Lea May – Open to Opportunity

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Friday, February 21st, 2014

When Lea May was attending law school at the University of Arkansas, she never imagined that she would one day be standing in a court room, prosecuting criminals who were guilty of fraud. Instead, she had always assumed that she would spend her career in a firm, behind a desk, studying cases. But when this Arkansas native married her husband, Chris, a move to Boston changed her direction. In Boston, Lea's friend encouraged her to apply for a job in ... Continue Reading



Dana Gaviotis – The Power of Connection

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Three years have passed since Dana seized the opportunity to start her Rodan + Fields® business and she has listened to many inspirational stories during that time. “I have always loved hearing what people are going through in their lives and encouraging them in any way I can, but my business has taken that to a whole new level.” Through her business, she is connected to a network of other Independent Consultants across the country whose unique life paths intersect ... Continue Reading



Julianne Hoerman – A Mentor Inspires

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Monday, February 17th, 2014

Julianne Hoerman is no stranger to entrepreneurism. She and her husband have owned several businesses together over the years and she has all of the experience and expertise to know what makes a lucrative venture become a success. Her eight years of experience taught her what works and what doesn't and she also knows when the time comes to seek out new horizons. At a pivotal time in her life when she needed to look elsewhere for something profitable, she ... Continue Reading



Hanna Villarrubia – It Keeps Getting Better

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Friday, February 14th, 2014

Only six months ago, Hanna Villarrubia and her family had an entirely different life than what they enjoy today. As a mother of three children who are all under five years old, Hanna had been looking for a job that would allow her to stay home with her kids, but her search had led nowhere for years. She worked full-time as an RN before switching to part-time hours on the graveyard shift in the ICU, and as the primary breadwinner ... Continue Reading



Nicole Johnson – A Shift in Perception

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Before Nicole Johnson became a mother, she had a successful eight year career in advertising. She met amazing people along the way and, while she enjoyed the social climate of her job, the work itself was not satisfying. She longed for something more fulfilling and dreamed of the possibility of being in a career that would allow her to actually make an impact in other's lives. She wasn't quite sure in what way and she didn't have an idea of ... Continue Reading



Sarah Robbins – A Vision and A Reason

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Friday, February 7th, 2014

Sarah Robbins didn't have any experience in direct sales when she decided to seize the Rodan + Fields® business opportunity. She simply believed in herself and in the quality of the brand she had come to know as a household name in skincare. She and her mother both joined as Independent Consultants over six years ago and both have seen incredible changes in their lives as a result of their businesses. She emphasizes that being good at this business and ... Continue Reading



Tracie Bonds – Hit the Ground Running

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

“No one can truly achieve success unless they want it badly enough.” Tracie Bonds is a successful businesswoman and a single mother who believes in the importance of personal drive. She became a Rodan + Fields® Independent Consultant in 2008, and she started her business without much more than a desire to make it successful. As a mother, she saw the financial potential of the opportunity, and she wanted to earn enough to help pay for her two sons' private school ... Continue Reading



Lynnette Guinn – A Silver Lining

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Every cloud has a silver lining, as the old proverb goes. Despite her successful years in corporate America, Lynnette wanted to stop working for a large corporation as an IT Executive when the economy became unstable. “I knew I had gone as far as I wanted to in a large corporation due to the amount of stress that came with my role.” During a difficult economic period in the U.S., the environment she was working in was not only stressful, ... Continue Reading



Trudy Hedgecough – When the Reward is Greater Than the Risk

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

On a one-hundred acre farm in the remote but picturesque hills of Tennessee, Trudy Hedgecough lives with her husband Phillip and daughter Isabelle. She loves the beauty and tranquility of her home, where the views are of green tress and peaceful animals grazing nearby. She wakes up every day with anticipation of what each new day will bring, and for the past two years, her life has taken a new direction, and she gets to fully enjoy her home, her ... Continue Reading



Jenny Taylor – Time Changes Everything

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Monday, January 27th, 2014

“The moment I saw her, everything changed.” That is how Jenny Taylor felt when her newborn daughter was first placed in her arms. As she held this tiny life, she knew that she wanted to spend every possible moment she could with her, and to be there for every new experience she would encounter in the world. Jenny had spent the last twenty years climbing the corporate ladder in marketing and public relations, and she wondered when she became pregnant ... Continue Reading