Rachael Redman – Offering Help, One Person at a Time

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

Rachael Redman always gravitated toward customer service positions. She had a knack for assisting others and found it very fulfilling. When the opportunity arose to start a business of her own, she saw the potential to help people on a whole new level. She never anticipated how rewarding it would be to lead a team as they built businesses of their own. Suddenly, the number of people she was able to help increased significantly, and she knew she’d found something truly special.

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Choosing a destination

Rachael began her career in the travel industry in Denver, Colorado. After marrying her husband, Allen, who was active duty in the Air Force, she found herself changing jobs each time he was given a new station. Over the course of his military career, they had three children and lived in England, Utah, and California. “Once our kids were old enough to attend school, I wanted to move back to the Midwest and be closer to family.” In 1995, Allen completed two active duty enlistments and they moved to Iowa. Rachael eventually began working in the office of her father’s funeral home business while Allen attended mortuary school and, later, accepted a position as the director of the funeral home.

In 2001, Rachael’s mother passed away unexpectedly, and her father sold her and Allen the funeral home business. Managing several businesses kept them busy over the next few years. In 2014, when their youngest child went off to college, Rachael and Allen became empty nesters. Around that time, Rachel’s step-sister-in-law, Jill, started her own Rodan + Fields® business. “I have hypersensitive skin. I’d tried so many products and everything burned or made my skin flare up with red bumps. I knew the Doctors were renowned dermatologists, and I wanted to see if their products could help.”


Rachael with her husband, Allen, and their children, Chad, Sarah, and Nathan.

Planning the trip

The more Rachael learned about the business, the more it felt like a good fit. “I knew about social commerce and was intrigued by the business model. I’d had my eye out for an opportunity that touched my heart and also had products that I could stand behind—this fit the criteria, and I saw immediately how it could fit into my life.” In June of 2014, Rachael enrolled as an Independent Consultant. “At first, I didn’t think I had any extra time to add something else to my plate, but I realized we can all find a few minutes here and there throughout the day.”

When Rachael’s Rodan + Fields Business Kit arrived, she began using the SOOTHE Regimen and immediately noticed a difference in the appearance of her skin. “The products calmed my skin, and I didn’t have an adverse reaction like I did with everything else I’d tried. After six months, my skin had improved so much that I was even able to start using the REDEFINE Regimen. My face looks and feels so much better, and I no longer have to hide behind makeup.” Knowing how much skin affects people’s everyday lives, Rachael is passionate about sharing her results with others. “I get so excited to place an order for others because I know how much the products can help, and it’s such an amazing feeling to get feedback about how much people are loving the improvements they’re seeing.”


Rachael with two of her business partners, Katrina Buetow and Chris Denton, at an R+F business presentation.

Expanding the itinerary

As Rachael’s business grew, she began to see the bigger picture. By working 10 to 15 hours a week, her R+F income enabled her to reduce her hours in the funeral home office. She is also assisting her youngest child with college tuition, as well as saving for retirement. “My business is allowing me to dream bigger than I ever have before. I’m now working to replace my husband’s salary so that we can enjoy an early retirement—and I see that as a definite possibility within just a few years.”

Rachael’s business encourages her to stretch herself and develop new skills. “Public speaking has always given me anxiety. But something changed with R+F. I have so much excitement about this opportunity and such a strong belief in these products that I was able to overcome my fear. I was nervous the first few times I spoke in front of a group, but my passion overshadowed it.”

Unexpected excursions

From the beginning, Rachael was blown away by the support she felt from her R+F business partners. “It’s incredible how everyone encourages each other and truly wants the people around them to succeed. The atmosphere is so positive, and I’ve learned so much personally and professionally.” Rachael is also grateful for the friendships she’s gained. “I’ve never been part of a professional environment that is so enjoyable. We make work fun by collaborating and taking trips together. The bond we’ve established makes our team so much stronger, and the energy we generate when we’re together is contagious.”


Rachael and Allen on an anniversary trip in Hawaii.

Sharing the journey

Rachael loves that her business gives her a way to help others dream bigger. “This journey has been incredible, and it’s enabling so many people to accomplish things they didn’t think they could. I want to show others that they can potentially achieve success with this opportunity if they are willing to give it a try. We should never limit ourselves or our dreams because anything is possible if we want it strongly enough. My business provides a way to share that outlook with others by empowering me to help those around me.”



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