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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

As a successful pharmacist, Vicky Schroeder loved interacting with her patients and helping them solve their problems. But once motherhood became a reality, she found herself doubting her commitment to such a demanding career.

“I really do love my profession because I love helping people, but it’s really stressful. I felt chained to the pharmacy during long nights, weekends, and holidays. But because I brought in a considerable portion of my family’s income and benefits, I felt that to stay at home with my baby would have been really irresponsible. I constantly felt the tug between the priorities of motherhood and my profession. I wasn’t happy, and I felt stuck.”

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Starting on a new path

Vicky wished for a solution to her problem, and was surprised to discover the unexpected form it came in: “My sister-in-law Ali Zieman introduced me to Rodan + Fields® in 2012, showing amazing before-and-after photos that surpassed what I saw in my pharmacy practice. I’m a results-oriented person, and those pictures really turned my head and made me pay attention.”

Intrigued, Vicky felt excited about the idea of working with world-famous dermatologists. “I had a gut feeling that this Company was going to be big, and I wanted in. If nothing else, I figured I would get products at a huge discount, with great-looking skin as a side effect. I jumped in with no sales or marketing knowledge. Even with an extreme fear of failure and an incredibly busy life, I still thought it was worth a shot!”

R+F Consultant Vicky Schroeder and family

Her young family is what brings Vicky most joy, and having the choice to work less and spend more time with them was the catalyst behind starting her business.

“Many people don’t seem to understand why I would want to add on another career when I’ve already worked very hard and gone through a lot of schooling to be a pharmacist,” Vicky explains. “The reason is because I had a very difficult road to motherhood. It made me understand and appreciate how important my family is to me—more than anything else.” With Rodan + Fields, Vicky saw an opportunity to finally put her family first, and that drive inspired her hard work.

R+F Consultant Vicky Schroeder with her husband

Vicky credits her husband, Ben, for making the business possible with his unending support, encouragement, and love.

Moving forward through challenges

Vicky’s business grew slowly, and she experienced a bit of an entrepreneurial roller coaster. “I’m a perfectionist, and not being immediately successful right out of the gate was frustrating. I faced stumbling blocks, but I had a lot of guidance from people in my life that inspired me and motivated me to keep going.” She persevered and progressed, and reminds herself regularly of one thing. “Everything happens for a reason—and I’m so grateful that even though I may not have had the easiest start, I kept going… because I eventually got where I wanted to be.”

Her strengths as a pharmacist, going beyond product and medication knowledge, furthered Vicky’s Rodan + Fields business. “Pharmacists are good at helping people find solutions to their problems. People come to my counter seeking recommendations for whatever ails them because they trust me, and it’s exactly the same with this business. If you have a skin concern I can connect you to the transformative products you’re looking for. If you have a life concern (not enough time, flexibility, or freedom) I can connect you to a transformative business that you may not even know you were looking for. Honestly, it’s been really wonderful to help people transform their lives. I still feel like a pharmacist when I work this business—now I just specialize in skin!”

R+F Consultant Vicky Schroeder with her sponsor

R+F enables Vicky to work with her sister-in-law, Ali, and do fun things together that normally wouldn’t be possible.

Meeting her new community

With perseverance and tenacity on her side, Vicky has grown a team in the past four years that she is incredibly proud to be a part of. “Team V has changed a lot over the years, and it’s been so rewarding to support and mentor my team members to success. I finally feel like I’ve found my tribe, my core group of leaders who link arms with me and run. It’s been so incredibly fun. I would never have met these people if I had stopped my journey early on, and I’m just so grateful; I always associate that word with my journey in this business.”

Along her Rodan + Fields journey, Vicky has also made connections with individuals who truly made a difference in her life. “My power partner Crissy Mahl was a referral from a good friend. We laugh and talk daily and I couldn’t imagine life without her. I’m meeting her in person for the very first time this month, and I cannot wait to throw my arms around her and give her the biggest hug!” Jenny Taylor, one of Vicky’s Upline leaders, was also a source of inspiration. “I look back on my journey, and I know that her presence helped me to persevere. I’m hoping that I can lend that kind of support to somebody in the future.”

R+F Consultant Vicky Schroeder with her power partner

After almost a year of working together closely to build their virtual businesses, Vicky finally met her power partner for the first time when Crissy flew from AZ to WI for a Leadership Retreat.

Seeing inspiring results

After more than two years of putting in around 15 hours per week of work, Vicky achieved Level V. Now in her fourth year in business, she’s aiming straight for her Lexus with the support of her husband Ben and their two children. “This business has been a really big reason that I’ve been able to cut my pharmacy hours nearly in half. I feel like the golden handcuffs of pharmacy are loosening and I have more freedom to make choices. I can give my kids more of me, and I don’t have to be afraid of missing as many moments. My son Rex and daughter Cammi are my ‘why.’ They’re why I do this.”

“I had no interest in sales initially, but it turns out that this business is a perfect marriage of two things that are really important to me: putting my family first and helping people through medicine and counseling. As a pharmacist, I have no prescriptive power and am bound by what the doctors and insurance companies require… but in this business, I’m bound by nothing. The sky’s the limit. This business gives you the power to make choices and to have options, and it’s a real gift. And what’s most important to this pharmacist is that it’s enabling me to write my own prescription for change.”


Tell Me More…

What one word do you most relate to? Mei 梅, a Chinese word and part of my name. Mei is the plum blossom and it blooms mid-winter. Amidst frost and snow, its bright and hardy blossoms are an inspiring sight, symbolizing perseverance and courage when facing adversity. I have always identified with these traits.

Have there been any especially significant people in your R+F journey? My power partners Crissy Mahl and Jenn Kirsch and sideline partner Leeann Naughton. They would fight to the end for me and with me, and I would do the same for them.

Where do you draw your inspiration from in life? My children. My love for them gives me strength to do anything.

What is your best R+F team memory? I earned a Leadership Cruise to the Bahamas and still remember the first moment of walking on the ship, getting my big pineapple drink, and dancing on the deck with the team waiting for it to set sail.


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