Tory Shaughnessy – Owning Your Own Life

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

When life gets busy, it can be difficult to remember who you really are beneath all the different roles you play. Whether you’re a mother, daughter, caregiver, professional, or all of the above at once, it’s important to remember what makes you unique.

Tory Shaughnessy knew firsthand what it was like to lose her value in the midst of a busy and trying situation. As a loving mother of three with a longing for a professional career, she found that life’s stresses were getting in the way of what was really important to her. When a new opportunity arose and infused her life with excitement and drive once again, Tory found the beautiful balance that we all seek: between what we do and who we really are.

R+F Consultant Tory Shaughnessy Headshot

Owning her struggle

Tory was loving her kids, her family, and her role as a busy mother, but had started to feel like she was losing something important. “I would look at myself in the mirror, and I didn’t know who I was anymore,” she admits. Her incredibly strong will kept her going to the end of each day, but she was practically running on empty. Tory finally realized that “by trying to be a good wife, mother, daughter, and caretaker, I was neglecting myself.” She knew that something needed to change.

One afternoon in September of 2013, Tory happened upon a Facebook post by Ali Aldrich that highlighted how her Rodan + Fields® business was positively impacting her life. Tory saw in those photos not only fun, liveliness, and the excitement that she herself wanted more of, but the potential for a professional outlet as well. She decided to reach out then and there to find out how she could experience the same fulfillment. “It was clear that Ali’s business was changing her life and she seemed really happy. I knew I needed to talk to her.” Within the week, Tory became an Independent Consultant and embarked on the renewing journey of finding herself again.

R+F Consultant Tory Shaughnessy And Flag

Tory at her very first Rodan + Fields leadership retreat

Owning her personal progress

Despite initial nerves about her lack of time and her small personal network in a new city, Tory jumped right into building her new career. “I love being a mom and I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my time with my children, but I still had a strong drive inside of me—I wanted to feel fulfilled from a professional standpoint,” she says. With that fulfillment as a goal, Tory reached out to others for help in growing her business and crafting a life that more appropriately balanced her needs.

Tory found small pockets of time to participate in coaching sessions with her compassionate mentors Jessica Edwards, Holly Brewer, Lauren Tenney, and sponsor Ali Aldrich. “They gave me their time, their guidance, and that belief in myself that I didn’t have before.” Her hard work, and a personal dedication to working 10-15 hours per week, enabled Tory to grow her Rodan + Fields business into something extraordinary. Great success has come along with Tory’s newfound joy, as she has made lifelong friendships, earned several all-expenses paid incentive trips, gifts, and financial freedom. She earned her Lexus in July of 2016 and achieved RFx the very next month.

R+F Consultant Tory Shaughnessy And Lexus

Consultant Tory and Kameryn at Tory’s Lexus party

Owning a commitment to herself and to her community

Tory values the personal growth she’s experienced above and beyond the material success that R+F can bring. “This experience has challenged me to grow, and it’s empowered me to become a stronger person,” she affirms. Finally, Tory found the determination that led her back to herself. “I’m so passionate about women owning their own value, their own choices, and how they spend their time. It’s so important how this business gives them that choice. Owning your own life and owning your own value is so powerful.”

It was also surprising to Tory that this new opportunity allowed her to be an even better mom. “I never want to miss out on my mommy moments,” she says, but Tory still wanted to have business success. Rodan + Fields gave her the ability to have both at the same time. She’s grateful for the opportunity to show her children “what a strong woman who believes in herself looks like.”

R+F also built a community around Tory that empowers her when the going gets tough. “Success isn’t something you achieve alone,” says Tory. She is truly humbled to lead a team of Consultants who inspire her, cheer her on and push her to be better. “It’s amazing what can happen when you have a business structured around love, integrity and support,” Tory smiles. She’s thankful that this business hasn’t just made a difference in her life, but in the lives of countless others as well. Tory often quotes one of her inspirations, Cindy Santi, when saying “this business is a gift we need to share with everyone!”

R+F Consultant Tory Shaughnessy and husband at Convention

Tory and her husband, Colin, at a Rodan + Fields Convention

Own your future

Rodan + Fields, Tory stresses, can be an absolute game-changer. “This opportunity can mean a professional outlet, a supportive community, freedom in terms of your time or financial freedom, depending on what you hope it will be. It doesn’t matter what your background is or what fears you have, this business is for anyone who wants to do more and be more. It’s given me something to call my own, and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. But, most importantly, it reminds me that no one else can determine your value—you decide what you’re worth.”

Tory wants the world to know that if she can do this, anyone can. The Rodan + Fields business gave Tory her value back, and she’s passionate about helping others feel the same empowering freedom. “Don’t overthink it,” she cautions. “Just jump. There is a community of Consultants who are ready to catch you and help you build the business that is right for you.”


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  1. Brenda says:

    Tory, It is so touching to read a sucess story of someone who considers themself a “caregiver” MY situation is a little different (not kids) however I am a live in caregiver with the NEED for MORE… the need to make something for MY future! YOUR story inspires me!! Thank you for sharing!

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