The Time of Your Life
Thursday, August 8, 2013

Time has a way of eluding us. One day, we have all of it we could ask for, bored inside white-walled rooms, checking our e-mail messages over and over again. The next day we frantically search for a spare moment to breathe, as the seemingly frenzied universe encloses around us, rendering us helpless to the constraints of time. We can’t control the passing of time, but we do have the power to choose how we spend it.

In 2009, after eighteen years of hard work, Kim Harper’s job in corporate marketing was eliminated when the economy nearly collapsed. Time seemed to stop. For the first time in a long time, she could control her own days again, and over the next few years she took control of her new life, starting her own small business. A single mother of four boys, she had to balance being a parent and a creative entrepreneur. She launched her own line of eco-friendly handbags, and picked up some consulting work on the side. She felt the first taste of being her own boss, and even though she was still struggling a bit, she was proud to be able to show her sons that it is possible to carve out the life you want for yourself. When she discovered Rodan + Fields through a friend in 2012, she seized the opportunity to further develop as an entrepreneur, and for the last seven months she has successfully built her career as a Rodan + Fields Consultant.

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Kim’s professional goal is to earn enough in her business so that she can have the free time to invest in her creative passions, like the handbags she not only designs, but constructs with her own hands. She is confident that she will fulfill her vision, because she made a promise to herself. She relates:

“You have to make your decision, then promise yourself you’ll do whatever it takes to get there.”

Making that decision can be the hardest part for many of us. We don’t always know what it is we want. Our wants change, and unless we have the ultimate vision of the bigger picture, it is easy to lose track of our own progress.

For Dr. Perri Dumbacher, time was catching up with her, and she found herself in a situation that didn’t allow her to help her patients the way she wanted to. The time had come for a new direction in her career. Her decision to join Rodan + Fields was part of her greater vision as a physician. Her passion for helping people extends beyond her practice, and she and her family are committed to mission trips, especially medical missions. Already a busy physician, mother, and volunteer, she was not looking for a business opportunity when she heard about Rodan + Fields. But her respect for the Doctors who created the products as well as her respect for the products themselves, prompted her to look into the business. Despite her already busy schedule, she found it simple to weave this business into her daily life without taking away from her valuable time with her family and patients.

“Everywhere you go, whether it’s the grocery store or at a track meet, or at work, or just out to lunch, you’re going to meet people who have needs.”

Her goal in her consulting business is that it will one day allow her the financial freedom to leave behind the traditional medical field in pursuit of what lies at the heart of her reason for becoming a doctor. She sees people with medical needs everywhere, and her quest is to help them with their needs, however great or small.

“I will always be a physician because I love medicine and I love helping people. But my goal is to be able to practice medicine on my own terms.”

Practicing medicine on her own terms is her life’s mission. It is the big picture that all preceding steps lead to. No matter how many are how far apart, we all take those steps on the roads of life. Whether our final goal is to buy the big white house on the hill or to save the rain forests, we are all on a mission.

Like Dr. Dumbacher, Dr. Janet Purkey’s mission was to practice medicine on her own terms. Exhausted from the long hours she was working in her private practice and tired of the high overhead, she needed a change. She gave up her practice but continued to teach medicine at the University of Tennessee, though she was overworked and unhappy with her financial situation. She says her turning point came when her daughter asked her one day why she was working so hard for almost nothing. She didn’t have an answer, but she found a solution when she heard about Rodan + Fields. For Janet, the change came slowly, and that’s the way she wanted it to be. She was able to incorporate being an Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields alongside her teaching career, which allowed her to work at her own pace. She had a vision of the life she wanted to be living, but she needed the time to get there.

Time can be both forgiving and restricting. We can become trapped by the surplus of time, watching the clock tick slowly while we wile away the hours. For some of us, though, having more of it makes all the difference. When we need time to be forgiving, as Janet did, having as much as we need means we can reach our destination at our own pace.

“The appeal of this Company for me is that you can build your business over time, and according to your personal needs.”

Those needs, while they may vary from person to person, also unite us. We all want the freedom to take a day off when we need one, to be there when our child sings her first solo, or scores his first home run.

Kellie Moths is a shining example of someone who always makes her time count. What matters most to her is being there for her son, who she has traveled with extensively over the years as a supportive baseball mom. When he goes to college on his baseball scholarship, she will have the freedom to visit him for every game. She has that freedom because she took the initiative to start her own business. She chose to launch her career as an Independent Consultant with Rodan + Fields because it allows her to choose exactly when and how much she works. She emphasizes that it is a business that she devotes some time to, but not all of her time.

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Because she isn’t consumed by her work, it doesn’t feel like work to her. She enjoys sharing the business with the people she encounters in daily life, and loves the rewarding feeling that she may be helping someone take control of her life.

“Whether it be at the ball park or just everyday life, I share. Because I see this business as a gift.”

I can’t think of a greater gift than the gift of time. Most of us go through life trading time for money. If we’re fortunate, we enjoy what we do. If we aren’t, those precious moments slip away from us under the monotony of fluorescent lights and ticking clocks. If we can find a way to escape that bondage and live every waking hour with purpose, then we aren’t losing time, or trying to catch up with it. Instead, we are living in the moment, in all of the beautiful moments that make up the time of our lives.

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  1. Jehna says:

    So inspirational – hits so close to home. THANK YOU!

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