Ryan Beck – Answering the Call of the Sea

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

Imagine waking up each morning in your dream location, with the sound of the foghorns in the distance and the fresh sea breeze filling your room. Imagine being able to decide whether you want to work or whether you’d prefer to go for a long walk along the beach with your family.

Many of us dream about retiring to the coast to live in a holiday destination year round, but not many have the luxury of bringing that dream to fruition. However, Ryan Beck and her family were able to attain that dream through hard work and the right career path.  

 Being an Independent Consultant with Rodan + Fields allowed Ryan Beck and her family to fulfill a long-time dream of living on the coast.

Jumping in at the deep end

Ryan has lived in many places, but has always been drawn back to the coast. Raised on Cape Cod, she later moved to Seattle shortly after finishing her undergraduate degree in marine policy. While in the Pacific Northwest she worked on research vessels in the San Juan Islands, using her experience gained as a young woman working on the commercial gill net boats off the Cape. While in Seattle she met her husband Keegan, an Army Captain. Never one to turn down an adventure, Ryan later moved to Germany for a year to be with him after his 15-month tour in Iraq. After his contract with the Army, they decided to move back to the States and he took a management job in Fargo, North Dakota. And while Fargo is a fantastic city with really friendly people, it is about as far from the sea as one can be. Added to that, as Ryan puts it, “the winters can be a bit chilly!”

But with nothing to tie them down, they went for it. “We were young and up for the new adventure. After all, we’d moved back to the States with only a mattress and a dog!” They lived in Fargo for four and a half years and had two children, Trajan and Miles. Miles, however, was born medically fragile, and had a tough fight during his first year of life. The best care Ryan could find was in Minnesota at the Mayo Clinic, a five-hour drive from their home. So, for the next year, the family made frequent trips to ensure that Miles got the treatment he needed from his team of specialists.

When Ryan Beck became an Independent Consultant, her son was ill, and she had a lot on her plate.

The Beck family on Sullivan’s Island Beach.

During this difficult time, an old friend of Ryan’s, Katelynn Gallagher, reached out to her with an opportunity, an invitation to join Rodan + Fields as an Independent Consultant. “It actually took a while for me to hop on a call to hear the details of the business—it just wasn’t on my radar with so much going on. But I am forever thankful she thought enough of me to follow up and share the opportunity again.” Despite the hardship in her life and her very full plate, Ryan jumped right in.

Keeping the family afloat in choppy waters

Ryan admits that this stressful period in her life changed her. “I was like a dragon, angry at everyone and everything. I’m usually gregarious, gracious, and kind—that all went away while my baby was ill.” With their lives turned upside down, she and her husband realized that they didn’t have a moment to waste. “Our perspectives on what life was all about and what was important to us changed after going through such a scary time.” They swore that when their ordeal was over, they would prioritize their family above all. So, when Miles turned a corner and his health improved, they took another leap of faith. The couple loved vacationing in Charleston, South Carolina, so they said, “Life’s too short. Let’s move back to the ocean.” Keegan quit his job in Fargo, and the family headed east to pursue a new and more fulfilling life.

For Ryan Beck, being an Independent Consultant with Rodan + Fields means the Beck boys have constant access to the ocean.

The Beck boys at their favorite spot.

By this point Ryan had begun to make an income from her Rodan + Fields business, so the transition was much easier. She had never pictured herself as an entrepreneur, but when she was introduced to the brand, she says, “It just clicked. I realized what I had my hands on, and went to work.” Ryan stresses that while her R+F business takes hard work and grit, it pays off. She is currently a Level V Executive Consultant working 15-20 hours per week, with a large successful team of entrepreneurs working with her. “Watching team members also use this as a vehicle to create options for their own lives has been incredibly rewarding. I couldn’t be more proud of the diverse group of men and women we have on our team.

Smooth Sailing

Ryan is a changed woman. She says with a smile, “I have a part of me back now.” Miles is in full health and the family is thriving. “The time of sickness feels like a totally different life, I am back to my friendly and kind self,” Ryan says with relief. “Having the freedom to decide where and when you want to work has been incredibly liberating. I haven’t missed a moment with my boys while still providing for my family and for that I am forever grateful.” She is also grateful for those customers who have been with her since the beginning. “Their support has a direct impact on my family’s life and I am thrilled I get to provide them with life-changing skincare.”

Ryan Beck's journey as an Independent Consultant with R+F started when she and her family lived in Fargo, North Dakota.

Ryan and her husband, Keegan.

Ryan is driven to keep growing her Rodan + Fields business to help increase her legacy and make sure her children can benefit from her success. “The business is willable. I am building this for us as a family now and the generations to follow.” She wants her boys to know that they are always in the driver’s seat of their future. “I love being an example of what a successful modern business woman looks like and what hard work and entrepreneurship can lead to. If we can do it, with all that we had on our plate, anyone can.”


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  1. Sooooooo thrilled to see you here!!! Congratulations dear friend!!

  2. I am so moved! You inspire me Ryan! I am so grateful to be on this journey with you! Team “Carpe Diem” is a gift and so are you!

  3. Sara Dwyer says:

    Now I understand why I felt i recognized your name!

    We were moved, inspired and honored to hear you this evening in Mt.Pleasant. Thank you for being a part of this collaborative, fun and dynamic group of business partners to grace our coast!

    Continued success, great health and a fantastic journey! #1 leaders

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