Valerie and Theo Harding – Doing More Together

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Friday, June 13th, 2014

A trained chef by trade, Valerie Harding found herself working for a food service management company, doing their marketing and culinary programs. She was doing well, but the job required her to do a lot of traveling. “I remember coming home after a 10 day business trip and my son, who was one at the time, walked up and clung on to me. I looked at my husband, Theo, and said ‘I can’t do this anymore.” At that point, Valerie and Theo Harding made the decision that Valerie would quit working and stay home with their two sons. For three years, she was able to do so while Theo, an entrepreneur, ran the small business he owned on Capitol Hill. The arrangement was near perfect until 2012, when Theo’s business was affected by some financial difficulties and the couple found themselves needing a plan B.

Valerie and Theo love working their business together.

Valerie and Theo love working their business together.

It looked as though Valerie would have to go back to work, but she was apprehensive. She wanted something she could do from home and, fortunately, around that time, Theo’s longtime friend mentioned Rodan + Fields® to them. “I had bad Rosacea at the time, so when we were first introduced to R+F, I saw a skincare solution and Theo saw a business opportunity.” Valerie tried the products and was amazed that she could put sunscreen on and her face didn’t turn bright red. Two days later, she enrolled as an Independent Consultant.

Along with the income her business provided their family, allowing her to remain at home, Valerie loved the feeling of creating a culture and a bond within the R+F community. “The income potential isn’t the only reason to join; you can also create a family with positive, supportive teammates.” Last May, recognizing Valerie’s perseverance and success, Theo decided to sell his business and join his wife, making their R+F business a full time partnership. “Working with Theo has been great. We do everything together, but he is definitely the business person and I handle more of the reaching out to people. He does the social media, marketing, and research while I do more of the product demonstrations and I’ll talk to people and do the more social aspects.”

Theo, Lori, and Valerie.

Theo, Lori, and Valerie.

Together, they’ve already accomplished so much with their business. This past April, they were able to put Maryland on the map and were recognized by the Home Office as an area of growth. “Theo and I were able to help organize and hold the first meeting in Maryland, with nearly 100 people across teams in attendance. We’ve been very influential in developing across the state and bringing everyone together from a number of teams and that has been really rewarding to be a part of.”

The couple also partnered with a Consultant from another team in Maryland, a significant turning point in their business, as it helped to build a stronger group and expand their network. Valerie loves the way Consultants throughout the Field, even from varying teams, support each other to achieve bigger and greater things. “Feeling connected to others is so important. And seeing how the products help so many people and contribute to building self-confidence is incredibly fulfilling. This opportunity is bigger and better than we ever could have expected. All of a sudden we went from a few friends to a much larger network of supportive, positive people.”

Valerie and Theo's sons, Harrison and Max.

Valerie and Theo’s sons, Harrison and Max.

Valerie and Theo are also excited to be in a position to give back monetarily. It’s something that is very important to them, but they had never been in a position to do so prior to starting their R+F business. Valerie reflects on how much more growth there is for them still, both within their business partnership and their family. “We aren’t where we want to be yet; we are still continually defining our goals and working together to reach the level where we want to be. But, we’re moving forward daily, knowing we can always do more because we realize that, though we’re not living ‘the dream’ just yet, it’s out there and we now see the possibility to achieve it.”

Their partnership has helped them achieve personal successes as well as the freedom to enjoy the little pleasures that were once sacrificed in order to ensure bills were paid and mouths were fed. Together, Valerie and Theo are able to do more for others and, supporting each other, are able to do more for their family. “Before we were just surviving, but now we are doing more than that, we are truly living.”



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  1. Diane Kerce says:

    So happy for your success and your team!
    Very inspiring.

  2. Loved reading your story Theo & Valerie. You are on the move and great things are ahead in your business. Blessings my friends.

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