The End is the Beginning
Thursday, August 8, 2013

Who among us hasn’t felt like quitting from time to time? Sandy Herbert admits that in the early days of her career, she almost did quit. But Sandy’s success was yet to come, and looking back on that time now, she says she realizes that at the moment she wanted to quit, she really hadn’t even gotten started yet. Fortunately, her willingness to keep going was stronger than her urge to give up. And that courage has paid off.

The End is the Beginning

In trying anything for the first time, we can be never be sure we won’t fail, be rejected, and get hurt along the way. In fact, we might fall down at first, like a young child taking those first awkward steps of life. From the moment we are able to speak and ask questions, and in turn be able to understand words, we have at some point felt rejection, because we have always heard the inevitable no. Even if we can’t see it, often that no may just be stopping us from venturing down a path that would lead to a greater fall. Sometimes, if we get lucky, the word no can turn into a yes, later on. We are all in a constant state of change, after all. Still, a resounding no can leave us feeling discouraged. It is a part of learning about the world around us, and is essential to our development as individuals. In business, and especially in sales, hearing the word “no” is just another part of the routine.

Sandy Herbert

Sherry Klauka, an experienced Independent Consultant, doesn’t think of no as a bad word, but rather a guide, leading her to discover ways she can learn, and make progress. Naturally interested in people, Sherry uses rejection as an opportunity to ask questions. Her husband John, also an Independent Consultant, jokes that she talks too much, which Sherry accepts in good humor. Both of them agree that her outgoing nature opens her up to more opportunities to hear the word yes.

Sherry Klauka

For Teresa Hayes, it’s about preparing yourself. “Expect no and it takes the power away from the word. Everyone you speak to is not ready to own their own business or may not be interested in skincare. Ask them if they might know of someone who would be interested.  And then…ask the next person!!  Truly, you are in control.  You decide what emotion a no means to you.  To me, I just think of it as the next stepping stone to finding my new power partner or Preferred Customer. Once you understand that you are gifting someone with this opportunity, you will not fear the no’s.  Just like a Christmas gift, sometimes it is the wrong fit.  It does not hurt my feelings if that happens.”

Teresa Hayes Quote

Learning from rejection has also been an essential part of the journey for Lauren Goldstein, who has been a Rodan + Fields Consultant for over four years now. She confesses that the early days were difficult for her, but she saw the opportunity to control her own destiny and took it. Once struggling in a career where she couldn’t see herself getting ahead in the years to come, she knew something had to change, and she took the steps to make that change, even if it took her years to get there.

We are nothing if we are not evolving, and learning from what we’ve done wrong, and even from what we’ve done right. That pertains to life in general, and certainly pertains to being a business owner. In Lauren’s words, “You can’t reach the level of success you want if you’re not willing to grow as a person.”

Lauren had a very rewarding medical career in pediatric neurology doing epilepsy research, but she wasn’t happy with the restrictive nature of the medical field, and the bureaucracy it often involved. As she applied to medical schools, she found herself wondering if becoming a doctor was ultimately going to allow her to have the global impact helping others that she yearned for or if the restriction would suffocate her passion. When she discovered the opportunity to partner with Rodan + Fields, she describes it as a divine intervention. Now she could pursue her passion of helping others, but on her own terms.

Lauren talks freely about the harder times. She learned how to push past them, and advises, “I don’t think there is anyone in this business who hasn’t had a bad day, or even a bad month. And that’s ok, because then you’ll appreciate it more when the next month is better. And it does get better. The only way you can truly fail in this business is if you quit.”

The people who told me no three years ago are the same people telling me yes today. Patience and persistence are what will make you successful.”

Lauren Goldstein Quote

Whether we are growing up, or growing into who we are meant to be, we all stumble along the way. We are both fragile and strong, sometimes fearful, at times fearless. We fail, and we give in to the worst parts of ourselves. Then, we start all over, we try again, and very often, what we thought was an end turns out to be only the beginning.


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5 responses to “The End is the Beginning”

  1. Erin Mishler says:

    This entry helped me greatly has a somewhat frustrated new consultant. I am very new to Rodan and Fields, but believe in the business and the products. I am hearing a lot of no’s and having doors closed, but these stories gave me a better perspective in which to view the no’s and closed doors. I hope for a turn around soon and some yes’s. This entry has given me the encouragement to keep working for those yes’s. Thank you. Erin

  2. I am relatively new to the business as of February of 2013! I just want to encourage everyone to go ahead, move through any fears of no’s and no shows and no return phone calls! All you do is keep on doing what the system has in place for us as consultants! I made the mistake of not having my BBL the first month …out of fear that no one would come!? Well, I had my BBL last month in July and had overwhelming success and it is just getting better! My fear was unfounded and it prevented me from experiencing the fact that we have something so very special to offer people! …and that all I have to say about that!!

  3. Teresa Hayes says:

    Just thrilled to see your response! Such a great story for all to hear. I was at your amazing BBL and saw the results! Never let fear make you wait! Can’t wait to see your continued growth.
    Teresa Hayes

  4. As a team member of Sherry and John Klauka’s, I can attest to the fact that Sherry asks a lot of questions! But it’s good because her motto is, “Always Be Curious”…which helps her ask questions to determine why people are hesitant or resistant. In her questioning, people know she is trying to learn more about them. This business is all about helping people find out where THEY fit into the picture! Every can fit in somewhere. Thanks, Sherry, for helping your team learn how to Always Be Curious!

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