Shanalee Richins Dombrosky – Embracing a New Tomorrow

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Monday, November 24th, 2014

Shanalee Richins Dombrosky’s passion for helping others led her to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and venture into pediatric oncology. While the experience was often challenging and heart-wrenching, she always felt it was worthwhile. “I learned a lot of valuable lessons and it changed my life in many ways. I know now that even a bad day as a parent is still a wonderful day, because there are parents out there who no longer have their children.”

Although Shanalee enjoyed her job, she didn’t like working such long hours. By the time her shifts ended she was exhausted, and she worried how she would ever find a balance once she became a wife and mother. When she got married and started a family, Shanalee decided to follow her heart and stay home full time. “I wanted to be home so much that, when faced with the choice of working or not having a car, I chose to not have a car. I rollerbladed or walked to the grocery store. I’d do whatever it took so I could be home with my kids.”

Shanalee’s business allows her to control her earning potential and enables her to create a life in which she feels prepared for the unexpected.

Shanalee’s business allows her to control her earning potential and enables her to create a life in which she feels prepared for the unexpected.

Her plans suddenly changed last October when Shanalee’s husband lost his job. They had some money saved, but they were uncertain how long it would last. “My focus immediately shifted. It was the worst time of year to not have a job with the holidays approaching.”

Shanalee’s husband continued to search for a job, but, after six weeks, Shanalee started to panic. She dreaded the thought of going back to work at the hospital, knowing she would have to pick up night shifts. “I didn’t want that. I didn’t want someone else putting my two babies to bed. I wanted the time and freedom to be with my family.”


Shanalee’s son, Aiden Ryan.

Shanalee was trying to come up with a plan of action that could potentially lead to meaningful income when she remembered Rodan + Fields®. A friend had introduced her to the business opportunity six months before. Shanalee was not interested in direct sales and had dismissed the idea at the time. However, she knew that her friend was growing a successful business, so in her time of need, Shanalee reached out.

Within a few hours of learning more about the business, Shanalee had signed up as an Independent Consultant. “The fact that I used our unemployment money to buy a Business Kit shows how much I wanted an alternative option to going back to work. Making that type of quick decision is not typical for me, but I knew I had to try because of the time freedom it offered. Any time away from my family had to either be income-producing or spent influencing someone’s life in a positive, meaningful way, otherwise my job is to be home influencing my children to be the best they can be. And R+F seemed to be the way to do both.”


Shanalee’s daughter, Ansley Caroline.

Shanalee was nervous that she had made a rash decision, wondering if she had made a mistake. She considered returning the kit, but decided she would try the products and prove that they didn’t work so she would have an excuse to back out. With her nursing background, it was important to Shanalee that she believe in the products if she was going to sell them. After a week and a half, Shanalee started to see a change in her skin. “I saw the glow on my face that I’d heard others who had used the products talk about. So, at that point, I was all in.”

Despite her initial fears, Shanalee was excited to represent a brand that had such a powerful reputation and was determined to build something she could control. “I wanted something secure that I could manage, something that wouldn’t be disrupted by a move to another state. With my business, I’m in control of my earning potential.”

Once she began growing her business, she was consistently and pleasantly surprised with the results. Within seven months, Shanalee reached Level V and finally felt the control and financial security she had been hoping to regain since her husband lost his job. “We were always the people who had just enough to get by, but not enough to play. Now, I have the freedom and ability to dream bigger than I could before. I can take my kids to a show or pay for a week at the beach, put them in extracurricular activities or treat them to the movies, and I can create those memories with them without stressing about money.”


Shanalee loves that her business allows her to dream bigger for her family.

Shanalee loves that she is able to show her kids that you can be in charge of your future as long as you invest wisely and work hard. It has involved following a path she wasn’t prepared to take, and it hasn’t always been easy. The knowledge that she is helping others combined with the time freedom and financial benefits make it all worthwhile. “It is so gratifying to receive affirmations from others and witness your personal achievements. Working with such supportive people and building meaningful relationships has given me an unwavering belief in this business. Working with uplifting and positive women, along with the recognition for hard work has helped nurture my giving nature and makes me feel good about myself.”

Her business has also given Shanalee a way to get back in touch with her passion for helping others. “Once you grow a team, it’s not about you anymore. You see how you can help others who are in need of change, by empowering them with this tool so they can embrace a new focus and take control amidst what seems like a powerless situation.”


Shanalee is grateful for the time freedom to create special memories with her children.

Shanalee hopes to find a way to use her income to help families who are dealing with childhood cancer, as well as fund cancer research. She would love to be able to give freely to that cause as it is very dear to her heart.

Shanalee’s journey has shown her what a difference a year can make. When financial security was taken away from her family, time seemed to stop for Shanalee. But by embracing a new focus, she found a way to let her guard down and be more open to a new opportunity that enabled her to rebuild her life and reestablish a sense of security. “It’s not the money and what it can buy, it’s the security it offers my family. It’s such a relief knowing we won’t have to struggle with the house payment, the college tuitions are covered, and I can give freely if someone is in need. Those are the types of things I value because we never know what is in store for us. By embracing a new focus that provides security for your family, you can create a life in which you can afford what you need, you can be thankful for what you have, and you are prepared for tomorrow.”



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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I am so proud of you and all that you have overcome! The article didn’t mention this, but I can tell you that you are indeed one of the funniest people I have ever met too! I love being around you because you make me need more Acute Care for my laugh lines!! Love you, Shanalee!!!

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