Rachel Godwin – The Best of Times, The Worst of Times
Friday, January 17, 2014

Rachel Godwin really has seen it all. When the economy was thrown into a crisis in 2008, she and her husband lost almost everything overnight. Her husband Greg’s six-figure income was gone in a flash, and the community they lived in went from being a thriving, luxury environment to a ghost town. A recent oil spill caused the beaches near her home to be shut down, and at the same time, caused Greg to lose his second business. During this time, he suffered a heart attack. It was a very challenging time in their lives, and she now recalls the experience with relief that it is all behind them. “All of our retirement fund, all the fifteen years of my husband’s hard work we had counted on carrying us through – all of it was gone. If it hadn’t been for Rodan + Fields®, we literally would have absolutely nothing.” Fortunately, Rachel had enrolled as an Independent Consultant and was on her way to establishing a new kind of financial security for her family.

Rachel Godwin

Rachel with her husband Greg in front of their new Lexus

“When I first started my Rodan + Fields business, the plan was to create some flexibility for when my step-son moved in with us. Five years later, it has grown into a booming business for me and has changed our lives.” Today, Rachel’s Rodan + Fields business is her primary source of income. Greg is now her full-time business partner, and instead of worrying about their future, they can enjoy their lives and do all of the things everyone deserves to be able to do. “We feel free enough to pursue our personal interests while having the financial security to be generous givers as well.” Thanks to their residual income from Rodan + Fields, Greg was finally able to pursue his educational interests, which is something he never had time for in his fifteen-year career in the insurance industry. They look forward to an exciting life filled with travel, building new Consultant markets as they reach out to empower other people to change their own lives, and supporting causes they care about. Rachel speaks from passion when she shares the Rodan + Fields business opportunity, because she and Greg know firsthand what it’s like to feel burned out in a corporate job, with the risk of losing everything should the economy plummet. “We see so many people living under a cloud of uncertainty, and I want to show them there is another way.”

Rachel Godwiin

Family Photo on the Beach

Rachel was impressed by the fact that her Rodan + Fields business continued to grow despite the economic climate. It made her realize that she had started something that has longevity. “In the midst of all the craziness, this is solid.” She has more than made up for her family’s financial losses over the past five years, and in that time has seen numerous positive changes in the business system that have made it easier than ever before for new Consultants. She explains that five years ago, none of the tools and resources that are now available had been put into place. Her personal success came largely from vision and tenacity. “Consultants today really have everything they need to be successful. The Company has established a universal method of training, so no matter where you are, you have the same advancements in technology, and the support available is outstanding. It is all laid out for you and the tools are in place. It’s a matter of knowing what you want and deciding to make it happen. If you enter into any business with the right mindset, you’ll see a big difference in your success.”

Having lived through seasons in life of both plenty and struggle, Rachel and Greg have come to value the importance of having an alternate plan more than ever. Change in unpredictable, and there is no promise that anything will go the way we planned. Life is uncertain, which is why Rachel and Greg are thankful to have a business that gives them the freedom to be their own bosses, and get out of it exactly what they decide to put in. “Now is the time to take your future in your hands and be a part of growing something that will probably outlive all of us. Through the best and worst of times, this business is here to stay.”

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5 responses to “Rachel Godwin – The Best of Times, The Worst of Times”

  1. Lisa Hill says:

    As a pioneer with Rachel, I know all that she has put into this and created despite having nothing to work with in the beginning. She has created a wonderful culture of excited, hard working, savvy entrepreneurs who are excited to help others change other’s skin and their lives! She is a powerful leader! I m very proud of her success!

  2. Rachel & Greg,

    I’m so incredibly blessed to know you both. It was so great seeing you in Nashville. I just wish we had more time to celebrate your success. I look forward to seeing you this summer in Michigan! Congratulations again to you both. You’ve come a long way together and still have so many places to go! Love to you both, Laura

  3. Birgie says:

    I truly love Rachel and Greg Godwin. They are BEST in all they do, plus their hearts are passionate and giving. So proud to call them my friends.

  4. Who would of thought my dear Rachel, when me met 19 yrs ago on the cruise ship “Norway”, that we would become business partners in this award winning company? I will be so ever grateful you called me and told me about this new adventure!! We’ve only just begun!!

  5. Nan George says:

    Congratulations on your success! You have paved the way for so many, and I’m honored to be a part of the many.
    What a journey this has been, and I’m as excited now as I was in the beginning. I look forward to celebrating many more successes with you in 2014!

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