Stefany Gittleman – “Out With the Old, In With the Bold”
Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Certain attributes are invaluable to success in today’s business world: the ability to develop transferable skills, keep up with modern trends, and have one’s finger on the pulse of technology are among them. To succeed, you need to be sharp, adaptable, and open to innovative and unconventional ideas.

Stefany Gittleman is the epitome of the modern, ambitious businesswoman who prides herself on her ability to stay “three steps ahead of the competition.” She worked in the media industry for seventeen years and was Global Vice President of Advertising Sales for a large travel company from 2005 to 2014, but also endured very long hours and a grueling daily commute. With a young child at home, Stefany realized that in order to maintain her success and have time for her family, she would need a career makeover.

Through her work as an Independent Consultant with Rodan + Fields, Stefany Gittleman has shown her sons what it really means to be an innovator.

Adapting to a new business environment

Early in 2012, a friend of Stefany’s, Melissa McCarthy, introduced her to the idea of becoming a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant. She hesitated at first because her work life was already demanding, but Stefany trusted the Doctors’ reputation, and in September 2012, she signed up and joined her friend Sara Guevara as an Independent Consultant. She couldn’t believe how quickly her courage paid off. “The second I said yes, it was like a slingshot, and I felt like I was flung forward into success.”

Propelled by her own hard work, Stefany hit Level V within eleven months, working her Rodan + Fields business 10-15 hours a week alongside her day job. A year later, her R+F earnings equaled her corporate income, so she transitioned out of her advertising job, and started working 15-20 hours a week. The following month, Stefany earned her Lexus, and by January 2016, reached RFx. Buoyed by her booming R+F business, Stefany decided to also build on her media legacy and start a new company with two former colleagues.

An entrepreneur at heart, Stefany Gittleman brought her business savvy to her work as a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant.

Stefany with her best friend, power partner, and sponsor, Sara Guevara, at their Lexus party in November of 2012.

Letting go of what you think to be true”

Stefany is proud to say that the years she spent in media and marketing have served her well in her R+F journey. “I have taken every single thing that made me successful in the corporate world and applied it to R+F.” She sees herself as a pure innovator, always looking for the next trend or opportunity. Using her knowledge of social commerce and digital marketing, she’s leveraged the kind of social media marketing that has become an integral tool for her fellow R+F Consultants. She’s also a talented public speaker, and has spoken at R+F corporate presentations in New York, New Jersey, and Maryland, as well as a Virtual Lash Bash presentation in 2016.

Stefany credits her success to her determination and nerve, something that has been bolstered by “the long lineage of very bold women” in her team. Boldness, she says, is central to her life and career. “All of the choices I’ve made where I have taken a risk or gone against the grain, whether in my career or my personal life, have paid off.” The name for her team, therefore, was obvious, and Team Be Bold now has members all over North America, Canada, and soon in Australia. Stefany stresses that “doors open to those who are bold enough to knock,” and that her most successful team members are those who are fearless in the face of new challenges. According to Stefany, if you fully embrace this philosophy, you’re bound to achieve great things. “There’s a lot of freedom in living a life that’s bold. Everybody should feel that they have the ability to make their own decisions and not be held back. Being bold goes hand in hand with confidence, and little choices can add up to bold changes.”

Being a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant has put Stefany Gittleman in touch with a strong network of like-minded female entrepreneurs.

Stefany is thankful for the upline leaders who creatively jolt her business: Jennifer Boucher, Melissa McCarthy, National Director Merideth Tieszen, Lore Cardella, and Sara Guevara.

A life less limited

Over the past two years, Stefany has built her R+F business and her media company side by side from home. Long gone are the days of lengthy commutes and stressful deadlines. She can now spend as much time as she wants with her two boys, Trey and Madden, and delights in the fact that her young family can learn important lessons from her journey and see how her tenacity has paid off. “I tell my boys, you have to be bold to live how you want to live, and you should never have to apologize for that.”

Working with Rodan + Fields as an Independent Consultant has given Stefany the opportunity to show her sons that anything is possible with hard work.

Stefany with her husband Cory and their children, Trey and Madden.



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