Sanaz Pourgonabadi – Gaining Confidence
Thursday, June 27, 2019

Sanaz Pourgonabadi was working as a teacher in Iran when she and her husband began talking about the possibility of moving to the United States in order to find new opportunities. Although they didn’t have any family or friends in the States, they ultimately made the decision to begin a new life in Maryland and after the move, Sanaz took a special education teaching position at her local public school. A year later she gave birth to a son, but soon became overwhelmed juggling motherhood and her full-time position, so she decided to become a stay-at-home mom. Unfortunately, that responsibility also took a toll without the support of family or friends, and Sanaz found herself facing depression. As the emotional weight continued to burden her, it also began to impact her skin, which in turn, further impacted her self-esteem and sent her on a search for a solution.

Discovering Her Potential
While searching for effective skincare products, Sanaz came across a social media post about Rodan + Fields. Intrigued, she connected with the Consultant who posted it to learn more and soon after ordered the REDEFINE Regimen and the AMP MD System. After seeing an improvement in her skin, Sanaz decided to become a Preferred Customer and eventually a Consultant to not only receive a further discount on the products, but to also explore the opportunity of running her own business. Initially concerned that her timid nature would impact her success in the business, her supportive husband encouraged her to stick with it so Sanaz established her own, actionable business strategy, and committed herself to one simple yet effective goal – to post one thing about R+F on social media each day.

Sanaz with her husband and son.

Pleasantly surprised by how much she enjoyed working her business on social media and buoyed by the multitude of positive responses from her Customers, Sanaz was even more inspired to overcome her shy nature by sharing her story with a larger audience. Influenced by her Sponsor, Azadeh Ali-Moghaddam’s use of social media to promote R+F, Sanaz decided to use the same method to expand her outreach. She also took the opportunity to exercise her presentation skills and gain more confidence through sharing her story with videos. “I told myself, I don’t want to be shy, I’m going to start making videos. Making the first video made me nervous but once I got positive responses, it made me feel so good.”*

Different Methods
As her business began to flourish, Sanaz was even more inclined to find unique ways to expand her outreach. “After searching online, I contacted some spa centers in my area and while some ignored me, others allowed me to schedule appointments to show them the R+F products and ended up ordering a lot!” Motivated by her own success with the products, she was able to make genuine connections with potential Customers and never missed an opportunity to follow up after someone had a chance to try the products. “One time when I followed up with a Customer, she told me she wanted to become a Consultant and I remember being so excited!”

Finding Community
Sanaz looks forward to advancing as a Level IV Achiever and reaching the esteemed Level V program. By ranking # 1 in her region for April, she continues to feel grateful that this business has allowed her achievements to feel recognized with the added benefit of gaining confidence through forming new relationships. “Before, I didn’t have a lot of friends and I felt sad. Now my life is changing after finding those friends who are kind and support me. I’ve found a lot of good friends because of Rodan + Fields and it feels amazing.”

*Rodan + Fields Consultants must follow the R+F Video Policy whenever they create videos to share. For more information on the video policy, including rules and FAQs, search “Video Policy” in the Library on PULSE.

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3 responses to “Sanaz Pourgonabadi – Gaining Confidence”

  1. I am beyond words proud of you my dear! You are the sole example of regarding when you join you can shine like a star in this business! Love you! Cheers to more success in this adventure!

  2. Sanaz, You have proved that you are an awesome mother, wife and leader. Not just at home, you have won our hearts by achieving success in your business. I am so proud of you; you have turned all your dreams true. Congratulations on your success and achievement in Rodan and Fields business.👌

  3. Tania says:

    I to can so relate your journey. It’s an amazing feeling when you finally achieve great goals but mostly gain self confidence. Well done mate. Keep going and you will make it to your dream.

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