Stephanie Hipp – Never Too Busy to Grow
Friday, July 31, 2015

A young Stephanie Hipp sat in the backseat of the family car, surrounded by boxes. She stared through the window, taking one last mental picture of the town she was leaving. It was time, once again, to readjust. Yet, rather than feeling nervous or apprehensive about her new home and school, Stephanie was looking forward to meeting new people and creating memories in a place she’d never been before. As the car sped up, taking her closer to their destination, her anticipation increased as she tried to imagine what the next phase of her life would bring.

Growing up, her father’s job caused Stephanie’s family to move quite often. Each time they packed up and left one location, she found herself extra excited. She always adjusted well and made friends quickly, but leaving old ones never got any easier. As she got older, she tried to stay in touch with as many as possible, but lives get busy, and phone calls and visits become few and far between. Recognizing that her own hectic schedule was limiting her ability to stay connected and live the life she envisioned, Stephanie decided to take advantage of a business opportunity that she believed would provide her with the financial and time freedom she was looking for—and she quickly discovered that it was also a vehicle to rekindle those old relationships.


Ready for relocation

After earning her master’s degree in education, Stephanie settled into her eighth home—this time with her husband in North Carolina—and established herself as a teacher. After several years, she stepped away from her position in 2010, when her first child was born. She savored her time at home, knowing that she would eventually have to go back to work. “My husband was also a teacher at the time, and we knew that, eventually, we would need my supplemental income. That meant I would either return to the classroom, or I’d need to find something else I could do on my own time. But being home was really where my heart’s desire was.”

In 2013, two months after her second baby was born, Stephanie saw a childhood friend’s post about her Rodan + Fields® business on her Facebook page. She was shocked by her friend’s “before and after” photos. “The transformation from these products was unbelievable, so I messaged her to find out more about the business.” Stephanie saw the potential right away, and in May of 2013, she decided to enroll as an Independent Consultant.

Unpacking benefits

Stephanie was immediately impressed that, despite having no previous sales experience and being rather busy with two small kids, she was still able to share and grow her business. She was relieved that everything was so straightforward; the business model and training were laid out so clearly. Now, she loves showing others the uniqueness of the business model. “I am proud to represent this Company and demonstrate to others how it is truly a vehicle to change your life. My hope is to debunk any misconceptions that people might have about an industry they are not familiar with through my own actions and success. I want to show others that this is a home-based business that works—and is incredibly fun!”


Stephanie and her husband, Stuart, with the Doctors.

Stephanie also loves sharing the products with others and giving people who have struggled with skin issues hope for change. After suffering from cystic acne for nearly 20 years herself, Stephanie felt like she had tried just about everything and never saw results. But when she started her business, she began using the UNBLEMISH Regimen, and within weeks, she saw a significant improvement in her skin. “These products are the only thing that have ever worked and kept my skin clear. My transformation is very meaningful to me because, being a product of the product, I can genuinely share this with others and provide something to help them deal with their own skin issues. I can really empathize because I know how damaging it was to my self-confidence, not to mention it often physically hurt. I want others to find the relief I did—so it never feels like selling because I’m simply passionate about sharing this incredible gift.”

Moving up

Stephanie is consistently inspired by the opportunity to work towards goals and incentives offered by the Company. She has earned several trips through the Lead the Way incentive program, including the most recent one to Mexico. “I’m very motivated by that program—it’s so impressive to me that R+F offers the chance to achieve such amazing incentives on top of the earnings we make.” After ten months building her business, she replaced her former teaching income, working about 12 hours a week. Two months after that, she achieved Level V, and a couple of months after that, she was able to buy the family car, paid in full. Since then, she has tripled her former income.

This past June, Stephanie gave birth to her and her husband’s third child and is relieved that she has the ability to grow her family without feeling a financial strain. Her business not only gives her a sense of peace, but the additional income also enables her to give back in ways that she couldn’t before. “It’s such a blessing to know I can help contribute to our household and even help my husband retire eventually. This experience has made me more confident in my abilities by enabling me to give more to my family as well as to others—that brings me joy.”


Stephanie and Stuart with their three children.

Furnishing relationships

Stephanie loves that her business has also encouraged her to reconnect with many people from her past. After moving around and losing touch with several childhood friends, it has been exciting for her to rekindle relationships and work with friends from all over the country. “I’ve had people from all different seasons of my life join me in business, and this opportunity has given us a chance to reconnect deeply—and it’s been so fun to create a team together.”  Stephanie is continually blown away by how sharing her business has helped to transform others’ lives. “It’s so neat to see what a gift this is for others. I’d always heard it from the beginning, but to actually witness it for myself and my team is tremendous. It’s so satisfying to watch them achieve goals and see how the business is acting as a blessing in their lives.”

Stephanie has also found it rewarding to use her teaching background to develop a team. She enjoys educating people on the best ways to care for their skin and developing individual relationships with each Customer and Consultant. “I have found that this is quite similar to being in the classroom, because communication is huge in both. I always strive to work one-on-one with everybody because everyone’s story is unique, and so each person’s needs will be different. I love the ability to lead my team by tailoring my techniques to each individual—the way I did with my students.” Stephanie recognizes that everyone learns differently and uses her educational skills to encourage others to find their individual visions and to see the potential in themselves that they might not have seen before. Watching others grow is extremely rewarding for her, but she is excited by the opportunity to learn from other leaders as well. “It’s really beautiful how people are willing to help each other and share business strategies with one another, even across teams.”

All settled in

Stephanie’s experience has helped her learn to trust her path and has shown her that being busy is a choice. Her decision to start a business actually enables her to do more for her family. “We choose how we spend our time. My choice to pursue an opportunity so full of potential has allowed me to make family my first priority while still enjoying the things I like to do. Everyone is free to decide if they’re too busy for something, but this has actually given me more options—for how I spend my time, how I give back, and how I stay connected with the people in my life. It’s shown me that you really can do it all, and you’re never too busy to make time for something that can provide for you in so many ways.”

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5 responses to “Stephanie Hipp – Never Too Busy to Grow”

  1. Raewyn says:

    Great story, Stephanie, thanks for sharing!

  2. Nickki Cluck says:

    Congrats, Stephanie!! I am so proud of you and all of your success! I loved reading your story and congrats on your new little one – you have a beautiful family.

  3. Sherry Taylor says:

    Great story and, once again, connect and reconnect. Be looking for you at Convention.
    Sherry Taylor

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  5. D. JARVIS says:

    What a great story and such a refreshing attitude and approach towards financial freedom! It was a great read!

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