Uilani Cordeiro – Overcoming Fears and Pursuing Passions

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Monday, January 12th, 2015

As a teacher, Uilani Cordeiro was able to utilize her passion for inspiring others to achieve their best and, although she loved her job, she quit in 2009 when she and her husband started having children. Consequently, her family’s budget tightened. “Transitioning to a single income family living in Hawaii was very challenging. We knew in our hearts that staying home and raising our three children was the best thing for our family, so we were more than willing to make the sacrifices along the way in order to do so. However, a limited income did impact our ability to give to many organizations we previously supported and were passionate about, not to mention it stretched our family financially in every day life.”

Although staying at home was fulfilling, Uilani’s passion for teaching and for equipping others with the skills they needed to learn and grow only increased and she began looking for an avenue that would not only allow her to use her teaching gift, but also provide an additional income for her family. “As a pastor, my husband often comes across young emerging leaders who we have a heart to support financially, as well as families and causes that we would love to help, but we were unable to give in the way we wanted.”


Uilani with her husband, Aaron, and their three children: Elliana, Elise, and Micah.

Her desire to give led Uilani to search for a new job. She looked into part-time and substitute teaching, but it didn’t make fiscal sense for a five-person family. “The money I earned from teaching would all go to childcare, so that was a dead end. It seemed like our dream to give would have to be put on hold.”

Uilani brainstormed other ways to use her talents. She considered starting a tutoring business from home, but all the options proved either unprofitable or uninspiring. “I have a passion for helping others; my heart is in encouraging people to develop and learn. But I couldn’t find something that let me utilize those skills in a way that didn’t take away from my time and priorities as a mom.”

A few months later, Uilani’s friend mentioned that she’d started her own business with Rodan + Fields®. Uilani was excited for her friend, but didn’t initially consider it for herself. “I had a stereotype of what it meant to be in sales and knew it was great for her because she’s outgoing – but I didn’t think I could do it.” When asked, Uilani’s friend said she didn’t consider herself a typical salesperson. She simply believed in the opportunity, the products, and the Company and saw it as a way to help others while supporting herself.

team convention pic

Uilani with her team at Convention.

Uilani was intrigued, especially after seeing her friend’s product results, but she wasn’t quite ready to jump into the business. Weeks later, Uilani’s friend directed her to a Facebook post written by a leader in the Company. The post mentioned a book that, coincidentally, was written by Uilani’s father-in-law. “It’s such a small world. My friend connected me to the post’s author, who shared her story with me. It was eye-opening to learn she was a former teacher with a very similar background to mine and the same passion for teaching and making a difference in the world that I value. It was like a light when on–I saw the opportunity for what it was: a chance to have an impact in a very unexpected way. It was a vehicle for me to be myself, use my gifts, and empower others to do the same. I knew I had found something special and I was more afraid to miss out on this incredible opportunity than I was to fail at it.”

Drawn to the idea of helping others change their lives, Uilani decided to go for it. She enrolled as an Independent Consultant in October of 2013. “I could offer people hope and empower them to live the lives they choose. That is an amazing gift that you don’t have to sell.” At first, Uilani was scared of failing. She worried that her shy nature would inhibit her confidence or that being a stay-at-home mom would limit her reach. “I was completely out of my comfort zone. But my husband said, ‘What do you have to lose? I believe you can do this, and if you try your hardest, no matter what happens, you’ll learn invaluable lessons about yourself.’”


Uilani is grateful for the opportunity to utilize her professional skills without taking her away from her priorities as a mother.

Once she jumped in, Uilani realized she needed to overcome her fears and self-doubts. She decided to face them head-on. “They were holding me back in my business and in my life. They were inhibiting my relationships, preventing me from sharing my faith, and stopping me from being the wife and mom I wanted to be. For years, I had been disqualifying myself from things that I could do and wanted to do. I just needed to find my courage and confidence.”

It was a relief to discover how supportive and helpful the R+F community was. The encouragement from her Upline made Uilani feel welcomed and more at ease. “I wasn’t expecting to find such genuine people who edify and encourage one another so consistently.”

Uilani was also impressed by the leadership training she received, which she was able to apply to her business and to her personal life. “The Company’s coaching, combined with its integrity and its inspiring work, has helped me become a better person. Matters of the heart are the most meaningful, so the personal growth and connections are the most exciting part of my business.”


Uilani loves that her business provides an outlet for her to teach again while helping others achieve their goals.

Surprisingly, Uilani’s business has enabled her to be a teacher again. “I’m helping others learn new things, discover their unique gifts, and grow stronger as individuals. I love to see others soar, live boldly, and become who they were meant to be. That is what it’s all about for me.”

Seeing the product results is another gratifying aspect of her business. Uilani’s mother has been battling cancer for the past five years and was on a regimen of chemo drugs when Uilani started her R+F business. “The chemo drugs wreaked havoc on her skin. Her skin was very irritated and she was embarrassed to go out in public. It seemed she had tried everything and nothing worked.” Uilani purchased the SOOTHE Regimen for her mother and both were relieved to discover that, within weeks, the redness and irritation were reduced. Uilani was thrilled she could help make her mother more comfortable and confident while fighting cancer. “Her skin looks amazing now. If providing my mother some relief was the only thing I achieved from my business, it was a success. There have been so many other benefits, of course, but I just had to share these products after that.”


Uilani with her mother and her sister, who both use R+F products.

Uilani is amazed at where her journey has taken her. “I was very unsure in the beginning, but as I developed into a leader, overcame obstacles, and learned lessons while growing my team, the potential of my business became clear.” She’s immensely thankful that she can shape her job around her priorities. She now has the flexibility to homeschool her kids and be more involved in her ministry. “It allows me to devote the appropriate time to everything I do or pursue.”

Uilani’s business has taught her to never let fear hold her back. By taking risks in pursuit of her goals and by believing in herself, she has achieved more than she ever imagined. “We only have one life and we can’t waste it by not following our dreams. What you learn on your own journey and who you become in the process will empower and inspire you to go above and give beyond.”

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  1. This is such a wonderful story. Thanks for highlighting Uliani.

  2. Kehau says:

    Such an inspiration- so thankful for your support & friendship !

  3. Consuelo Nalani Brown says:

    Being as I am from Hawaii, I noticed your name being Hawaiian which intrigued me even the more to read your story. I always read the inspiring articles. This is very inspiring. Thank you for digging deep and pressing forward.

  4. Annie says:

    Wow, what a powerful post. I can absolutely relate to the drive to want to overcome fear and self-doubt. I got started in this business this week, and although I’m nervous, and fearful because I don’t want to fail, I’m doing it for precisely that fact-it scares me-so I know I need to do it! I’m tired of letting doubt and fear stop me from taking risks. Thanks for giving me a boost in confidence.

  5. Jennfier says:

    Uilani, your story inspires me so much. However, more than your story, your do! You have a heart of gold. Thank you for your friendship and support. I am so thankful that R+F has brought us together. Great things are in your future!

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