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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, December 29th, 2016

Moving to a new town is always a big decision, exciting and daunting in equal measure. It can take time to meet people and settle into a new neighborhood, but finding a common interest or the right conversation topic can be the key to unlocking a whole new social circle. For Sierra Clark, it was an unexpected new career choice that helped her fit into her new, and now beloved, community.

Sierra grew up in a small town near Sacramento, California. She headed south for college and ended up working as a business developer in Orange County. After getting married, she and her husband moved around frequently for his job before eventually settling in Reno, Nevada six years ago. Sierra sounds relieved to say that Reno is where they plan to stay “for a very long time.” She finally feels at home, and with the help of a successful business venture, she and her family have settled into their new community.

Being a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant has helped Sierra Clark build a community in a new town.

Staking a claim in the Sierra Nevada foothills

At first the move to Reno was tough, as Sierra didn’t know anyone in their neighborhood—and the weather didn’t help. “It was a cold winter, and everyone was holed up in their houses, escaping the snow!” Sierra was enduring a difficult pregnancy, and she had no support network in the area. Luckily, an opportunity was just around the corner.

In January 2012, an old friend and college sorority sister reached out to tell Sierra about the Rodan + Fields business model. Her lack of local connections at first made Sierra hesitant, but quick research showed her that she didn’t need a local customer base—most of her networking could be done online or over the phone. Recognizing a great opportunity to help support her family, she decided to give it a go part-time.

Sierra started with a small vision, but that quickly shifted once she saw the huge potential R+F offered. She realized that she could easily reconnect online with old colleagues and college friends to grow her network around the country. “The most unexpected blessing this business has brought into my life are the people. Old friendships rekindled and new friendships have been made with people I likely never would have met if it weren’t for R+F.” These new friendships were hugely important in settling Sierra into her new neighborhood.

As a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant, Sierra Clark has built a strong network in her new community.

Sierra with some of her power partners and Team ThriVe Superstars at the Las Vegas Convention.

Striking it rich in the local community

As the snow thawed and spring sprang, Sierra invited some of her new neighbors to her Rodan + Fields Big Business Launch at her home. R+F was relatively unknown in the Reno area at the time, but Sierra was overwhelmed by the response. Her newborn was ill and she had to “deliver the entire presentation with him in a sling, strapped to me!” But the launch was a great success, and Sierra is proud to say that many of the women who attended that evening are among her most loyal Preferred Customers.

For Sierra Clark, being an Independent Consultant with Rodan + Fields has meant more time with her precious sons.

Sierra and her baby, Travis, at her first Big Business Launch.

Sierra says her Rodan + Fields business is “just such a good ice breaker.” It gives her a topic of conversation at little league baseball games and at preschool pick up. She now works about ten hours a week on her R+F business, fitting in a few hours at the local community clubhouse while her older boys are at school and her youngest plays in the daycare. Her Reno connections have grown exponentially, and Sierra stresses that without such strong local partnerships, she could never have reached where she is today. Her local power partner Joy Guinn has been essential to her success, and they regularly hold events, trainings, and planning sessions with other R+F leaders in the Reno area.

Treasuring those golden moments

When her R+F business took off, Sierra began itching to return to an office. “It gave me the spark I had been missing after so many years out of the business and working world.” So much so that she accepted a part-time marketing job, which she kept for three years. Although she enjoyed the position, she also found herself missing out on time with her children. “My nanny would send pictures of my kids playing in the park while I was at work, and it was like a dagger in the heart.” So in June 2016, with her R+F business thriving, she quit her other job. “I was so thrilled to be back home with my boys!”

Now that she's a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant, Sierra Clark spends more time with family.

The Clark Family.

And she has been taking full advantage of her newfound free time. She was able to spend most of last summer in the family’s cabin at Lake Tahoe, enjoying time with her boys while keeping up with her Rodan + Fields work. She also took them to visit her mom on the Oregon coast, which meant a twelve-hour road trip and an unforgettable adventure for the family.

When they visited Disneyland this past October, Sierra felt it was a good opportunity to explain to her boys that without R+F, none of those trips would have been possible. She is glad that her boys now understand that the family as a whole benefits from their mom’s career. “I’m proud that they can see that both my husband and I are working hard to give them the best possible life and future.”



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