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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Tracy Reid believes that we can all become the best versions of ourselves, whatever that may look like. She lived this truth while teaching students with severe disabilities. “I loved working with those little ones. It was so rewarding to watch them accomplish things that other people said would never happen. As their teacher, I got to watch little miracles happen every single day.” But while Tracy loved being in the classroom, she wasn’t sure she would stay there forever.

“I loved my career, but I always envisioned that I would be a full-time, full-hands mama. I wanted to cherish every single small moment with my kids. Walking away from teaching meant that we needed to put our other dreams on hold…but being home with our baby was the most important thing.” The Reids were determined to make sacrifices wherever necessary to build the life they wanted. “We decided to figure it out, even if it meant living on peanut butter and jelly. It was a hard time, but it was also the most precious time. Everything was so simple and we could just focus on each other.”

R+F Consultant - Tracy Reid

Finding her answer

The simplicity didn’t last forever. After the Reids had their second baby, Duncan started taking extra shifts at the fire station to make ends meet. “We really treasured quality time, and we suddenly didn’t have any. He was working overtime all the time — and during fire season in California that could be up to 21 days straight. That schedule was necessary for us to catch up, pay bills, and start saving for college, but it got to the point where he just wasn’t present at all anymore. A big piece of our puzzle was missing.”  

Tracy saw how much her husband’s absence affected her young kids, and knew something had to change. “We needed our family back together. Watching my son stand at the front window one afternoon and cry for his daddy completely pierced my heart. In that moment, ‘what if’ popped into my mind. Rose Kile, a sweet friend of mine, had been sharing about Rodan + Fields with me for a year and a half, and until then I kept saying no. But what if this opportunity was our answer? Looking back now, I’m so grateful to Rose for being so consistent and intentional when reaching out to me. It really was all about timing!”

R+F Consultant - Tracy Reid & The Doctors

Tracy and Duncan meeting the Doctors for the first time at the RFX Convention 2016.

Highs and lows

After connecting with Rose and learning all she could about R+F, Tracy signed on as an Independent Consultant in July 2014. “My R+F business has been a completely unexpected blessing from the very beginning. I never imagined it could have changed our lives this much! Within a year, we finally had my husband with us again at home and didn’t need him to take so much overtime.” Keeping up her momentum and working 15-20 hours per week, Tracy became an RFX Circle Achiever in 2017.

Three days before Tracy was due to pick out her Lexus, she received the news that the lump her husband had recently noticed was indeed cancerous. “I’ll never forget that phone call. It was the scariest moment of my life. Our team surrounded us, loved us, brought us food, and lifted us up. They’ve truly become an extension of our family, and the hopeful environment they created really helped us get through that time. It was really scary dealing with all those unknowns, but we felt a huge sense of relief knowing that I still had my Rodan + Fields business.” After immediate treatment, Duncan was thriving and healthy again — a second unexpected blessing in a whirlwind year.  

R+F Consultant - Tracy Reid & Lexus

Reid & Co. celebrating alongside their Upline, Rose Kile, at their double Lexus Achievement.

Loving her team

Understandably, Tracy’s favorite part of the R+F journey has been making the relationships that lifted her up during those moments. “The people who have come into my life through Rodan + Fields are so special. I’m grateful to Shannon Mains, one of my Upline Leaders, for showing me what it looks like to love people through this journey! I really love encouraging people to become better versions of themselves. I love seeing strengths in people that they don’t yet see in themselves. I love helping them see their potential and rise into their greatness. It’s one of my very favorite things.”

Reid and Co. is full of individuals who respond to Tracy’s compassion in kind. Their team culture echoes their closely-held motto: “You cannot blend in when you were meant to shine. Be a light!” Because of this, Tracy still gets to experience small miracles every day through the eyes of her team members. “Customers call me in joyful tears because they feel confident without makeup for the first time. People on our team are starting nonprofits and overcoming big obstacles. They’re believing in themselves and dreaming again.”

R+F Consultant - Tracy Reid - Team

Celebrating the R+F journey in Cancun with her friends & business partners.

R+F Consultant - Tracy Reid & Team

“You cannot blend in, when you were meant to shine. Be a light!”

Future and giving back

Tracy sees her progress with Rodan + Fields as the beginning of an incredible journey. “I can’t wait to see whose lives we get to be part of next! I want to give back as a family and as a person in big ways, and really make a difference. ‘Give life’ is a phrase that’s front and center on my vision board right now, and I’d love to contribute to help families adopt or pursue fertility treatment. I’d love to be more involved in the special needs community. I just really want to make a difference, and I want to show others that it really is possible.”

“I’m grateful to know that R+F is about so much more than just selling a product. The culture of this Company is full of passion and purpose and making an impact in people’s lives. I would love for people to read this and realize little things really can go a long way. Money is just money, and it’s not something you can take with you when you go. But the lives you impact along the way create a ripple effect that never seems to end. I’m watching lives being changed every single day, and that’s my favorite part of being in Rodan + Fields.”

To contact Tracy about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.


Tell Me More…

Have there been any especially significant people in your R+F journey? This question brings tears to my eyes, because there are literally so many people who have changed my life on this journey. My husband Duncan, my precious kiddos, and my team members are at the top of that list! Life truly is better together.

Favorite vacation? Our Elite V trip to Maui was one of the most amazing trips of our lives. I loved being surrounded by such beautiful people in the incredible atmosphere!

What is your favorite R+F product? I can’t live without my Multi-Function Eye Cream, and my Pore Minimizing Toner…do I have to pick just one?

What is your favorite R+F memory? Walking into the RFX Party at Convention 2016. Meeting people who I admire and look up to, hugging the Doctors, and thanking them face to face for dreaming big and allowing my family and our team to be a part of their vision. I will never, ever, forget that moment!




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