Shannon Burke – The Sky is the Limit

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Friday, March 21st, 2014

Our culture constantly reminds us, through commercials and extreme product slogans, that we always need to be ready for an adventure. Usually, the challenges flashed at us by the media are indeed extreme ones – travelling the world on a yacht, or braving a remote jungle. But in reality, there are many different kinds of adventures: the quiet frisson of performance, the honor of serving your country, the daily struggle and joy of raising a family. Sometimes, simply finding something new that you love to do can be an adventure.

Shannon Burke’s life has never lacked excitement. She has pursued four careers over the past thirty years, beginning as a young ballerina who shined on stage for a captivated audience. She eventually traded in her toe shoes for a military uniform, and then again for a nurse’s uniform.

Shannon ballet

Shannon spent early years performing ballet on the stage.

For the past twenty-five years, Shannon has worked as a Certified Emergency Nurse, following her instinct to take care of people, especially the sick and wounded. And although she is now a veteran of the Air Force and not actively serving, her husband remains on active duty, which means that the adventure in Shannon’s life often entails frequent travel abroad. In the Fall of 2010, the couple and their three sons found themselves living on a tiny island in Japan, a sea change from their previous assignment in Australia, and a world away from this summer’s temporary assignment in Alabama.

“I remember asking myself, if I was always gone and my husband’s military career was always calling him away, then who was raising our kids? I hated the idea of my kids coming home after school and spending the rest of their day without me there. I wanted to be the mom who was there to make a snack, and ask them how their day was.” Being a present parent was important to her.

Shannon Burke and family

Shannon with her husband and three sons.

As she considered resigning from her job so that she could spend more time with her three boys, she also noticed that for the first time in her life she wasn’t happy with her appearance. The woman looking back at her in the mirror had dull, tired looking skin, and it wasn’t the face she recognized as her own. Shannon invested in Rodan + Fields® REVERSE products with the hope that she could improve her skin, and at the same time, enrolled as an Independent Consultant with the idea that she could perhaps make a little extra income on the side, and begin planning for her children’s future college expenses. But she got much more than that: a new challenge that would combine her love for travel with her desire to be with her children and would cultivate new friends in new places.

“The opportunity came into my life at the perfect time, because I was looking for something flexible enough to allow me the freedom to be with my kids, and I was also looking for something to improve my skin. This came together for me synergistic-ally.” Shannon’s personal success with the REVERSE regimen garnered a lot of attention from family and friends, and even her husband, who called her over Skype one day while overseas, and noticed that she was glowing. Feeling good about her skin and seeing the business side of her Rodan + Fields venture gaining steady ground, she turned another corner a year after enrolling.

Shannon Burke

Shannon with Doctors Rodan and Fields

“A year into starting my Rodan + Fields business, I realized that I had something that was going to give me so many hours back with my kids while they are still young enough to need me. We can’t change my husband’s obligation to the military and the hours he can’t be home, but what we could change is my time. That’s when I decided that the sky is the limit.”

Shannon leverages social media tools, primarily Facebook, to make the most of acquiring new business connections as she voyages from coast to coast, and much like the excitement of military life, her Rodan + Fields business has afforded similar benefits when it comes to making new friends. Many of her teammates when she lived in Japan were Americans with whom she only spoke to over the phone or from behind a computer screen. Despite thousands of miles of distance, she has bonded with hundreds of women around the globe. “Growing up with all brothers and being in the military where I mostly worked with men, I didn’t realize how much I wanted and needed interaction with other women. This has given me that companionship.” The friends she has made through Rodan + Fields are the kind she feels will be with her for a lifetime. “I met many of my team members for the first time when I traveled from Japan back to the States and attended my very first event in Dallas. It felt like a big, happy reunion, not an introduction.”

Shannon and her team

Shannon with her Rodan + Fields team.

The work-life balance that Shannon sought has become a reality. There wasn’t a disconnect between the excitement of her daily job and the concerns of everyday life. Making the two co-exist, without one negating the other, has become her new adventure.

“I know I missed out on time with my boys that I can’t get back, but fortunately it’s not too late. Now I am not coming in from work just as they are going to bed, or leaving before they wake up. I’m there at the baseball games, and on the field trips. I’m available for anything they need me for and it brings tears to my eyes to think of how wonderful it is that I can be that present parent they deserve.” Her sons are now ages eight, twelve, and fourteen. They, like their mom, get to experience the unique travel that comes with military life. She hopes that her own children will continue to explore the world as they grow up, and she knows that one day they each will take flight and go wherever they feel called. Thanks in part to her Rodan + Fields business, she can enjoy this time they have together now, and eventually, pass on her legacy: the sky is the limit.

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15 responses to “Shannon Burke – The Sky is the Limit”

  1. Jen Griswold says:

    Love love love you Shannon Burke! So fun to see your story on paper!!

  2. Tasha Albold says:

    Loved reading your story, Shannon! Congrats to you on all your success! Love being a part of it with you through Team GiVe too!!!:)

  3. What a beautiful lady with an amazing story! Lucky kids!

  4. Downtown Sandye Brown says:

    I think you’re AMAZING!!
    I LOVE your story and almost fell of my chair to see you studied Ballet! I’m super jealous! Thank you for your leadership and kindness.
    I love you much!

  5. You have a beautiful family Shannon and now you have a beautiful business that allows you the freedom to be with your family. Congratulations for all your success!

  6. Claire Arnold says:

    Shannon my dear Friend, I could not be more proud of you and your achievements with R+F. You are an awesome mother to 3 great boys and wife to a pretty cool hubby. Having a team like that behind you, just strengthens you even more! I am so glad to be part of your team and honored you asked me. I am thrilled for you and cannot wait to see what else your future holds for you!! Thanks Shay! Love you girl!! Cx

  7. Dana Gaviotis says:

    Shannon…..Look at you! I loved reading your story. Such a class act you are my sweet friend. Congratulations on all of your success. Loving you from Wyoming. Dana

  8. Diana Morgan says:

    Shannon – congratulations on all your success – both personal and professional. You are an inspiration to us all! xo

  9. Hollis Wadsworth says:

    Awesome, Shannon! I’m so happy for you :). Ox

  10. Rachel Krugh says:

    Shannon, you are beautiful on the inside and out, and I love how you shine your light on others, always making them look good! Such an honor to call you “partner” and friend!

  11. Connie Deam says:

    Shannon I count our friendship as one of the many blessings that have come to me since I have partnered with the doctors that created ProAciv!! You are the real deal and I am honored to be called your friend! Thanks for sharing your story, your family and your friendship!

  12. Noel Casey says:

    I am so very proud to be part of your team Shannon. You inspire me and many others every day. Thanks for your friendship and support no matter what. I will never be able to thank you enough for this amazing opportunity with RF. What an incredible journey!

  13. Shannon is simply amazing. She built this business while living on a rock on the other side of the world. Another way to say “Rock Star”.

  14. Linda Zabielski says:

    Shannon, I’m so happy to have met you through this business. Meeting you in Napa was a godsend since I am somewhat shy and I was the only person coming from the Chicago area (with the exception of someone from the city, who I didn’t know) and you were kind enough to include me in your group as a fellow Team Giver. It is hard to be the new one on the block who doesn’t know anyone else and you certainly made that a lot easier for me. You were also so transparent about how your business was going and made me feel like even though some of my legs were wobbly, that was the case with most new level Vs and there was nothing to be embarrassed about. I am so happy for all your success! I appreciate all that you do to encourage and provide answers to people with questions.

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