreaming. “Rodan + Fields has made me a stronger and more confident mother, daughter, sister, and wife”—and has inspired Panda to make an even bigger difference in the lives of others.


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  1. […] But here’s the thing – I can’t help how they react to my email or message about Rodan + Fields. The only thing I can do is control what I do and how I feel. I’m here to share my enthusiasm for the products and the potential of getting away from a traditional 40-hour workweek. I’ve met real people retiring from a job and move to mentoring and others. Real people retire and give so much back to their communities. Real people retire and stay home with their children. Real people retire and travel. Real people retire and do other things they couldn’t do while working a 40-80 hour workweek. […]

  2. Krissy says:

    Yass Panda!! Congrats!!

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