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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

More than 25 years ago, Teisha Simmons survived a car crash just outside her hometown, a small village on the Yukon River. She suddenly faced a challenging future as a C4 quadriplegic at only 15 years of age. After years of grueling therapy and enlightening personal growth, Teisha tackled major obstacles to achieve success in her career and family goals. When she launched her own Rodan + Fields business and embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, Teisha found another significant way to impact her future for the better.

R+F Consultant - Teisha Simmons - Family Portrait

A difficult setback

In 1992, Teisha couldn’t wait to move to Anchorage, the nearest big city, to start high school. Those plans changed when her car flipped over into five feet of still water and Teisha broke the C4 vertebrae in her neck. She felt no pain. “I was admitted into ICU for a month, and did six months of physical rehab at a children’s hospital in Seattle. It was a very depressing, angry, ugly, and dark time in my life. All I wanted was to come home.” Unfortunately, Teisha had a long way to go before getting her wish.

In the meantime, an incredible support community funded her family’s move to Seattle to be with Teisha. She was discharged from the hospital with a ventilator. But she also carried an even bigger burden: an unwillingness to keep going. “I was not the best patient. I didn’t want to do any therapy, and I fought the whole way. The medical team tried really hard to get me off the ventilator, but I didn’t put in any effort. I was not cooperative. I thought, ‘Why are you making me learn to feed myself? I’m not going to leave here walking. It’s not going to get any better than this. Why try?’”

R+F Consultant - Teisha Simmons - Dog Sled Race

Teisha, seven years old in the 4-dog dog sled race on the Yukon River.

Coming up for air

Her family moved into an apartment for a couple of difficult years while Teisha’s mind and body grew stronger. “We were super poor and couldn’t afford much. We often had to eat out of food boxes from the food bank. As for me, I knew the TV guide from 8:00 a.m. to midnight, every single day, by heart. I didn’t want to go to school, and I didn’t want to get out of bed. I just kind of figured there was no point. I thought this was as good as it gets. I just wanted to stay in bed and shut the world out.”

Things started looking up when Teisha attended a small alternative school recommended by a friend. “I went to two classes and absolutely fell in love with education. I loved to learn, and I loved being productive!” The school counselor asked Teisha to help out in her office, and that opportunity sparked an even bigger fire in Teisha’s heart. “I learned that people really needed someone to listen, and I really enjoyed helping them overcome their challenges. I loved helping people realize how resilient they are.” Teisha went on to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology. She finally left the ventilator behind.

R+F Consultant - Teisha Simmons at Graduation

Teisha graduating with her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology May, 2000.

Life-changing experiences

When Teisha met Zac, her significant other, she was traveling frequently to rural Alaska and out of state for work. She continued to work a relentless schedule before her life suddenly needed to change. “I learned I was going to have a baby, and while I never thought I wanted to be a mom, my daughter Tassy completely changed all that. I re-evaluated everything. I took a less demanding position and stopped traveling. I went from spending long hours in an office and traveling whenever possible to falling in love with a little human who completely stole my heart.”

Teisha tried to cram in life with her family alongside her career, which inevitably got busy again, and realized there was simply not enough time. “I became very aware that I had a limited amount of time with her. I felt like I was packing my entire life into the period between 6 to 9 p.m., trying to be present and still do all of the other things I needed to do. Between my disability and the time it took to get ready for each day, along with my work schedule, it was just not happening.” As chronic pain became a part of her daily life, Teisha’s time became even more limited. “I always tell people to be intentional with every minute of your day. You’ve got such an advantage of time on your side. If I could have some of those minutes back, it would be the best gift for me. I would never waste it.”

R+F Consultant - Teisha Simmons & Nieces

Teisha with her partner Zac, their daughter Tassy, and two nieces out camping.

A new start

Rodan + Fields became part of Teisha’s solution in January 2016. “I had searched for good skincare for years, and spent a lot of money at high-end department stores where they knew me by name. But nothing was really working. I was tired of having super-dry skin. I even had microdermabrasion, but the treatment wasn’t effective at all.” When Teisha started noticing her esthetician, Amy Otis, posting “Before and After” photos on Facebook, she reached out immediately.

“I was surprised to learn that this was a premium skincare brand I hadn’t heard of before and that she was an Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields. Then she told me there was a money-back guarantee on my products… and I was even more convinced when I learned about the business itself. I knew I had to be involved because this situation was screaming ‘opportunity.’” Teisha hoped to use some of the earnings from her R+F business to help pay for her family’s vacation in Maui each year.

R+F Consultant - Teisha Simmons - 4 Generations

4 generations: Teisha, Tassy, her mother Marie, and her late grandmother Jenni.

Meaningful moments

With help from her Upline, Teisha hosted a well-attended business launch event. But after that, everything seemed to slow down and Teisha considered returning her business kit. “But after a talk with Amy, I agreed to give my business another shot for the next 30 days. I did the simple things she suggested that month and my hard work definitely paid off! I went all-in and really started sharing and being consistent. The skincare was working for me, and through my Customers’ experiences, I realized what it really meant to have Life-changing Skincare. That’s when I saw we have the ability to really touch people and make a difference in their lives.”

Teisha kept her personal business goals small, afraid of disappointing herself if she didn’t meet them. But another deeply meaningful conversation with a friend gave Teisha even more motivation to keep going. “One phone call almost makes me cry thinking back on it. My friend realized she was lying to herself, thinking she was content to push papers all day, taxi her kids to practice, and live paycheck-to-paycheck. She said to me, ‘I thought I was OK with that until now. I have never woken up with such a driven purpose and passion for the day. But now, every day I wake up excited.’ That was probably one of the biggest moments of my entire journey so far.”

R+F Consultant - Teisha Simmons & Newborn

Teisha and her newborn daughter Tassy.

Present and future benefits

Working 15-20 hours per week, Teisha hit Level V in April 2016. She then decided to walk away from her career in senior management and give more time to passion projects and her beloved family. “I got to choose where I want to work and what I want to work on, while maintaining an income and having all the time I want to give my family. And it’s just been amazing. This opportunity has truly given me my life back. I think my business can be whatever I want it to be if I work hard enough, completely get out of my comfort zone, and put a lot of effort into truly sharing this opportunity.”

Looking into the future, Teisha turns to her R+F business for comfort and security. “Winters in Alaska are long and the intense cold really affects my chronic pain. But it’s a huge comfort knowing my Rodan + Fields business is going to be there as a Plan B. I went to Florida and Arizona on R+F trips and was surprised to find my pain there was almost nonexistent. Going somewhere warmer for a couple of months in the winter sounds really nice, and I think my quality of life would improve drastically. That would never, ever be a possibility if it wasn’t for my R+F business.”

R+F Consultant - Teisha Simmons - Energy Summit

Teisha wants readers of her story to walk away with hope, knowing that life does not need to be experienced exclusively between the time they get off work and the time until they go to bed. “It’s possible to have more time with family and more time experiencing life. I wish I could give people an ounce of the freedom I experience today. They’d understand that we each have the freedom to choose what we want to do with our time, and we could all learn to never waste a single minute.”

To contact Teisha about joining her team or purchasing products, please connect with her here.


Tell Me More…

Have there been any especially significant people in your R+F journey, or life in general? My mother Marie Simmons and my sister Tiffany Simmons have been especially significant for me in life. Melissa King has also made a big impact.

Where do you draw your inspiration from in life? The strength and resilience of others… and my memories of growing up with a single mom who could do it all.

Best meal you’ve ever had? King salmon from the Yukon River

f you could meet anyone, who would it be? My late great-grandmother or Martin Luther King Jr.




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  1. You are an inspiration Teisha! But the best part of all is because of R+F, during sunnier times our paths have crossed again!

  2. This is one of my best friends! She has been a light in my life! She is a beacon of hope to many! She is an inspiration to all! I’m so blessed to have her in my life! If she can do it, we can do it!

  3. Judy Mathias says:

    I just want to tell you that meeting you was the highlight of my week at Convention! You are such a sweetheart and an inspiration to me 💗
    Thank you for talking to me and sharing your story with me 💗😘

  4. Nancy Jesson says:

    Teisha what an amazing human you are. You give me hope!! ❤️❤️

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