Tina Jun Chon – Fulfilling the Dream of Family Time

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

As a corporate director with a flourishing career, young children, and an extremely busy life, Tina Jun Chon began wishing for something to change. “We had a ‘tag, you’re it’ lifestyle in our family. We wanted to spend more time together, but this simple request seemed far from our reality. My husband, Young Chon, and I were so busy passing duties off to one another that we were completely passing each other by.” Tina yearned to find a better way for her family — and in Rodan + Fields, she found a business that not only offered that change but also opened her heart to an ever-growing community of generous leaders.

R+F Independent Consultant - Tina June

Overcoming obstacles in her path

Tina’s journey began when a “before and after” photo on Facebook from a high school girlfriend, Suzanne Ramirez, caught her eye. She was especially interested in trying the displayed products but hesitated to join her in the Rodan + Fields business. “I felt ill-qualified to become an Independent Consultant. I thought I was way too busy, and I couldn’t imagine adding another responsibility to my plate.”

However, Tina soon realized this was the opportunity she had been yearning for. “I remember feeling really emotional about the pace of my life. I simply wished to spend quality time as a family each week, and we weren’t able to make that happen. It hit me right then and there like a ton of bricks — it was time for me to stop waiting for perfect circumstances, and just go for it. I was absolutely committed to Rodan + Fields from that point on.”

Already a Preferred Customer, Tina joined the business as an Independent Consultant in February of 2014. Partly to allay Young Chon’s hesitation, Tina’s first goal was to earn back her initial investment. “I knew if I could get my products covered, my realist husband might be okay with this! He cautioned me not to go too crazy with seemingly-impossible dreams, but we both knew, even then, that his attitude was even more motivation for me to prove that I really could succeed.” And he has continually supported and encouraged Tina as her R+F journey has morphed and grown.

R+F Independent Consultant - Tina June with Upline

Tina’s mentors: Dr. Melissa King and Meredith Tiezsen.

Finding a better work-life balance

Working two careers and maintaining her commitment to family life was a balancing act that Tina was ready for. “My life is still crazy, but I always tell my team members that ‘If you have time to go to the bathroom, you have time to work your business!’ I’ve become habitual about using pockets of 10-15 minutes wisely.” Tina’s also eternally grateful that her husband and number one supporter takes care of household tasks and childcare so that she can invest time in her growing business.

Tina’s hard work is paying off in a big way for her family. The additional income from her business allowed Young to spend more time at home with their kids. The family’s future goals include purchasing a home and opens up numerous options for Tina’s career.  They’re also excited to contribute financially to causes close to their hearts. Above everything else, Tina is overjoyed at the quality time she has gained. “How has my Rodan + Fields business changed my life? It’s given me #FamilyFundaySundays, turning my initial dream into reality. We’re leaving our family a legacy of quality time together, and that’s more precious than anything money can buy.”

R+F Independent Consultant - Tina June and Her Family

Tina and Young welcomed their youngest child in February 2018.

Living her true purpose

Also precious to Tina are the relationships she’s made within the Rodan + Fields community. “My R+F best friend and accountability partner Melissa King exemplifies the core value of serving others that is a trademark of Rodan + Fields! Meredith Tieszen also gets a huge thank you for teaching me that mindset is the key to success. I clearly wouldn’t be where I am in my business without these people!” Working 25 hours per week and with the help of her hard-working team members, Tina became a Lexus Achiever in October 2016.

“Hands down, my favorite R+F memory was our run to Lexus. The beautiful thing about this business is that as I help others chase their dreams, I’m accomplishing mine. It gives me a greater sense of purpose to know that it’s not just all about me. I am committed to helping others create the life they only ever dreamed of. I strive to encourage and empower people with the compelling hope that this opportunity can help them accomplish anything. That is my purpose, my drive, and the beauty of the whole process.”

R+F Independent Consultant - Tina June Chon with Lexus

Tina alongside other local California Leaders at her Lexus Celebration.

Meeting success with generosity

Tina is determined to be known for “loving people well.” She’s passionate about developing future leaders that are just as kind, generous, and gracious as she strives to be. “Team Beauty With a Purpose is the most giving group of individuals I’ve ever met. They all have a purpose that’s greater than themselves and a genuine desire to help others.” This small but mighty group of Consultants is driven to give back in big ways, fulfilling what Tina sees as her true purpose and the overarching mission of Rodan + Fields as a whole.

Through journeying with her team members, Tina came to realize that too often people are afraid to dream. “We often settle for a 9-to-5 job, thinking we don’t have the means to pursue anything greater for ourselves or our family. We unknowingly accept that this is the best life can be and let our dreams go. But a big part of my job now is helping people see they really can change their future. You really can chase after your dreams and go after whatever sets your soul on fire.”

R+F Independent Consultant - Tina June Chon at Convention 2017

Tina and Team Beauty with a Purpose, sporting their mantra: “Be the Change”.

Tell Me More…

What one word do you most relate to? Grow

What is your best R+F experience? Visiting R+F corporate headquarters, meeting fellow Independent Consultants and learning so much from them!

Favorite smell? Lavender

Favorite TV show? Who has time to watch TV!?

Worst job you ever had? None! I view every job as a learning opportunity that has helped me grow.


To contact Tina about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.



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  1. Stacy Wong says:

    I love Tina’s story! Tina has been a great inspiration and leader to all of us. We are so lucky to have her in our team!

  2. Arlyn Iglesias says:

    Thank you Tina for sharing your story and inspiring me and so many others like me. Love your heart and your purpose. Cheers to you and your amazing team of beauties!

  3. Dana Santiago says:

    Thank you for sharing. Being a busy mom is something I fully relate to and I hope one day to have a success story like this.

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