Romi Neustadt – The Courage To Change

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Monday, December 16th, 2013

Romi Neustadt has never been afraid to make a professional change. After three years as an unfulfilled lawyer, she decided to put her writing, speaking and advocating skills to use in PR. For 12 years she worked with Fortune 500s, start-ups, and entertainment and nonprofit clients in large and small agencies in New York and Seattle. After she had her first child, Romi knew she wanted more flexibility to be with her son than agency life could allow, so she set up her own PR consultancy from home. She was still doing high-profile national work, but on a schedule she designed. “I still wanted a thriving, rewarding career, but I didn’t want my schedule dictated by someone else anymore. I wanted to design my schedule around my family.”

Romi Neustadt

Romi Neustadt

It worked well until her second child, Bebe, was born. “I had flexibility, but it became clear that I didn’t have the other things I wanted — more money, more excitement and to really make a difference.” Despite her husband John’s success and her own, they were certainly getting by, but not really getting ahead. Their retirement account wasn’t getting fully funded, they hadn’t even started saving for their kids’ college, and they didn’t have the disposable income or the time freedom to live the life of travel and adventure that they had always dreamed of. And, Romi concedes, that after 12 years in the same profession, she wanted a new challenge. She was determined to make a change, but didn’t know what she could find that would give her interesting, lucrative work that she could do from home, a flexible schedule and greater earning potential. Just a few weeks later, Romi found Rodan + Fields.

At the time she had taken on a new client, Susie Sheftel, who hired her to raise the national visibility of her jewelry designs. When Romi learned that Susie was funding her jewelry venture with her Rodan + Fields business, she knew this was exactly the opportunity she had been looking for. “I was immediately intrigued to say the least. I saw the potential of aligning with this brand and loved the idea of being able to start my own business. John and I still pinch ourselves that this opportunity fell into my lap.” She joined as an Independent Consultant nearly four-and-a-half years ago, and since then her life, and her family’s life, have completely changed.

Romi Neustadt

Romi and John

After her first four months in the business, she left her PR career completely. “I saw the writing on the wall and knew that every hour I put into Rodan + Fields had an exponential return, while every hour I was putting into PR was simply a billable hour. It was a little scary, leaving the safety of an award-winning career, but it was the right move.” By the end of her first year, she was earning a six-figure income. After two-and-a-half years, John, a doctor specializing in integrative medicine, was able to close his medical practice and concentrate his efforts on a dietary supplement company he had started. They were also able to move to their dream location of San Diego andafford the high-cost of California living, while avoiding the dreaded commute since they both work from home. Now that John’s company requires less of his time, he decided to work alongside Romi in their Rodan + Fields business. “John realized that he could improve people’s overall health and well-being by helping them to build businesses to reduce their stress and have more time for the things they love. I’m thrilled because I now get to work with my favorite person in the world.” Early next year John will also be able to return to clinical practice, but this time on his own terms in very part-time hours.

While Romi’s leap of faith has allowed her to be a hands-on mom and earn income and perks she could’ve never found in Corporate America, the greatest reward has been the ability to help others transform their lives. “I always wanted to have a real impact on others, but honestly in law and PR I never saw how what I was working so hard on improved the lives of others. With this business, I’m humbled by our team’s courage to dream bigger and work toward their goals and honored to be able to help them get there. When people ask me what I do, I often say, ‘I help people have their cake and eat it, too.’ What a privilege that is.”

Both Romi and John have seen how their team’s success has a positive impact that expands beyond those families. “We marvel at how this business opportunity enables our team members to spend more time and money paying it forward in volunteer work and supporting causes that are near and dear to their hearts.” For the Neustadts, they’re focused on improving the health of individuals, families and communities by supporting an organization committed to wiping out childhood hunger in the U.S., helping military veterans and families get the health care they need, and donating to the Rodan + Fields Prescription For Change Foundation.

Romi Neustadt

Nate and Bebe

“All of us who are building our businesses were brave enough to take a chance on change, to take a chance on ourselves and this brand. Because of it, we’re enjoying the huge rewards that you get when you work to help make others’ lives better. That’s what was always missing professionally for me. I’m so grateful that when this business found me, I seized the opportunity.”



8 responses to “Romi Neustadt – The Courage To Change”

  1. Congrats on all your success!! You truly are an inspiration to all!

  2. Sara Dwyer says:

    Romi: Just listened to John’s recording on the drive back from Myrtle Beach. And now reading this, I am filled with good thoughts…for all of us. Your light shines abundantly.

  3. I’m glad you WEREN’T afraid of change Romi. Because of you…that you began this journey, I am here as well. I came as a cynic, and after a year I realize what we have, and what I am building here (with your help and mentorship) is my family’s future. The risk is small, compared to the possibilities delivered by the promise of change…so grateful!!

  4. Vicki Guttridge says:

    Thanks Romi for paving the way and sharing so much to help us all grow. The rising tide lifts all boats and the tide is coming in for R+F so make sure you are in your boat!

  5. Thank goodness for a little frog and Ilene ( and Connie!) for bringing us together so that you could show us all how to live full out!
    I couldn’t be happier for you, John and the kids!
    Big hugs and Bigger thank you’s for everything you do!

  6. Thanks to all of you for your dear comments and great wishes. I’m so inspired by all the R+F Consultants I get to work with who are designing the lives they really want. Thanks to all of you for continuing to make this the most fun and fulfilling gig on the planet.

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  8. Cheryl Booze says:

    Love Romi’s book and John’s call!! I and doing this!!

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