Susie Carpenter – Giving Unconditionally

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Friday, August 15th, 2014

A teacher for the past 11 years, Susie Carpenter loves her job. She wasn’t looking for anything else when she attended a Rodan + Fields® Big Business Launch of her best friend, Laura. “I had gone with the intention of finding new skin care and ended up walking away saying, ‘Okay, I’ll give this a shot.’” The idea of being able to possibly make some extra money was intriguing to Susie because as a real estate inspector who owns his own business, her husband’s income fluctuates with the economy. “I saw a great opportunity to add to our income and it just sort of fell into my lap. It has turned into such a huge blessing for us.”

Susie so grateful for the opportunities her business has provided for her family.

Susie so grateful for the opportunities her business has provided for her family.

The past few years were difficult for Susie and her husband, when they lost two of their children unexpectedly. Their son, Cade, passed away at the age of four while playing soccer in April of 2011 after collapsing from a heart condition they were unaware of. After their son’s death, they took their daughter, Addison, to have her heart checked. She was diagnosed with Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and would need a new heart. She was put on a transplant list, but her heart wasn’t strong enough and she passed away in March 2012 at just 22 months. “The last few years have been a roller coaster. Of course it’s still emotional, but my husband and I are at a place where we are emotionally ready to consider what it is we want to do with the extra income that honors our children.”

Susie hopes to set up a foundation that will honor her children, Cade and Addison.

Susie hopes to set up a foundation that will honor her children, Cade and Addison.

It was a big deal for Susie to take the leap of faith and challenge herself to do something out of her comfort zone. “As a teacher, I knew nothing about being a Consultant and it intimidated me that I would need to reach out to people I didn’t know. But, that fear has gone away and I’m more comfortable now because I love sharing the excitement of what my business has done for our family. If I don’t tell people about this business opportunity, I feel like I’m cheating them out of the chance to experience the same success that we did.”

When she started, Susie was only thinking her business might help her earn a little extra money to pay for a few bills. But, seeing what she could do with her first earning statement, she realized it could turn into so much more. She and her husband decided they were ready to try having more children and were able to use her supplemental income to help pay for fertility procedures. They now have seven month old twins, a little boy and girl, Easton and Emerson.

Susie loves that her R+F business has given her the option to stay home with her twins, Easton and Emerson.

Susie loves that her R+F business has given her the option to stay home with her twins, Easton and Emerson.

Susie’s business has also provided new opportunities for her family that they never had before. “It was such a shock when I got an earnings statement and realized that my Rodan + Fields business was surpassing my full time teaching income. It’s now a possibility for me to stay home with my kids if I want. That was never an option before. This business has given me the freedom to do that if I choose.”

Of course, that choice isn’t easy, but it is a blessing to have. “I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll stay home because my heart is in teaching too, but I’m glad I have the choice. The part time hours with R+F are so nice because it’s not like working two full time jobs. Doing both doesn’t exhaust me and I love that I can be successful at both simultaneously.”

Susie loves being a part of a community of people who are so devoted to giving back.

Susie loves being a part of a community of people who are so devoted to giving back.

Susie and her husband are both very passionate about various causes and are hoping to create a foundation to honor their children who passed away, specifically something that helps and relates to pediatric cardiology. “We’d like to help people who travel from all over the world to come to Texas Children’s Hospital for treatment as it can be very emotionally and financially straining. We’d also like to set up a scholarship program to offer kids who can’t afford it, the ability to attend soccer programs. Our son loved soccer and he died doing what he loved, so we’d like to pay tribute to that.”

Being a part of a community that focuses on giving is extremely special for Susie as well. “Even though all of our stories are different, our lives have been changed and we share that. It’s such an amazing group of people who are incredibly big givers. I see so many people who love to give to charities and this opportunity has provided us a way to give more than we could before.”

Susie and her husband, Darrell.

Susie and her husband, Darrell.

Susie is also able to give more of herself to her family. “This has truly been an amazing experience for us and I’m still in awe about where it’s come. It has given us the means to do things that we may not have normally been able to do. I’m passionate about sharing this business with others so that they have the opportunity to do the same. This experience has been a blessing in so many ways. The chance to help others and see their lives change is way more than I thought I’d get out of my business. It’s given our family options to better our own lives, but also provided us a way to give more to the causes that our hearts are drawn toward.”

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9 responses to “Susie Carpenter – Giving Unconditionally”

  1. Ali Aldrich says:

    One of my favorite stories!! Thank YOU for sharing!!!

  2. Jessica says:

    Wow! What a powerful story and journey you’ve been on. Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Susie, thank you for sharing your story. You’ve got such a big heart.

  4. Raelyn says:

    Thank you for sharing your story ! It hit home because we lost our 5-1/2 year old daughter to over the counter cold medicine, she went to sleep and didn’t wake up. We honor her in many ways including a golf tournament called the “Kimber Open” that provides Dance Scholarships to girls.

    I became an R+F consultant and started working this business in April and am so happy I did !!
    I too hope to be able to do so much more for my favorite charities with this “side business”

  5. Karen says:

    Extraordinary, Susie! You have an amazing story.

  6. Kim says:

    What an inspiring story. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Thank you, Susie, for sharing your story. I am new to R+F and am currently here from North Carolina with our 8 month old son who is at Texas Children’s. He was diagnosed at 7 weeks old with restrictive cardiomyopathy and has developed hypertrophic cardiomyopathy as well. We are on the transplant list in North Carolina and are being evaluated for transplant at TCH now. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss, but am inspired by your strength. I joined R+F to help off set the cost of our medical bills and to provide extra income for our family. I’m loving the products and love sharing them with others!

  8. Kim Rau says:

    What a powerful message how God is working through you, your family, and your business. Our circumstances do not define us; it’s how we respond. You are an inspiration and blessing to many with your story.

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