Rachael Braunshweiger – Working Mom’s Success Gives Family Hope in the Face of Cancer

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

The desire for time freedom was a feeling Rachael Braunshweiger was all too familiar with. Her career had taken an unexpected turn and, longing to be home with her family more, she decided to start a business that she could build around her other responsibilities. As it grew, she was amazed at how much financial flexibility it was providing, but it wasn’t until her husband became sick that she fully realized her own strength and understood the value of working on her own terms.


Rachael and her husband, Jordan, with the Doctors.

A heavy discontent

In 2009, after five years of working for a wholesale jewelry company based in New York, Rachael was laid off. She then went back to school to pursue a Master’s degree in counseling psychology. She took some time off to have her daughter and, after a year, returned to classes. “We were balancing a very tight schedule during the work week. Weekends weren’t any better.”

Weighing her options

In March of 2012, an acquaintance shared with Rachael that she’d started her own Rodan + Fields® business. “I recognized the Doctors and was very intrigued by the opportunity.” A week later, Rachael enrolled as an Independent Consultant.

A month later, Rachael earned back her initial investment and, a year later, she achieved Level V Title status, all while working five to ten hours a week. Her second year in business, she earned a Lexus through the Road to RFX Car Program, working 10 to 15 hours a week. During that time, she also had her second daughter and graduated with her Master’s degree. In 2014, she achieved Elite V status and tripled her former corporate salary, still working 10 to 15 hours a week.


Rachael with her Lexus.

Building endurance

In February of 2015, life changed drastically for the Braunshweigers when Rachael’s husband, Jordan, was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. “It felt like my world shattered. My business became the one constant in my life while everything else seemed uncertain.” Rachael’s business also provided a supportive network during that difficult time. “It meant so much to know my teammates were there for me, ready to lift me up. Surrounding myself with such successful, caring people who are committed to growing, teaching, and learning is just what I needed.”

Rachael’s business has become a source of hope and strength. “Knowing that my business is something I’ve grown on my own brings me joy and it empowered me to be strong at times when I was scared. When Jordan was diagnosed, I really thought our lives were over. But, my experience with R+F encouraged me to believe in more than I thought possible, and I realized that mentality didn’t just apply to my business, it applied to everything. That mindset enabled me to maintain a firm belief for us and channel positivity and good energy toward Jordan.”

FullSizeRender (1)

Rachael, Jordan, and their daughters, Lia and Simone.

Rachael believes that having something to look forward to has also encouraged Jordan’s progress. “We worked to build up his strength so he was able to go on the Elite V Trip to Maui that I earned. Now, we’re looking forward to the RFX trip to London. Having something exciting on the horizon keeps us focused on pushing forward.”

Lifting the burden

The ability to work from home is allowing Rachael to be Jordan’s full-time caregiver now that he is no longer working. “You don’t realize how important time is until a loved one gets sick. My business has given me a way to spend quality time with the people that I care about most.”

The freedom to make choices that are best for their family has been one of the most vital aspects of Rachael’s business. In October of 2015, they made the decision to sell their house in New Jersey and move to Florida where they would be closer to family. “We’re so happy here, and Jordan is the healthiest he’s been since his diagnosis. The move would have never been possible, however, if it wasn’t for my business. We were able to pick up and seamlessly move to another state and, because it’s completely mobile, my business has only grown since the move because I’m expanding my network in Florida.”


Rachael loves working alongside her sister, RFX Circle achiever, Hannah Fisher.

Empowered to persevere

Rachael’s experience has given her a new outlook and boosted her confidence. “I’m a different person now than I was before I started my business. My self-belief has grown immensely and I’m so proud of what I’ve built and that I’m setting an example for my daughters—and my teammates—and teaching them to be strong, independent women.”

Empowered by her business, Rachael now feels more in control of her life. “By choosing to start something new when I wasn’t satisfied with how my life looked, I was able to create the time freedom I was looking for. Life doesn’t have to be all or nothing—you can work and still have the freedom to devote yourself to the things that are meaningful to you and be there for the people who need you. Believe that you can and never give up, you might be surprised at your own strength.”


Rachael with some of her business partners at an R+F Convention.

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9 responses to “Rachael Braunshweiger – Working Mom’s Success Gives Family Hope in the Face of Cancer”

  1. Jen Ruggiero says:

    Such an inspiring story! You are a fearless leader! Thank you for sharing! Proud to be working towards the same goals on your team!

  2. Nancy Jesson says:

    Rachael, you are the beautiful person who introduced me to this business!! I am so thankful your mom shared with me. I love you, Jordan, and your beautiful children. I will pray for healing. I love you all!!!!! So much!!!!!!

  3. Rachael, I am a fellow Consultant and, though we have never met, I know you are an amazing person. I personally know what it’s like to care for someone with pancreatic cancer. My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer back in September of 2013. The doctors gave him a 6-9 months lifespan, but we didn’t accept that. My dad was a farmer and huge family man. He didn’t slow down on the farm. He lost his battle in August of 2015. He lived 2 years past what the doctors gave him. He stayed strong for his family through the chemo and radiation, but his poor body just couldn’t fight anymore. I miss him everyday and I cherish everyday that I had with him. Cherish the amazing trips and all the time you get to spend with Jordan that these 2 Doctors have gifted you with. You never know what tomorrow brings. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Rachael, you are such a beautiful person and you have given me hope that there really is something better out there, but first you must believe!
    You have an incredible family, thank you for sharing a little of them with all of us!

  5. Monica Brown says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! It’s unimaginable just how unearthing a diagnosis can be to a family and how your life is so drastically changed. I LOVE that R+F was able to be a positive force and a constant when there was nothing but chaos.

  6. Annie Whitt says:

    I couldn’t stop the tears as I read this story . I am a RN by trade and love my
    Career in the Operating Room, but I also love my job as an R + F consultant. I joined R + F during the most difficult time in my life . I had to testify in a legal proceeding earlier that summer , my sister in laws cancer has come back, and my brother was having a lot of personal problems as well. I cannot imagine what possessed me to join . I’m so glad I did . It also gave me a new focus , something fun that I was excited about !
    I’m still an OR Nurse and I am proud to say I am a Level 2 EC with R + F . I’m a slow steady swimmer in this business and I love the friendships and network I have because of this business !! What a great channel we are a part of ! Thanks for sharing such snd inspiring story !! Incredible !

    Annie Whitt

  7. That is a beautiful story Rachel. I am so happy for you and your family. Will keep you all in our prayers and continued Good Health for Jordan!

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  9. Luis says:

    That is an amazing story about how you can move on in life ,and yet take care your love ones at the same time.Such a strong and amazing human being!!

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