Stephanie Thornton — Living a Life of “And”

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

Stephanie Thornton started her Rodan + Fields journey while she was still working a demanding schedule as an accountant. She found herself torn within an “either/or” kind of life. “I’m a Certified Public Accountant by trade but not by personality. I worked all the time, and even though having more time is a core value for me, I had zero in my 20s and 30s. I didn’t make time to get married until age 36 and we had our first baby when I was 40. As a mom, the busy schedule and frequent travel became a lot less desirable. When we moved to Alabama I chose to stay home for the first time in my life.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Stephanie Thornton

Examining an alternative

Unfortunately, after having her second child, circumstances drove Stephanie once again into accounting. “I went back to work as a CPA because it was one thing I could do to shore things up financially while we figured things out. I worked massive hours. I knew I needed flexibility and freedom, and to earn an income. I needed to work, and I wanted to work. Going into tax season in December 2009, I started a prayer and a question: What can I do in Dothan, Alabama that will allow me to earn some income and be there for my family?”

Three weeks later, Stephanie received a call from Michele Armstrong out of the blue. “Michele invited me to an event in her home to take a look at her new Rodan + Fields skincare business. I went out of curiosity. Ironically, I thought it might be a good networking opportunity for me if I ever wanted to start my own CPA practice. I went into that meeting with a very closed mind about the opportunity, but as everything was laid out in front of me, I realized this could be exactly what I had been looking for. My gut instinct was that this is a heck of an opportunity, so I took the leap of faith and enrolled three days later.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Stephanie Thornton & The Doctors

Stephanie with Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields the night she solidified LV status in New Orleans.

Diving into work

As the year began, though, Stephanie again found herself in the midst of a serious time crunch. “Along with the start of tax season I also had two young children, my husband and I were trying to run a startup, and I barely had time to brush my teeth. My kit sat in the garage for three weeks. I finally got it back out and started using the right products, and by the end of May, one of my co-workers had complimented my skin. That’s when I decided I didn’t have another tax season left in me. I put my head down and for three months, filling every nook and cranny of my life, I started calling my network of friends to share R+F.”

Stephanie hit Level V in August 2010. She then got to meet many of the leaders that inspired her along the way. “I still cherish the picture of the first time I met Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields at our Level V reception that fall. There were fewer than 50 Level V leaders at that time, and that moment solidified everything for me. I knew I was moving towards leaving public accounting at that point, so all I felt was pure joy. I met our Home Office team and then stumbled upon an incredible top leader at Convention. We had a great conversation, I listened to her speak on stage, and felt really inspired.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Stephanie Thornton at Convention

At Convention with Ali Box and Iz Head in Atlanta, Georgia – September 2013.

Reflecting on the challenge

At that point, full of excitement, Stephanie suddenly ran up against a wall of self-doubt. “Looking at her website and seeing all the incredible things she was doing, I just froze. At that point, I was growing my team by two new members every single month, but I still found myself calling Michele and telling her I didn’t know how to work my business. Everything came to a standstill. I started questioning, doubting, and comparing, and ended up taking a lot of detours along the way to where I am now. Why was I trying to be someone else? Why wasn’t I just trying to be me?”

Looking back, Stephanie finds herself feeling thankful for the growth this situation brought to her life and to her business. “We’ve all got to stop comparing ourselves to others. By self-sabotaging and doubting myself, I kind of shot myself in the foot a few times. I’d love to start over knowing what I know now, but that’s not how personal growth goes. For me, the true jewel of R+F is the opportunity to learn more about myself and to grow personally. That’s the piece you can’t put a price tag on.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Stephanie Thornton REALteam Retreat

REALteam Retreat in Rosemary Beach, Florida – November 2017.

Consistency is key

Over the next eight years, by working at least 15 hours per week, Stephanie moved past self-doubt and started to build the life of “and” she’d always dreamed of. She followed the first Lead the Way program to Milestone V and eventually earned her Lexus in January 2018. “It was never about the car — it was all about the Milestone. It felt good to know when I put my head down and really set a goal and intention, my business grew. Also, The Real Team clearly wanted it. They wanted to call themselves a Lexus team, and they really showed up on New Year’s Eve to meet that goal.”

“Now, looking forward, I want to be an RFX Circle Achiever — but not for the sake of comparison. I’ve learned to be open to letting this journey be whatever it’s going to be. Granted, you’ve got to be faithful to the activity. You’ve got to be consistent and you’ve got to be positive. I do have my sights set on RFX Circle, but I’m open to wherever my business may go from here.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Stephanie Thornton LV Arrival Trip

LV Arrival Trip to Sonoma, California – June 2011.

Her encouraging message

Stephanie is incredibly thankful for the additional freedom and flexibility that allow other, more important priorities to come to the forefront. “This experience is just so much more than skin care. My Rodan + Fields business has given me the chance to fulfill my life’s purpose and become the best version of myself, both as a business owner, and mom, and wife. I’m not saying that I’m there today, but I’m certainly more self-aware because of this business and I’m very grateful for that. I’m not finished with my goal setting by any means, and I’m more committed than ever to getting out of my own way. I’m incredibly passionate about sharing this with other people who want to live a life of ‘and.’”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Stephanie Thornton LTW Trip

LTW Trip to San Francisco, California – November 2013.

To contact Stephanie about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.


Tell Me More…

Have there been any especially significant people in your R+F journey?

My team members that I have the honor of walking this path with every day, my Sponsor Michele Armstrong, my incredible friend Stephanie Sarazin, my husband King Thornton who cheers me on every single day, and my children Evie and Luke who are my “why”.

Where do you draw your inspiration from in life? God, Bono, and Oprah — in that order.

Favorite TV show? Sex and the City

What’s your biggest quirk? I won’t eat meat on the bone. But my friends say it’s my desire to set the table with fine china, crystal, and sterling flatware every chance I get.




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