Shanna Higginbotham – A Fresh Start
Friday, January 24, 2014

There comes a time in all of our lives when, in one way or another, we need a change. Whether that change is on a personal or professional level, it’s an important part of life. Shanna Higginbotham invested twenty years into her professional career, and in 2007 she was an executive at a large communications/media company. She had spent years focusing on her career and many aspects of her job were very rewarding. The traveling was exciting, and while her family accompanied her from time to time, it usually meant Shanna was away from them. Wanting to spend quality time with her children before they grew up and moved away became a pressing issue, and she decided it was time to refocus. She started her own executive consulting business so that she could work from home, which proved to be successful, but still very time consuming. What she really needed was a fresh start.

Shanna Higginbotham

In 2011, Shanna was just beginning a consulting project for a local non-profit when she received an invite to a friend’s Rodan + Fields® Big Business Launch. Shanna attended and was impressed with the business model, but didn’t see it as something she could make time for. “I walked in that day and I immediately saw the potential of the business and it made a lot of sense to me. I have an understanding of entrepreneurism, and I knew I wanted to join, but because of the new project I was starting, I didn’t see how it was possible.” She held onto the idea for fifteen more months, when at yet another crossroads she decided it was finally time. She was faced with the decision to either go back to work in a high-stress, high-power job working for another large company or start her own Rodan + Fields business. This was when she made the ultimate decision to change her life and start anew. “I could have taken this job and it would have been a huge step up for me professionally, but it would have been the same life I had before. There were two possible life paths in front of me, and I chose the path with the better quality of life. I chose Rodan + Fields.”

Shanna Higginbotham

Rodan + Fields Convention, 2013

Since becoming an Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields nearly two years ago, Shanna has no regrets, and is certain she chose the right path for herself. Within forty-five days after joining, she recovered her initial investment, and she progressed to Level V Executive Consultant title after only four months. She initially worked her Rodan + Fields business in between meetings, fundraisers and performances for the non-profit, but after eight months she transitioned away from her media career completely, and now focuses on Rodan + Fields full time. She works from home and is now spending quality time with her family, setting her own hours of operation, and fully enjoying life. “I spent so much time in my twenties, thirties and forties away from my family, and it never occurred to me that there was another way. Now I have found something that has proven to be a lucrative business that is also giving me a much better quality of life.” As she approaches fifty, she anticipates entering the next decade of life with a fresh start and perspective.

Shanna Higginbotham

Family Trip to France

Shanna’s goals with her Rodan + Fields business today involve showing others, especially career mothers, that they don’t have to work long hours and constantly be called away from their families. Many women have children and consider re-entering the work force without realizing that there is an opportunity like this that offers an alternative. “This gives you the option to be home with your family, to build something for yourself, and you get to interact with smart, positive people who support and encourage each other. Working with women who are constantly lifting each other up is such a refreshing change for me, and I love everything about this business.”

Shanna takes the skills she learned from her former career, which she describes as mostly a male-dominated environment, and applies them to her Rodan + Fields business. Except this time, she enjoys the camaraderie of most of her peers being female. “I feel that every experience I’ve had in life, both personally and professionally, has prepared me for this business. I’ve had many ups and downs and being able now, at fifty, to redefine myself as a business owner is deeply gratifying. Being able to use my skills and experience to grow my own business while helping my team members apply themselves and recognize their own potential is what makes this opportunity so unique. Knowing that I can be a part of helping women fulfill their dreams is what comes first to me now. I believe that when you do that, success follows.”

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6 responses to “Shanna Higginbotham – A Fresh Start”

  1. Wow! I am so proud of my sponsor and great friend, Shanna. She is soaring and truly loves this business and I am so happy to be on the ride with her. Love you Shanna!

  2. Johna Foro says:

    Shanna, I am so thrilled that I met you and Jen in NYC and connected again in Nashville! Your story is such an inspiration to myself as well as many others. You followed your heart and have helped so many do the same. Congratulations!! ~Johna

  3. Carter Benton says:

    Awesome story Shanna! Congrats on your many successes. Loved meeting you on the airplane en route to Nashville! Carter Benton in NC

  4. Nicole Loeb says:

    From a fellow professional (from Lousiana!) in a male dominated field- maritime law- I could not have said it better myself! Isn’t it amazing the “blinders” we put on while in the rat race! It is so true – we don’t know what we don’t know. Here’s to letting mothers know they don’t have to forego a career to be a great mom! Congrats on your success and best of luck with those yet to come. Nikki Loeb

  5. Nicole Loeb says:

    Re last post… That would be Louisiana not Lousiana— see what a long day in the office does to your brain!

  6. Lindsey Williams says:

    I am beyond proud of you, Shanna! You are such an inspiration to so many, including myself, and I am enjoying watching you rise straight to the top!!! Thankful for our friendship!! <3!!!

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