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Tiffany Harris knew firsthand what it was like to struggle to reach her dreams. Her husband Sean is on the Fort Worth police department’s SWAT team, and when the two got married and dreamed of having a family, Tiffany knew that, between his 70+-hour work weeks and her demanding corporate schedule, they needed to make a change. So the pair founded a personal protection and firearms training company, and felt confident in their decision to become traditional business owners.

However, soon after, the couple struggled to have children. “I was in a really dark place. It was hard to accept that fertility wasn’t something I could work hard for and get results. I was broken emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially. We had just lit thousands of dollars on fire, and we didn’t even roast marshmallows or have a romantic cookout!” With advice from her mentor, Tiffany resolved not to waste the pain she was going through, but to grow from it. Though hardship lingered, she soon found an unexpected solution.

R+F Consultant Tiffany Harris headshot

Becoming a faithful Customer

Tiffany’s medications and stress from two failed cycles of infertility treatments took a toll on her skin, and she resolved to take control of this small element of her life. “It felt like I aged 10 years in a matter of those two months, and I had never learned how to care for my skin. When I saw Charla Corn Barrett posting about Rodan + Fields, I pushed past my stubborn red-headed Texan nature and decided to give the products a try. This seemed like something I could do to feel a little bit better on the outside while I worked on all the brokenness I felt on the inside.”

Not interested in getting involved in the business, Tiffany ordered her first products—but she only used them sporadically. “60 days later, after seeing what I thought were minimal results, I sent the products back for a refund with a flourish of self-righteous indignation. But within a month I could already feel that the improvement, that I hadn’t acknowledged, was starting to regress.” Humbled, Tiffany once again ordered from Charla, used the products regularly, and became a truly loyal Preferred Customer.

R+F Consultant Tiffany Harris with her Sponsor

Tiffany and her sponsor/mentor/friend, Charla Corn Barrett. Dec 2017

Starting her own business

Meanwhile, Tiffany and Sean sought to grow their family through the foster system. In May 2015, they welcomed two infants into their home who were fighting for their lives. “We became insta-parents to children we didn’t know existed, not knowing whether we would get to keep the brothers for two weeks or the rest of their lives. I suddenly had to stop working to stay home with them—with only three hours’ notice. And even at that point, when showering was a luxury, and makeup wasn’t even an option, I was not giving up my Rodan + Fields products.”

While up with the little ones late one night, Tiffany decided to take another leap of faith and start her own business. “I was spending every naptime ugly crying in my bathroom, and felt like I was on an island. Every day of helping abused children, you have to put on your armor, look evil dead in the eye, and grit your teeth with sheer tenacity—and I realized I needed a project to invest in to keep myself afloat mentally and emotionally… and contribute to the finances in the only way I could at the time.” In August 2015, Tiffany attended one of Charla’s events and ordered her business kit.

R+F Consultant Tiffany Harris with her team

Sean, Tiffany and their sons with their Lexus and the donors that helped raise over $13,500 in 10 days for foster children during the Lexus Celebration Party! Aug 2017

Making great strides

Following Charla’s instruction to ‘do what I do,’ Tiffany built her business in the image of her Upline. “I didn’t even wait for my kit to come in. I just put my head down and started working. It was that simple. I’d already overcome so much other fear, so at that point I had literally nothing to lose.” Tiffany achieved Level V within six months, fitting at least 10 working hours per week in the little pockets of time she found around caring for her beloved boys. When she earned her Lexus in July 2017, Tiffany decided to give back instead of celebrating with a party. “It didn’t feel right to have a party for me or a car, so instead we held a fundraiser to help an organization that sets up orphan/foster care support teams for families that are willing to bravely venture into that world.”

In addition to making a positive impact on her local community, Tiffany has big goals for her business and her future. “RFX is the next immediate goal, of course, now that I’m close to meeting my biggest, scariest, pie-in-the-sky goal: taking on more financial responsibility to allow my husband to spend more of his time at home. It’s the biggest gift I could possibly give to the man who sacrifices as much as he does. I want to give him the option to not have to put his life on the line anymore—as soon as possible. He’s just as stubborn as I am, and he probably won’t cut back his work hours, but what’s important to me is that he has the choice.”

R+F Consultant Tiffany Harris in Sonoma

Sean and Tiffany at the Premier LV trip in Napa, CA. Nov 2017

Speaking to the world

In 2017, Tiffany and Sean met another major life goal and adopted the two boys they had fought to protect for so long. “Without this business, I can tell you with 100% certainty we would not have our family today. I am so grateful I was given this opportunity to do things that would have been impossible. The magnitude of that is not lost on me.”

View More: http://kimhayesphotos.pass.us/tiffanyharrisextendedfamily2017

Sean and Tiffany with their two sons. Dec 2017

Tiffany’s life so far has taught her to welcome opportunities and fight for what she believes in. “When I started my R+F business I didn’t know or care about skincare, and I feel so grateful that I was offered—and took hold of—this opportunity, despite being in a season of tremendous fear and uncertainty. This business is a force multiplier that gives us the chance to reach our full potential and do all of the good things we are on this earth to do. Life’s too short to live in fear. We can all do hard things. We just have to decide that we’re going to do them… and link arms with the right people to do it.”

To contact Tiffany about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.


Tell Me More…

What one word do you most relate to? Limitless

Have there been any especially significant people in your R+F journey? Charla Corn Barrett (my Sponsor) I didn’t even know her, prior to R+F, but she’s shown me how to just put my head down and GO. And also, how to truly learn to not care what anyone else thinks about you.

Where do you draw your inspiration from in life? Game changers: people that challenge the status quo. Change agents. I LOVE a good underdog success story.

Favorite snack? I’m a total junk food junkie! Give me ALL the corn dogs, wings, tacos, chocolate lava cake (ALL cake, actually), sno cones… There’s really no end to it.

What is your best R+F experience? This business allowed me and my husband to continue to be foster parents and FIGHT (yes, I do mean, FIGHT) to save—and adopt—our two sons.




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