Sarah Robbins – A Vision and A Reason
Friday, February 7, 2014

Sarah Robbins didn’t have any experience in direct sales when she decided to seize the Rodan + Fields® opportunity. She simply believed in herself and in the quality of the brand she had come to know as a household name in skincare. She and her mother both joined as Independent Consultants over six years ago and both have seen incredible changes in their lives as a result of their businesses. She emphasizes that being good at this business and growing it in whatever capacity you desire doesn’t take any special skills. It doesn’t even take any business experience. What has made her own business so successful has been a strong will and a passionate reason why. “If a shy kindergarten teacher in her twenties can do this, anyone can. I’m an ordinary person who had a vision and a reason for making this work. That’s truly all you need.”

Sarah robbins

Looking back on her decision to begin this journey, Sarah recalls that she had no expectation that she would be where she is today. “As a teacher, I was watching schools close down all around me and it felt like a very unstable time. Rodan + Fields gave me another option.” She and her husband were both under constant stress, worrying about the future. They both decided that was no way to live. They wanted a better life than that, and they were determined to go after it.

Sarah Robbins

Sarah and Phil making a difference and loving every moment with the kids

Today, Sarah works her Rodan + Fields business with her husband. “I had never done anything like this before, and honestly, in the beginning my success surprised me.” It is no surprise to her, however, that her business has continued to grow over the last few years, and she has been impressed with the Company’s continual growth and improvements. “When I first started my business, there were no incentives in place like the Road to RFx Car Incentive Program. There was a lot less training, too, and now Rodan + Fields provides every tool you could ever need to help you take off from day one and make your business flourish. Now is the perfect time to become an Independent Consultant, because people come on board and are given the tools to help them succeed faster than ever before.”

Still young and with a long, exciting future ahead of them, Sarah and her husband plan on traveling the world together, and changing it for the better. Sarah is still teaching, but in a different way now. She doesn’t face a classroom in the early mornings, but instead she faces each day with the freedom to choose exactly how she will help or encourage someone. Sarah and her husband Phil are excited to build a 100 child home for orphans in India in 2014. “Rodan + Fields enables me to reach far more people than I could have as a teacher, and is allowing us the chance to impact thousands of lives throughout the world.”

Sarah Robbins

Changing young lives

Sarah is proud to say that after just one year of working her business 10-15 hours per week, she decided to leave her teaching job. Today, she is happy to see success spread throughout the Field. Sarah says that while each individual Rodan + Fields Consultant’s results may be different, what matters most is that individual’s passion to build her/his business and pursue a life they love every day.

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12 responses to “Sarah Robbins – A Vision and A Reason”

  1. Awesome story Sarah!! I had the luxury of meeting Sarah and her Mom Kris Fairless a few weeks prior to one of the 1 trainings this company did back then. I was impressed right away at the passion these 2 very nice ladies had for this company and its products! More importantly, they really “got” the vision of where this company was going and had the ability to get that across to others!! Its truly been a pleasure to watch Sarah and her Mom blossom! Stepping outside your “comfort zone” and “conquering your fears” isn’t easy stuff, but its the kind of stuff true leaders learn to do! Thanks for believing in this company, yourselves and blazing the trail for the rest of us!! We will be forever grateful!

  2. Kristi Willis says:

    So incredibly inspiring! Sarah’s testimony and belief are a big part of why I joined the Drs. Having no experience myself I thought if she can do it so can I! Thank you for not only the inspiration to change my life but for all the lives I will continue to change as well! 🙂

  3. Jen Davis says:

    You inspire me, Sarah! Thank you!

  4. Dinah Smith says:

    A true inspiration ! God bless !

  5. The legacy you are leaving is beyond words….’thank you’ will never be enough!! We adore you two!! John and Heidi

  6. THANK YOU Rodan + Fields, and to all of the Rock Stars on Team Rockin Robbins for making this all possible! The past 5 years have been the sweetest years of our lives–changing lives together for the better! The most amazing gift to us, has been seeing our reason “why” in action, and to “walk out” our destiny for our lives, and to help others do the same. God is so good — thank you Rodan + Fields, team, our corporate dream team, and to my handsome husband Phil–you all are the reason “why”! We love you, and honor you!

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