Sandy Burr – The Power of Consistency

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Friday, January 9th, 2015

Sandy Burr had devoted most of her life to educating and helping others. She raised three daughters and taught thousands of students over her 25-year career as a middle school science teacher. Once she retired, Sandy rededicated herself to her family, including the new grandchildren in her life. But after so many years of offering support and guidance to others, Sandy found that she had lost sight of her own dreams. She was grateful for the opportunity to give so much to others, but knew it was time to redefine her personal goals and discover a new passion.

After leaving her educational career and working relationships behind, Sandy felt less excited about her future. “I remembered that I had once been fearless, and I wanted to rekindle the excitement I used to have.” Sandy’s structured career and lifestyle had dampened her sense of adventure and discouraged her from taking risks. “I am a planner. If I can’t see a way to prepare for what’s ahead, I don’t tackle a new task. But finally, at the age of 64, I realized I needed a different approach to reawaken my drive.”


Sandy inherited her father’s innovative drive, compassionate spirit, and fun-loving nature–all of which she infuses into her business.

In 2012, one of Sandy’s daughters came to visit. She told Sandy about the Rodan + Fields® business opportunity and thought they should join. “I remember rolling my eyes at her because the thought of starting a business made me tired.” Sandy trusted her daughter’s opinion though and knew that her daughter had researched the Company thoroughly. Sandy agreed to attend an introductory meeting.

It didn’t take long for Sandy to see the potential that her daughter had seen. She had always loved skincare, as well as working within a social environment. Now her compassion for others and her passion for a successful product had merged into a single opportunity. Sandy quickly enrolled as an Independent Consultant.

As she began growing her business, Sandy discovered new relationships and set new personal goals for herself. It was everything she’d been hoping to find. “The opportunities for growth and the support from everyone in the business impressed me the most. My business truly awoke something in me that I never knew was there.”

The following April, Sandy’s father had a massive heart attack and passed away. As Sandy grieved, she took some time away from her business to process her loss. “My father was a fearless entrepreneur, very adventurous and fun-loving. Everything stopped for me when I lost him. As time passed, I decided the best way to honor him was to live like he had.”


Sandy’s daughters have supported her throughout her journey. One is her R+F sponsor and the other two are her clients.

Sandy returned to her business, committed to a mentality of persistence and fearlessness. She continued sharing the opportunity with others and, while her business remained consistent, it wasn’t growing the way Sandy had hoped. “I try to view everything as a learning experience, no matter the outcome. I focused on staying positive, but I still wasn’t where I wanted to be with my business.”

This past April, on the anniversary of her dad’s death, Sandy considered letting go of her business. It had been over a year since she’d added a new Consultant to her team, and she began to think she should just continue focusing on her Preferred Customers. “I thought maybe having a team wasn’t for me, but my daughter said, ‘If you gave up, no one would blame you, but it would go against everything you have ever taught.’”

Her daughter’s words struck a chord, and Sandy mustered up the strength to go on. The following July, she added two new Consultants to her team, inspiring her to press on further. In September of 2014, Sandy was a Level II, but she set a goal to attain Level V status in November. “Amazing things started to happen after that. People I had contacted over two years ago started to reach out to me, interested in the business. That’s when I realized that people are always watching you. As long as you are consistent and determined, you will grow, and people will take notice.”

Sandy’s business continued to blossom, and more people joined her. It was humbling for Sandy to see how much her team was growing. “I was in awe because I wasn’t doing anything different; I was just seeing my efforts finally paying off.”


Sandy’s family is the heart of everything she does.

On Thanksgiving Day of 2014, Sandy reached her goal and attained Level V. Overcome with joy and gratitude, Sandy not only found the timing fitting, but a blessing, as well. “I was so thankful, and I think that being thankful has been a huge part of my success.”

Sandy’s business has helped her face fears and anxieties and to persevere and become a stronger individual. “By overcoming barriers that have held you back, you’re able to develop yourself more, and that is so freeing. I have found excitement again.”

Her business has provided a new opportunity to help others and has taught Sandy the importance of withstanding rejection. “Seeing others prosper is incredible. I love our team’s spirit. We teach and coach one another, and lift each other up when someone is down—we rise by raising others up.”

The additional income has also been quite rewarding. Sandy is now able to support seven organizations. In the near future, she hopes to sell her home and buy a lake house with her husband.

Throughout life, disappointment will happen, but discouragement is an option. Sandy believes that when you stick with your convictions, the possibilities are immense. “The result of consistent, honest work is success. You just have to find your passion and run with it. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you go, just don’t look back. You can’t predict life; you can only keep moving.”

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7 responses to “Sandy Burr – The Power of Consistency”

  1. Nancy Sasser says:

    Sandy, I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. Overcoming personal obstacles of family crisis and your own insecurities, you forged forward and never gave up. We all feel discouragement at times, but you didn’t let it stop you or keep you from encouraging others on your team.

    The little book, The Little Engine That Could, that you gave your teammates says it all- In it you say that “It’s not a story…it’s a philosophy of life.” You’ve continued to demonstrate this belief and, in doing so, have been a tremendous inspiration to us all! You have truly taught us to “Believe in yourself, God does!” You’ve been the perfect example of for us to follow of having a dream and never giving up! Congratulations, Sandy, on your success and thank you for always being there for us!

  2. Carter Benton says:

    What an amazing story! You and Ali are adorable and inspiring! Cheers and congrats to your many successes!!

  3. Jillian Dana Scandura says:


    You’re gorgeous, awe inspiring and a leader by that which you’ve shown, not simply told, others to do.

    You are perseverance personified. Bravo, Ma’lady!

  4. Janet Poland says:

    Sandy! I really enjoyed reading of your journey in Rodan+Fields! Your perseverance is amazing! And inspirational to me! Best of success!
    Janet Poland

  5. I am so inspired by your story of persistence. Thank you for sharing. We are close in age, career, and our journeys. So proud of you!

  6. Sarah Dix says:

    Thank you, Sandy! Your story inspires me to never quit in any part of my life. Just keep keepin’ on!

  7. Melanie Flowers says:

    You’ve inspired me. I thought I was reading my story. Thanks for yours.

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