Heather Caldwell – Giving Back With R+F
Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The following story recounts how this Independent Consultant is choosing to give back to her community and the world through her Rodan + Fields® business.


As a former second grade teacher and reading specialist, Heather Caldwell loved working with kids. When her own children were born, Heather left the classroom, and although staying home with her family was rewarding, it did impact their finances. “As a single income family, we were missing out on experiences with our kids. I started looking for an opportunity that would fit my kids’ school schedule and allow me to set my own hours. I wanted to have my cake and eat it too.”  

In August of 2013, Holly Brewer shared the Rodan + Fields® opportunity with Heather, who jumped right in. “I was drawn in by the flexibility of the business. And as a former teacher who’d had a capped income, I was excited about having a business that I felt could have unlimited earning potential based on how hard you work.”

“I always loved it when my students followed instructions—so I was determined to do everything Holly suggested to help my business grow. I’m really coachable, and I always did my ‘homework!’ Along the way, I learned how to share the business in a way that stayed true to my introverted nature and honored my desire to give back.”

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Starting with her team

That drive, for Heather, began with serving the members of Team PRIDE:

Personal Resolutions Ignite Defining Experiences

“I have a responsibility to every person who joins me in business—to train them as I was trained, to give them all the tools that I had. I’m passionate about giving myself and my time to the people who said yes to this opportunity! I love helping them find passion and self-confidence within themselves.”

Heather’s team members always say that “Heather’s the philanthropy girl!” She laughs, “They definitely see me as the philanthropy leader, which is great, because I see this business as a platform. Even people who aren’t involved in Rodan + Fields see that we’re using this platform for good. We’re encouraging other people to help out. It’s the good kind of peer pressure!”

Heather is proud that her team is on board to support their service projects. “My Direct Leaders are doing service projects with their own teams, and several completed the Prescription For Change® (PFC) Foundation’s toolkit for this year. I really love the ripple effect that we’re seeing here. It feels so good to serve others and to help my team members feel the same joy.”

Heather and her forever friends she met throught this business. They are affectionately called the "Quad Squad".

Heather and her forever friends she met throught this business. They are affectionately called the “Quad Squad”.

Giving back on a grander scale

Heather’s largest service effort is with PFC. “I’ve been financially supporting PFC for years, and I was instantly drawn to their first service project for a school supply drive. Anything to do with education is immediately going to catch my eye. I partnered with Jenni Pilcher, a fellow Independent Consultant near me, to host a benefit for a local high school.”

Later, the pair was invited to Chicago for the first Change Maker trip with buildOn in 2016. “As an introvert, I was really nervous about meeting high-schoolers who I thought I’d have nothing in common with. But my buddy ended up being an incredibly outgoing person, and we immediately hit it off.”

“Seeing life in their community and sharing our differences made me realize how important serving others really is. I wasn’t volunteering at homeless shelters when I was 16, but these kids already love making a difference in their communities.”

Now that Heather has seen how donations to the PFC Foundation are helping students in the real world, she’s determined to help these programs continue and spread to other schools. “Now we host yearly events with PFC to help out as much as we can.”

Heather and her family making memories in New York's Central Park last December.

Heather and her family making memories in New York’s Central Park last December.

Engaging in today’s projects

That’s not the end of Heather’s philanthropic reach. She’s also partnered with a local elementary school to donate clothing gift cards, and each month her team chooses a different organization to support. “At the end of the month, I announce to the team that we will be giving a percentage of our volume growth to a charity of our choice. Sometimes the Consultant with the largest volume growth suggests a philanthropy that’s near and dear to their heart, and I’m happy to make that donation on behalf of the team.”

Now that Heather’s team is running for Lexus, she’s using the opportunity to spread even more awareness. “Each month of qualifications, we’re donating to Read and Feed, a local nonprofit that tutors children over a free meal. As a former reading teacher myself, it made sense for us to support that cause during such a big moment in my business. Our Lexus celebration will also include a book drive to benefit Read and Feed!”

Giving back is often a family affair...Heather's children helping her drop off books to Read and Feed.

Giving back is often a family affair…Heather’s children helping her drop off books to Read and Feed.

She’s incredibly grateful for these opportunities to spread the gift of service with the world. “I’m leading a team of people who look to me as a role model, which still surprises me every day, and now I can really influence others to go out and serve. After four years in the business, my ‘why’ still has to do with my kids and my family—but now it also encompasses helping my team and being free to give even more. I don’t know what it’s going to look like long term, but if this trend keeps going, I’m going to be able to do a lot of good!”


Tell Me More…

Which charity/project are you most excited about giving back to? As a former teacher and Reading Specialist, I love supporting a local nonprofit in my area called Read and Feed.

If you could meet anyone, who would it be? Taylor Swift 😉

What is your best R+F team memory? Coordinating a scavenger hunt for my team–I had them running from one end of a mall to the other…and they are a competitive bunch!

Most memorable gift you’ve ever received? When I was a teacher I received a handwritten card from a student that simply said something like, “Thank you for teaching me to read.” I still have it framed.

What was the biggest R+F hurdle you overcame? Overcoming my introverted tendencies (though I’m still an introvert) and getting out of my own way.


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