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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, July 14th, 2016

After her career took an unexpected turn, Sarah Radford decided it was time to stop seeking out jobs and start looking for opportunities. When she learned that she could start her own Rodan + Fields® business, she saw the potential to create something substantial for her family. As she shared the opportunity with others and watched how it impacted their lives as well, Sarah realized she had the ability to help others in a way she never anticipated. Inspired by this new sense of fulfillment, she continued to grow her organization while encouraging others to embrace the chance to pursue their dreams.


Evaluating the foundation

As a sales representative for a home builder, Sarah loved helping people select floor plans and customize their houses. “I loved the social interaction and found it very rewarding to assist people with such a big decision.” In 2012, Sarah found out that she was pregnant with her first child. Later that year, as the housing market took a downward turn, her job was eliminated. “I was shocked. It made me realize that, in the end, I was just a number in the corporate world. It didn’t matter that I’d dedicated myself to a job—it could all just be taken away from me in an instant and I had no control over it.”

Sarah and her husband made adjustments, but living off a single military income became stressful. In January of 2013, a friend of Sarah’s reached out to share the Rodan + Fields business opportunity. “She told me that she’d started something amazing and thought I’d be great at it. I was skeptical at first, but once I learned about the Company’s history and saw the vision for the future, I realized that it was a great opportunity and decided that there was no reason why I couldn’t work it into my life and build something that could potentially help my family.”


Sarah’s husband, Brian, returning from his Air Force deployment.

A new floor plan

Sarah enrolled as an Independent Consultant and began sharing R+F with her network. “It hit me that I was already referring people to hair stylists and nail salons—this was the same concept except I could actually earn income for selling products through my business.”

In the beginning, Sarah’s goal was to earn some extra spending money to take some of the financial stress off of her family, but she quickly realized that it could be much more than that. A year into her business, working six to eight hours a week, she achieved Level V Title status and, last year, her R+F income surpassed her former salary. She’s proud that she is able to pay for her daughter’s private school tuition as well as the mortgage on the new house they moved into this past March. “It feels amazing to be able to provide for my family and remove some of the pressure from my husband’s shoulders. My business has truly changed our lives and opened my mind to what’s possible for us.”

Recently, the Radfords took a trip to Hawaii. “Time is the most expensive commodity, and I’m grateful that my business has given me the freedom to enjoy more quality moments with my family. It’s allowed me to take a step back and be present.”


Sarah with some of her business partners, Elizabeth Guess, Rachael Ballard, and Marisa Mandel.

Decorating the interior

Sarah is overjoyed that she’s found something that fulfills her personally and professionally. “I had no previous experience with skincare, but I’ve become so passionate about the products and what they can do for people, and it’s so rewarding to share an opportunity with others that can change their lives.” Sarah loves coaching her team and helping them achieve their goals. “It’s incredible to show people that there are alternatives to a traditional nine-to-five job, and it’s so humbling to assist them as they build businesses of their own.”

Going forward, Sarah would like to focus on helping other military families by showing them that there are other ways to achieve financial flexibility. “Often, when we are presented with something new, we put up our guard and become skeptical or judgmental. I want to encourage people to think outside of the box and show them that there are other ways to create work-life balance. As a stay-at-home mom with two little girls and a husband who frequently travels for work, there was no way we could’ve started our own business—and yet, this opportunity has enabled us to do exactly that.”


Sarah and Brian with their daughters at Disney World.

Customizing the design

Sarah is driven by the fact that her business empowers her to make a positive impact on others. “I love sharing this opportunity with people because I believe that, if you have the ambition and the passion, you can use this gift to design the life you want. It’s given me a new purpose, provided me with a way to continue helping others, and it’s shown me that success isn’t about what we accomplish, it’s about what we inspire others to do.”


Sarah with some of her teammates in Austin, Texas for the 2015 R+F Convention.

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