Susie Sheftel – Dreaming is Believing
Monday, December 9, 2013

Susie Sheftel is an artist who loves to inspire people, especially when it comes to environmental awareness. Susie has always let her imagination take her to new places in life, and since childhood she has dreamed of being able to help others in a big way. “I always believed that one day I would do something that would make a big difference. I envisioned myself being successful and being able to pay it forward, which is why I am so grateful that Rodan + Fields® came into my life.”

Susie Sheftel

Susie Sheftel is living her dreams

Susie joined Rodan + Fields as an Independent Consultant back in 2008, after undergoing a bilateral hip replacement the year before. “I was at a major turning point in my life and when I found Rodan + Fields, I knew it was the Universe’s way of saying I had passed a test of strength and patience. After a period of struggle, now I could run again, both physically and figuratively, so I took this opportunity and ran with it.”

She says what influenced her final decision to join was learning about the Rodan + Fields Prescription for Change Foundation. “Aligning with a brand that gives back to others was high on my list of priorities, and I am a big supporter of Rodan + Fields because of all the ways it supports and helps others to move forward in their lives.”  She personally supports multiple organizations that have special meaning to her and her family.  Two years ago, Susie fulfilled her life-long dream of earning an internationally recognized designation and honor for one of the organizations she supports. She says, “All of this is possible because of my Rodan + Fields business. Now I can give in multiple ways, and that is the best part about this opportunity.”

Susie Sheftel

Susie joining the Million Dollar Circle Achiever club

She supports a nonprofit which addresses the problem of childhood hunger here in the US, an issue she feels strongly about. “I used to see kids in families who were struggling with just the basic necessities when I was a teacher, and it has been wonderful to be able to do something to help.”

Thankful that she can influence positive change while making people smile at the same time, Susie strives to encourage others to follow their own creative voices. Having her Rodan + Fields business as a support for her artistic and environmental commitments has been such a saving grace in her life, and she wants to share her story so others can see what is possible. “I am fortunate in that I was brought up in a family where I was always encouraged to create and embrace my artistic talents. I love that I am now able to encourage other people to explore their unique talents and inspire them to believe they can do anything. If you can dream, then all you need to do is believe.”

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6 responses to “Susie Sheftel – Dreaming is Believing”

  1. Stephanie Goetz says:

    Great story, great woman! Go Susie! So inspiring.

  2. Lynne Green says:

    Susie, You are an inspiration to me. You are so clear with your vision and story, and always willing to extend yourself to help a fellow consultant. Congratulations on your success. All the best to you! Lynne

  3. Sara Dwyer says:

    I thank God for so much, and praise him for my blessings, family, friends, and my talents, gifts and abilities. God gets it too.

  4. Stephanie Eaton says:

    Your story is very inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Kim Lang says:

    Your story is AMAZING!! I too want to be able to make a difference and give back!!!

  6. Marcie Patterson says:

    Wow, what an inspiring story!

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