Shannon Mains – Finding Balance and Planning a Family
Monday, September 30, 2013


At 32, Shannon Mains has been working for eleven years as a neonatal nurse in the intensive care unit. She sleeps three hours most nights, is often on call, and has frequently pursued travel nursing. She and her husband have moved twelve times in the last six years, living all over the country. Needless to say, she has had a busy life thus far, and even though she is often exhausted from the work, she says it is an exhilarating and rewarding kind of exhaustion. It is the kind of fatigue you feel from working hard at something you care deeply about, and going to bed each night with the knowledge that you have fulfilled your purpose that day. Shannon knew from age five that she wanted to be a neonatal nurse, and she has accomplished a lifelong dream. Still, there was another dream she had in the back of her mind for several years. She went to work everyday and took care of other people’s babies, but she longed for her own. Having a child, however, meant she would have to slow down her current pace. She would need to take the time to take care of herself and her own baby if she was going to become a mother.

A growing family

A growing family

Fortunately, life sometimes sends an answer our way, even when we didn’t know we were looking for one. Shannon hadn’t considered any type of work outside of her demanding nursing career, so hearing about the opportunity to start her own business came about as a surprise. A friend told her about Rodan + Fields last year, and after listening carefully to what she had to say, Shannon knew this was something she wanted to try. She signed up as an Independent Consultant right away, and describes the time since then as life-altering. “The things that have happened in the last year have been incredible.”

At home with the dogs

At home with the dogs

Now that she has the opportunity to slow down a bit and focus on motherhood, she has plans to retire from nursing, at least in a full-time capacity. “I want to be a stay at home mother like my mother was, which was a very important part of my childhood. I want to be able to give that gift of time to my own children.” She and her husband plan to start their family within the next year, and Shannon describes the picture of their life ten years from now: “I want to be living in San Diego with my husband and two children and our three dogs. I will never completely give up neonatal nursing because it is my passion, but it will no longer consume me. I have very high goals for myself and I am getting closer all the time.”

Being able to continue something you know you were meant to do without being weighed down by its demands is truly the ideal. It is this ideal life that Shannon has been striving for, and that she cares about sharing with other people. If she can work this business around a job that only allows a few hours of sleep on most nights, she knows anyone can do it. “My schedule is constantly changing, but I find the time to sit down and write an email or I make a call on my way to work. If I can do that, anyone can. Make the time you have count, and it will all be worth it in the long run.”

Shannon has had to learn for herself how to find balance, and she has been very successful at using her time wisely. As a nurse, and a team leader, she is used to putting others first. She loves working with mothers and infants, and she also loves working with her Rodan + Fields team, and wants them to feel she is always there for them. Realizing many women feel that they are always giving of their time, she speaks from experience in her advice about time management. She encourages women who feel like they don’t have time to do this business to look at her story and realize that this small amount of time you give today is going to give you back all of your time tomorrow. “I understand how it is to have very little time for yourself, and I have had to work on putting myself first sometimes. What it comes down to, whether you’re a full time nurse or a full time mom, is to find your own balance. When you find that balance, that is when you see what this opportunity can do for you.”

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8 responses to “Shannon Mains – Finding Balance and Planning a Family”

  1. Shannon this is such a lovely store. You will be blest.

  2. Shannon this is such a lovely story. You will be blest Thank you for sharring.

  3. Tara Klein says:

    I love hearing Shannon’s story! As a Neonatal nurse myself and already a mama of 2 I feel her pain! I work at night, stay home with the kiddos, yep, that means staying awake with them and napping when the baby naps, but I have still managed to build a fabulous R+F team! I’ve also had the fabulous opportunity to meet Ms. Shannon in person after many months of chatting online about our businesses. I will forever cherish, not only what my R+F business is allowing us to do, but the amazing friendships that have come along with it! Congrats Shannon on your amazing success!

  4. Rose Kile says:

    Shannon is truly an inspiration!! Being newer to RF she has gone out of her way to mentor and help me be successful! I love reading your story! I can especially relate to those long hours and sleepless nights since I am an OB nurse. The way you juggle your tasks is incredible. Thank you for sharing your story so that we too can be successful. I know you will be so blessed by this business and your future family will be truly blessed by the life you set up for them! You are an amazing leader- your passion and diligence shines through all you do.

  5. Jen Breck says:

    Love your dedication, drive and enthusiasm for everything you do! It has been my greatest pleasure working with you through Rodan + Fields! Watching your team and business grow each month has been incredibly inspiring!

  6. Linda Souster says:

    Shannon I have not met you yet but already you are having a big influence on me. I read your story and I don’t know how I can’t do this business with you as my mentor. I look forward to August and getting started. Thanks so much for your story.

  7. yvonne viel says:

    Hi Shannon, you’re a very bright light in this world and I’m delighted to have met you recently in Vancouver, BC. Looking forward to exploring more events and opportunities with you.

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