Terri Lynn Abbey – Finding Her Perfect Solution
Friday, September 22, 2017

As a nurse and mother, Terri Lynn Abbey was happy with her very busy life raising kids and working a demanding job. The Abbeys were also in the midst of growing their young family, so when Terri Lynn first heard about Rodan + Fields®, she wasn’t looking to add anything new to her plate—but she was looking for a better skin solution.

“I was on maternity leave with our second baby in December of 2015 when I saw Trish Takhar’s posts online about her R+F business. I went straight to her because I wanted in on the products. My skin was dehydrated, dull, and tired. I wanted a pick-me-up. I wanted to feel perky again and to wash all of my exhaustion away.” Terri Lynn signed up as an Independent Consultant with no initial intent to work the business, but merely to take advantage of the product discount. At the time, she had no idea where this opportunity would eventually take her and her family.

R+F Consultant Terri Lynn Abbey headshot

Realizing the potential

Terri Lynn was already deeply in love with the products when she found herself pregnant with their third child. Even though her skin concerns had evaporated, Terri Lynn suddenly had a new problem on her hands. Could the family afford for her to return to work only briefly in order to secure a third maternity leave? And would they be able to support their growing family without Terri Lynn’s income? “Panic set in, and I started to wonder how we were going to afford our lifestyle.”

Thankfully, Terri Lynn realized that she might already have the perfect solution in her hands: Rodan + Fields. She started looking beyond the products she loved and into the business aspect of the Company. “At that point I clued in to what I had with R+F and it lit a fire under me. I dove full force into the business in January of 2016. I was excited to potentially cover some of our financial burden, and lessen the stress of returning to work prior to taking a third maternity leave. Really, what did I have to lose?

R+F Consultant Terri Lynn Abbey with her family

Terri Lynn with her family

Terri Lynn made her Rodan + Fields business a priority, even after returning to nursing following her second maternity leave. “This was such an exciting opportunity, and I wanted to share it with the world. I called everybody I knew!” Terri Lynn used her time intentionally and efficiently, putting in 10-20 hours per week while pregnant, raising her children, and working nearly full-time as a nurse. She achieved Level V in six months, and Premier V shortly after her first year in business. “Even though it was a hectic time in my life, I knew that making time for R+F would only get me that much closer to where I want to be. If I could do it in the midst of that chaos, anyone who is willing to put in the effort can—they simply have to make the choice.”

R+F Consultant Terri Lynn Abbey with team members

Canadian ladies representing in Scottsdale on the LTW trip

Learning and growing

Terri Lynn was pleased to discover that her Rodan + Fields business was much more than a way to bring on additional income: it was a gateway to self-improvement. It has given her the opportunity to grow as a person and an entrepreneur, and she is on her way to achieving even bigger life goals. Right now, she’s learning to have patience and enjoy the journey. “I struggle with patience, and that’s a fact. It’s something that I’m learning daily! I know that I’m on the road to RFX, and that every step on the journey allows me to grow.”

“That’s why I love the Lead the Way Program so much,” Terri Lynn explains. “You can clearly see your next steps and work toward them, one at a time.” She especially enjoyed earning the Nordstrom shopping spree and the trip to Scottsdale, AZ. “For a country girl like me, that level of luxury was really cool. The most exciting part of it all is that I’ve built this business myself. The feeling of achievement and empowerment is awesome.”

Terri Lynn has also been given the opportunity to grow as a leader. “I’ve never led a team before, so I’m learning to support my team members where they are. I know I’m having a true impact on other people’s lives, and as a nurse, this was the perfect transition for me.” She’s inspired to help other members of Team Freedom realize the solution that Rodan + Fields could be—for skin concerns, financial stress, or lack of flexibility in their lives.

R+F Consultant Terri Lynn Abbey with her husband

For Terri Lynn, it was such a great feeling to be able to treat her husband on this luxurious trip to Scottsdale! “Thanks #RFLeadTheWay”

Seeing amazing results

In all of those areas, Terri Lynn and her family already benefit from her hard work. “By the end of my third month in business, my husband and I were so pleased with my success. I actually teared up when I announced to him that ‘I paid the mortgage today.’ It was such a good feeling, knowing that I contributed to my family while pregnant, with both a toddler and infant at home and while on maternity leave. Because of Rodan + Fields, returning to work from this current maternity leave is now optional for me—and I hope to eventually retire both of us from our careers.”

“Rodan + Fields has truly become our Plan A,” Terri Lynn explains. “My husband and I realize that we’ve got an incredible gem here, and we need to run with it. Our ultimate goal is to be financially stable and travel the world doing humanitarian work with our family, and my business allows us to dream bigger than we ever imagined. R+F has completely changed our perspective!”

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  1. Nicole says:

    You are an amazing woman and so inspirational! xx

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