Catching Up With Rachael Johnson
Thursday, June 20, 2019

Shortly after we last spoke with Rachael Johnson two years ago, her health took an unexpected turn after she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease resulting in excruciating symptoms. Dealing with the pain took away from the quality time she spent with her four daughters, which was distressful to her. “I was so exhausted and so sick that I thought, there must be more to this than what I was diagnosed with.” As she struggled to identify the cause of her growing symptoms, she remembered a fellow Consultant’s personal success with removing her breast implants after experiencing similar symptoms. With this in mind, she decided to research a connection between her own breast implants and her symptoms in more depth. With the research she’d personally complied and fueled by the extreme impact the pain was having on her daily life, Rachael made the decision to remove her own implants in the hopes of helping to alleviate her symptoms, and fortunately her road to recovery began.

As she steadily recovered in the hospital, the support she received from her Rodan + Fields community reminded her of the amount of compassion her business provided. “Everyone from the whole Rodan + Fields community was sending me love and light, and feeling that energy was amazing. I was even signing new Consultants while I was in the hospital bed. It was such an easy transition getting back into the groove of things.” The drastic improvement of her symptoms, paired with the flexible schedule of her R+F business, allowed Rachael to once again spend the quality time she craved with her daughters. “I’m able to volunteer at my kids’ school, pick them up and drop them off and really be present while taking care of them. That wasn’t an option before this business.”

Rachael celebrating with her R+F team.

Today, Rachael continues to be the leading Consultant for Canada and is more motivated to share the opportunity her R+F business provided her so that others can benefit from the unconditional support that the community provides. And as an RFx Circle Leader, Rachael strives to maintain her title and reach RFX Circle 2020 by continuing to support her team as they work to reach their business goals. “I feel more excited than ever about our next stage of growth. I’ve been working so hard to meet new people and have more conversations. I know that my R+F business is a gift with what it’s been able to do for me. I’m just excited about helping other people by really sharing this business with as many people as I can.”


“You need to have rock solid belief in yourself, this company, the products and our Doctors. Tell yourself, ‘I am worthy of this, I can do this, I am doing this,’ and then work hard. There is no secret to this business, but mindset is crucial.”

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One response to “Catching Up With Rachael Johnson”

  1. Dinah Smith says:

    So very grateful that your health has improved, Rachael! AND for this fabulous business !

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