Rachael Ballard – Never Give Up on Happiness
Monday, October 6, 2014

When Rachael Ballard and her husband had their first baby in September of 2011, they imagined their life would involve weekend activities and time together as a family. However, their reality proved to be more complex. Born with a rare kidney tumor, only six days after birth their son needed to have his kidney removed. The surgery was successful, but they found out the tumor was categorized as one of the types that have the potential to come back. At that pivotal moment in their lives, not knowing if their son would need further treatment, Rachael decided she needed to align her priorities to focus on what mattered to her most: her family. She needed to make a change, and she set her sights on making it happen.

As a full-time nurse, Rachael’s job didn’t provide the flexibility she needed to be home with her son. Ideally, she wanted to cut back to part-time at the hospital. She ended up working the full-time weekend shift, which meant putting in about 40 hours over three days. “That worked for a little while, but it started to wear on our family. I was getting the one on one time I’d wanted with the baby, but my husband and I never had any time together.”

Rachel is

Rachel is grateful that her business enables her to be home, spending quality time with her family.

In June of 2012, Rachael’s friend, Elizabeth, shared the Rodan + Fields® business opportunity with her. Impressed by the fact that Elizabeth had been so successful, Rachael was excited by the idea of starting her own business. “I knew that if I could do what she had done, it would be life-changing.”

At first, Rachael wondered if she could succeed in direct selling with a nursing background and no business experience. “I didn’t know if I was cut out for it; I could barely balance a checkbook,” she laughs. Nevertheless, she enrolled as an Independent Consultant, excited by the fact that she would be her own boss and work her business when it fit her schedule.

Rachael jumped in, committed to succeed. “I knew what I wanted to do and when I set a goal, I do what it takes to achieve it.” Within a month, she began to see tremendous success. “It was so exciting for us; it was such a blessing, and it showed me that we really can dream bigger.”

After hard work, Rachael decided to transition to part-time at the hospital. Now, she has resigned from her nursing career completely to focus her time at home more. “I want my kids to have memories of me being home. It’s so rewarding that this business doesn’t take me away from them, and I am able to weave it into what I’m already doing. It just comes up in casual conversation, and I love that it’s very natural.”

Rachael and her son, Curtis, at his ultrasound appointment, checking to be sure the tumor hasn’t come back.

Rachael and her son, Curtis, at his ultrasound appointment, checking to be sure the tumor hasn’t come back.

Rachael enjoys the optimistic culture of R+F. By surrounding herself with a community of supportive people who are genuinely happy for the success of others, she feels uplifted and inspired. “I’ve made so many new friends and it’s so exciting to watch the people on my team develop and grow. This Company is truly doing so many things for so many people. And it’s a blessing for me to see the joy and happiness in others when they succeed.”

Her business has challenged Rachael to step outside of her comfort zone. “I’ve gained confidence in all aspects of my life and others have even noticed that my composure is better, and my self-esteem is up, too.”

Working with a team has pushed Rachael to become a stronger leader and she is grateful to be part of such a hard working group. She is especially proud to have earned her Lexus during the month of her second baby’s birth. “That achievement is due to my team’s effort. I couldn’t do that alone, and I am honored that we earned it together.”

Rachael is relieved by the sense of peace her business has provided her family. “My husband and I were uncertain about our future before, but my business has taken away some of that anxiety. Our son is fine; the tumor has not returned, and we can now focus on taking some of the pressure off.”

Rachael and her husband, Jeff, on the R+F Maui trip this past spring.

Rachael and her husband, Jeff, on the R+F Maui trip this past spring.

Passionate about giving back, Rachel finds a significant meaning and purpose in sharing the business with others so they too can create the lives they desire. “Having this opportunity is beyond gratifying. I want to share it with others because I know it can potentially do the same thing for them that it did for me.”

Rachael is delighted she found a vehicle that has allowed her to make the change she needed to find happiness in her life. “If you want something more in life, you can never give up. You can never settle for what you are currently doing if you see better things for yourself. Before, I pictured my life working long hours as a nurse, and I had anxiety that I would miss out on important moments with my kids. But, I found that if you are looking for something more, there is a way to achieve it. Rodan + Fields is my way.”

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5 responses to “Rachael Ballard – Never Give Up on Happiness”

  1. Lauren Whittaker says:

    Super inspiring! What a great story! Way to go!

  2. Your story is so inspiring, Rachael! Praise God your son is fine and that R+F has given you reassurance and a sense of peace for your family’s future.

  3. Amazing story! Thank you for the motivation and it’s so great to hear that your son is doing well!

  4. Michelle says:

    So glad to hear your son is well! I love that you were so honest to say that you could barely balance a check book and yet you didn’t let that stop you from going for it! Amazing, for sure!!

  5. Carmen Woods says:

    Congrats Rachel! Christine sent me your story! It is very inspiring and I am glad you and your family are doing so well! I miss you! Keep up the great work! I want to be like you when I grow up!

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