Sarah Helms – Finding the Person She Was Meant to Be

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Friday, February 6th, 2015

Sarah Helms defined herself as a teacher early on. After graduating college, she quickly landed a job teaching high school math. But after three years, her chosen profession no longer felt like the right fit. “I realized it wasn’t for me, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do instead—or which direction to take from there.”

Sarah took some time to reevaluate her professional life and her next career move. Feeling lost and a bit confused, she decided to make a list of criteria for her ideal job. “I didn’t want to incur more debt because I still had my college loans to pay off. And I didn’t want to work paycheck-to-paycheck anymore because that was incredibly stressful. I wanted vacation time so I could travel and enough resources to bring horseback riding into my life again. As I looked at the list I had created, I laughed. I didn’t think an opportunity like that existed.”


Sarah’s business enables her to constantly challenge herself and encourages her to continually grow into the person she is supposed to be.

The longer Sarah was out of work, the more unsure of herself she became. She felt guilty that she wasn’t using her college degree and wished she was in a position to contribute financially. “When people asked what I did for a living, I didn’t have an answer. My self-esteem plummeted. My husband was supporting us, but I wanted to be able to pay off my own student debt.”

Finally, Sarah grew tired of not knowing what she wanted and decided to take some action. In March of 2014, Sarah’s cousin introduced her to Rodan + Fields®. Sarah had no experience with this type of business model or skincare, but she figured she had nothing to lose by trying. “I knew that time was on my side, and if I was going to start over and do something new, this was the time to do it.”


Sarah with some of her team at Convention 2014 in Atlanta.

Her business got off to a quick start. Sarah reached Executive Consultant in her first month, but after that, her business plateaued. She began to worry that she was too young to be successful sharing anti-aging products. “Most of my network was young women, and most of them were still trying to pay off student loans like I was.”

Sarah decided that, rather than giving up, she needed to embrace the industry and really learn how to grow her business network. She began taking advantage of the resources and tools that were available to her within the R+F community. “It was comforting to see that there were others like me who were learning the business. The amount of support I received from other Consultants—and the vast range of resources available to me—made me confident that I could build a successful business.”


Sarah with her Level V teammates celebrating their team’s first Lexus achiever.

As Sarah’s team grew, she noticed a change in herself. Having people look up to her and helping others achieve their goals reminded Sarah why she went into teaching in the first place. Sarah jumped at the chance to, once again, guide others to meet their goals and grow as individuals. “Teaching is a big part of my business, and I love that I can help others appreciate their worth. When I realized that people were relying on me and that my teammates believed in me, I regained the confidence I was missing.”

Sarah’s skin issues had also contributed to her lack of confidence. She had struggled with acne for years, and hadn’t found a product that worked. When she enrolled as an Independent Consultant, she started using the SOOTHE and UNBLEMISH Regimens, and her skin improved noticeably. “We don’t always like to admit it, but we live in a world where people form opinions based on what they see. Our skin is often one of the first impressions we make, and I wanted to present my best self to others. Now that my skin is clear, I have the confident appearance to match my confident personality.”


Sarah loves how R+F has strengthened her relationship with her cousin, Allison. They are now closer than ever.

With her self-esteem restored, Sarah’s business took off once again. By October, she had reached Level V. “I had never been able to say I was proud of myself or my career position, but now I can. This opportunity has changed me and given me a chance to develop professionally. I feel confident about where I’m headed—that has been the most rewarding part.”

Sarah has learned that there are worse things than failure, such as living with regret. “You can’t lose anything by trying. What you get out of a new experience may not be what you went in for … but if you embrace the process, what’s meant to happen will happen.”


Sarah and her husband with their dog in their new house in Denver.

Sarah’s business opened her eyes to the fact that she has the power to change who she is and how she is defined. “Our lives are always evolving. The person I am today is not the same person I will be tomorrow, because I am constantly challenging myself and pushing myself. By doing that, I will grow into the person I am supposed to be.”



3 responses to “Sarah Helms – Finding the Person She Was Meant to Be”

  1. Jaianne Seay says:

    I can relate, so inspired by your story and so happy for you!! Because of your story and others, I will continue to stretch myself and keep growing. It’s an exciting journey, and I will never give up on reaching my goals and hoping I can help others reach their goals!

  2. Melissa Varela says:

    Love your story, Sarah! Thank you for sharing! You’re so inspiring and I can totally relate!!

  3. Clara Lee says:

    Congratulations for your perseverance and achievement, Sarah!!

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