Why Join Rodan + Fields? Top Leaders Share What Makes This Career Different

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

Whether you’re comparing the R+F journey to a corporate career or the establishment of a traditional business, you’ll immediately notice that this opportunity stands out in a class all its own. Below, Leaders in the Rodan + Fields community explain what makes a business in Life-changing Skincare so different from the rest of the market.

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Brooke Patterson

Brooke Patterson

The time, freedom, and flexibility she has found with R+F instills in Brooke a sense of control that is incredibly empowering – it’s her way to give more to her family. Brooke loves that her business allows her to earn an income based on how much she has worked, as opposed to a set salary. “I love working hard, but I also love setting my own schedule and doing it on my time so I can be present for my three kids when they need me. The idea of giving them far more than I ever dreamed possible, leaving a legacy for my family, and having complete control of my schedule is amazing.”

In building her own business in an industry she never expected to find herself in, Brooke has learned how important it is never to settle. By branching out and searching for more, she unexpectedly found that R+F is the perfect fit for her. It gives her professional fulfillment and additional income, while still allowing her to put her family first. “You can’t ever assume that your current situation is the best life has to offer. You should never be afraid to hope for more and then go for it, because there are always greater things that you can achieve and more you can give.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Kerry Heiple

Kerry Heiple

After researching Rodan + Fields on her own, Kerry decided to enroll as an Independent Consultant. She saw it as a way to build something for herself in the next three to five years. The successful brand, combined with the fact that she could manage the business remotely working very part-time hours, were huge selling points for her. “I didn’t see any other option that had the same potential–the potential to create more free time, the opportunity to grow a substantial income and to provide the possibility to retire from my job. R+F made me look at the business model in a way that I might not have before. And I am so glad I did because it’s truly unique.”

Kerry’s business has given her the ability to dream again, and her steadfast drive keeps her pushing forward, determined to achieve those dreams. “I get frustrated just like anyone else, but success is about overcoming failure along the way. You just have to pick yourself up and keep going. Dreams are so underrated. The ability to dream is something many of us lose as we get older. R+F allows you to reconnect with that ability and gives you a way to achieve your dreams. When you have a dream and you believe it is possible, hold onto it—it’s the spark that’ll keep you going.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Stacy Roney

Stacey Roney

By 2010, Stacey had launched and managed five different companies—and had three children under the age of three to look after. She was putting in 65 hours a week to manage her career and found it hard to squeeze in family time. “As I was being wheeled into the ER to deliver my twins, I was texting a client. My maternity leave was a total of two days. I was mentally and physically exhausted. Financially, I wasn’t in a position to not work, but I knew I had to figure out a better way to make a living without working so many hours.”

With her belief in the business model fully intact, Stacey enrolled as an R+F Independent Consultant and now loves helping others recognize that they can make a change in their own lives as well. “This business model provides the tools you need to achieve your goals and the ability to do it on your own terms. In every industry, success takes time and effort, but if you are coachable and willing to put in the work, you have the opportunity to be successful with an R+F business. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, you owe it to yourself to find the fulfillment you’re looking for.” 



Owning your own business opens up your schedule, changes the way you think about work, and allows you to grow and develop in new and surprising ways. Building a Rodan + Fields business, in particular, presents a huge difference from any career you may have started adulthood with. As these R+F leaders showed, by growing a team and immersing yourself in the supportive community of Independent Consultants, you have the potential to reach entirely new heights as a professional and set radically different goals for your future.

If you’re looking to make this same kind of difference in your life, reach out to us today and learn more about how you can build your own Rodan + Fields business. Together, with the help of Life-changing Skincare and the inspiration of entrepreneurship, we can work toward transforming a traditional life into something completely different.




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