Sandy Herbert – Traveling the Road of Inspiration
Monday, September 2, 2013

It is a cool Spring morning in Lebanon, Tennessee, and Sandy Herbert is revving the engine of her Harley. She is ready to take a ride with her husband and a small group of other bikers through the hills of Tennessee, but they aren’t riding to enjoy the countryside. They are on a mission to rescue a child, and that mission is the reason Sandy learned to ride in the first place. She and her husband founded the Tennessee chapter of  BACA, which stands for Bikers Against Child Abuse. The organization is international, and Sandy serves as both a child liaison and national auditor. When her husband’s bike broke down on one of the trips, she learned to ride her own bike so that there would never be a child she couldn’t get to in a time of need. A born pioneer, her spirit of determination has driven her down a fearless road to a far-reaching level of success and inspiration.

Sandy After a BACA Ride

Sandy has been self-employed since the age of twenty-two. She was brought up in a family of ambitious business owners, and she describes herself as a very self-motivated person. At forty-nine, she has owned five successful coffee shops, a catering company, and is a busy mother of five. In 2009, she saw the chance to get in with Rodan + Fields, and she braved a new career as an Independent Consultant in direct sales. Initially, all she wanted to do was  take her whole family on vacation, something this hard working multi-business owner and mother hadn’t had time for in fifteen years. The promise of two weeks of rest motivated her to persist in the business, and she admits that there were days early on when she felt like quitting.  “I know it sounds exciting and wonderful, and it was, but it was challenging too,” she said in a recent phone interview. Six out of the first seven Consultants on her team left the Company, and Sandy questioned whether the work was right for her. But if she could run six companies for twenty years, bring up five amazing children, and ride miles to help other children in need, then she could ride out this career.

Sandy Herbert

She made steady progress in the first year, and surprised herself by the level of success she achieved. She says that the key factors to reaching her Level V Executive Consultant title in the Company have been patience, persistence, and a smile. “If I am having a bad day, I keep a smile on my face. I know that I will get up in the morning and the sun will be shining and I get to start all over again,” she affirms.

Sandy keeps a smile on her face because she understands how relative the meaning of a bad day is. For many of us, a bad day can simply mean a traffic jam, an angry boss, or the feeling of rejection when we don’t get what we want. But for millions of children, a bad day can mean experiencing things of a much more serious nature. For those children and for their mothers as well, Sandy’s motives have evolved, and she has set her aspirations even higher. Now that she has far surpassed her initial goals and decided to close her coffee shops to work full-time with Rodan + Fields, she has new plans. She and her husband are building a cabin in the woods of Tennessee, and when they move out of their current home, it will become a safe house for the women and children BACA defends.

BACA provides help for the children who really need it the most, and Sandy is grateful that she now works in a career that gives her the flexibility to be able to give herself to children who don’t go to bed at night to have sweet dreams, the way her own children did. Soon, her home will be ready to offer shelter for children and their mothers who need the comfort of a safe home. They will, like her, be able to wake up in the morning with smiles on their faces, see that the sun is shining, and get to start all over again.

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