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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

The following story recounts how this Independent Consultant is choosing to give back to her community and the world through her Rodan + Fields® business.


Some surprises change our life forever. Christie Lang was on a predictable path to personal happiness, balancing her growing family and a demanding nursing career. But when she welcomed her unexpected fifth child into the world and got swept up in the heartfelt special needs community, her life changed forever. With an entrepreneurial spirit and the support of her community, Christie fostered new passions and began her own unique journey toward giving back.

R+F Consultant Christie Lang headshot

A life-changing surprise

After working as a nurse for 19 years, Christie maintained a “healthy balance of chaos” with a family that was soon to grow even bigger. “We were really surprised by our fifth pregnancy, and even more so by the prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. I had no idea what having a child with DS would look like for our family, so once we accepted the diagnosis and started making plans, I read everything under the sun to learn how to help Lennox be the best he can be. It was really hard to find answers and resources—it was scary to navigate this journey on our own.”

R+F Consultant Christie Lang and her son

Christie with Lennox, her sweetest inspiration

After Lennox was born and Christie returned to nursing part-time, she joined an early learning program for kids with Down syndrome in her spare hours. There she found the comfort and inspiration that she was looking for. “That extra chromosome brings strangers together in a powerful way! The class was really tight-knit, and I made some really good friends with the other moms. We call it our secret club, and we would be completely lost without each other!”

R+F Consultant Christie Lang with Anthea

Christie believes she wouldn’t be anywhere without the love and support from her upline and dear friend, Anthea

Finding a new opportunity

One of those friends was Anthea Bilodeau—a fellow mother who was just starting as a Rodan + Fields® Independent Consultant. When Anthea invited Christie to her BBL in November of 2015, she went to show her support.

“In the beginning I wasn’t that interested in the business, but I was so excited to try the products. I was 44 at the time, and often got mistaken for being Lennox’s grandmother. I was excited about the potential of these products for my aging skin needs.” After learning a bit more, Christie jumped in with the RFX Express Business Kit and started using the REVERSE™ Regimen. “My skin just came back to life! I was so excited to share the products with my friends and family.”

Though Christie’s business has grown slowly, she continues to work hard in order to make some big dreams come true. “I know it’s going to happen eventually. I’m still determined to grow my business so that I can make a difference.” Together with her incredibly supportive teammates, Christie realizes that “this business has the potential to do amazing things. My teammates encourage me to not just talk about my dreams, but to go out and make them happen. It is such an honor to be a part of such an amazing and empowering group.”

R+F Consultant Christie Lang with her family

For Christie, it starts and ends with family

A passion for giving back

Right now, Christie is in the midst of a major passion project: launching a local ability center to help other families just like her own. “From the beginning, I have devoted my Rodan + Fields earnings to bringing awareness for Down syndrome. Currently I’m planning a unity run, where people of all abilities can come together, as a fundraising event to launch the ElmTree Ability Centre. This is my biggest dream, which I hope will be coming true this fall.”

She’s deeply passionate about celebrating the DS experience with families and individuals alike. “Our children bring so much joy into our lives and are very valuable members of the community. Lennox is my main inspiration. He’s almost four now, and his outlook on life is so beautiful. He’s changed me as a mother, as a nurse, and as a person. I’m determined to celebrate the fact that, like with Rodan + Fields, we each have our own journey.”

R+F Consultant Christie Lang at a benefit run

Christie and her young family where it all started, running for Down syndrome awareness. “We are all #born2BawesoME”

Christie envisions ElmTree as a family community resource center where people can come to connect, learn, and grow together. “I want to make things easier on families and provide them with the knowledge and resources that I didn’t have in the beginning. The center focuses on our kids’ abilities—not what others think they can’t do. This idea has been in my mind for well over three years now. And working with R+F has given me the confidence to go forward and follow this dream.”


Tell Me More…

What one word do you most relate to? My one word is ASPIRE.

Where do you draw your inspiration from in life? My family and more specifically, my youngest son, Lennox.

Favorite song? Home by Phillip Phillips.

Which charity/project are you most excited about giving back to? The ElmTree Ability Centre for Special Needs

Best advice you’ve ever received? Be unapologetically you


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  1. Christie, your story resonated with me so much. None of us ever know what twists and turns life will bring our way. Your story is a wonderful example of how Lennox, your unexpected gift, fueled a new found passion for you in sharing, supporting and connecting families and friends within the DS community. Thank you for sharing how you are giving back.

  2. Michelle Kundurpi says:

    You are an inspiration, Christie! xo

  3. Lorraine Fuchs says:

    you are AMAZING my friend – we have never formally met but I LOVE you like you are my daughter. We share so much


  4. Sara Dwyer says:

    Family first and you do it well! Congrats Christie for sharing your story, family and success with us! Hugs to you, your family and sweet Lennox! Can’t wait to hear more about ElmTree and the lives you and Lennox will change! xoxo Grace to you…

  5. Jen Hoar says:

    Thank you for sharing your story! Giving back is what drives me to do more in this business.

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