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Monday, December 30, 2019

Growing up, April Black says she was “a bit of a free spirit” yet had a desire to lead a strong, successful career. While in college, she studied communications and psychology because of their wide range of job applications but found herself becoming invested in wellness through her personal journey of body acceptance. “After I gained weight in college, I wanted to prioritize my health and fitness but actually ended up developing an eating disorder. I struggled with a lot of anxiety and depression because of it.” However, her fitness journey led her to discover yoga and meditation, which helped her find a positive outlook on wellness.

“When I was struggling with my self image, I exercised obsessively and that eventually led me to yoga. But through the process, I realized that what I’d been doing couldn’t be right. I went on a quest to find myself and pick myself up from that really dark place.”

She continued investing in her personal development through yoga retreats while balancing a busy career as a solution consultant for a tech company, where she gave product demos to potential customers. “I enjoyed it in a way where I was good at my job, but it didn’t fulfill me other than letting me connect and interact with people.” When a good friend of hers started posting about Rodan + Fields on Facebook, April wanted to support her but wasn’t remotely interested in the business. “I told her that I absolutely did not want to be a Consultant but wanted a skincare routine. At the time, I was going to bed in my makeup and had really sensitive skin so needed something easy.”

Her friend set her up on the SOOTHE Regimen and the visible benefits were immediately apparent. “I really loved the visible results, but it was more than just the skincare. It gave me a self-care routine by letting me take the time every day to wash my face, look in the mirror barefaced and show myself a few extra minutes of love.” Yet, even as people commented on the change in her skin, she still wasn’t willing to make the leap to start her own R+F business. “I made good money and was so busy. I didn’t think I had room for it on my plate… But I was passionate about women’s wellness – it was my grounding while I lived in this male-dominated, fast-paced corporate life. I just didn’t think it was something that a single woman could make a career out of.”

Through her experience battling a negative self image, April has made wellness and self love priorities in her life.

Then, in February of 2018, the yoga retreat company that she had grown to love approached her with the chance to study and become a retreat leader. Her vision board of “traveling the world leading retreats and coaching wellness” could become a reality, but it wasn’t something she could do alongside her full-time job, so she took the leap and became a Consultant with the hope of paving a way for her to eventually walk away from her job. “I’d been using the products and telling people about it already, so I thought, ‘Why am I not doing this?’” April jumped right in, using time in between work meetings or presentations to build her business.

Within two weeks, she had made back her investment by “shouting from the rooftops” about her launch and approaching people about the products. It wasn’t until she achieved a bonus in an incentive program that she saw the potential of building a truly collaborative community of Consultants. “I was authentic in sharing my story, especially as someone who has struggled with self-esteem. I told people that I wanted them to feel good inside and out. What I found was that my passion for women’s wellness and my business actually complimented each other.”

With her team, April loves being able to create a positive, loving and supportive community of strong and like-minded women.

After suffering a severe leg injury that summer, April saw that the fierce R+F community she had cultivated supported her in ways that her corporate job didn’t. “Everyone was there for me even if they weren’t on my immediate team. I was so thankful that I had that strong foundation because it gave me the perspective that I needed… I was in and out of the hospital, but my job kept working me to the bone. I realized that I was undervalued, and I didn’t feel cared for as a human.” That realization expedited her timeline, and in October of 2018, she made the decision to walk away from her job to focus on her R+F business and become a yoga retreat leader.

Now as a LIV Executive Consultant (EC), April makes it a point to lead with a question when approaching her team members about their goals in this business. “I ask them, ‘If you could get out of your own way and let yourself dream big, what would you do?’ This isn’t just about skincare – it can be a vehicle to fuel your passion and take you to where you want to be.” For April, this business is a way to create space for what she loves and build a supportive community with other women. “Once I shared my story, I realized everyone had a story but maybe were too afraid to share it. Allow yourself to be surprised and amazed. You really never know what’s on the other side of a ‘yes.’ You only have one life, so why not run like you’re on fire towards your wildest dreams?”

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