Mandy Rohr – Embracing Change
Friday, June 14, 2019

The Rodan + Fields opportunity entered Mandy Rohr’s life during a difficult time. When her childhood friend introduced her to the business, she had recently come out of a divorce, was working full-time as a teacher and completing a master’s degree  – all while supporting her four children as a single mother. While she was happy to become a Preferred Customer, she believed she didn’t have the time to take something else on. “I was telling myself I don’t have time for this. I had every excuse in the book of why I couldn’t do it…but it was still in the back of my mind.”

While she continued to devote a significant amount of time and energy to support her family, she found that her financial situation still showed no signs of improvement. Determined to make a change, she viewed the R+F opportunity as her chance to step out of her comfort zone and take the first step towards improving her situation. With her children as her WHY, Mandy made the decision to start her own R+F business in February of 2017.

Supporting Her WHY

A few months after starting her business, her youngest son Nash qualified for a rare surgery that could significantly improve his life with cerebral palsy. The operation would require her son to undergo a full month of hospitalization and four physical therapy sessions every week following the surgery. Thankfully, her R+F team had become a tremendous support system for her and, with the help of her team, she continued to work her R+F business. She soon came to acknowledge what an incredible outlet the business became during this difficult time for her and her family. “It was my escape from everything.”

Mandy with her sponsor Andrea McPherson.

Breaking It Down

In between the operation, recovery process and therapy sessions, Mandy found that she could work her business throughout the random pockets of time she had, she learned how to productively utilize her time while still prioritizing her family. “If people really step back and look at their day, everybody has those pockets of time. It’s just defining what you’re doing with them.” Fueled by her family and incredible team, she felt more motivated than ever to reach new milestones. At her one year anniversary with R+F, her team hit Level V. And with a few more months of dedication, they reached Level V Circle.

Mandy and her R+F team.

Feeling Grateful

Thankful for her newfound success, Mandy felt confident she could offer more support and give back to the cerebral palsy community. “My WHY was one reason, my kids. They will always be my number one reason but there are other WHY’s now that have spiraled from this which is why it’s such a big part of my life now.” Looking back, she found that her success came from one powerful idea. “Something that I’m constantly pushing myself to do is to get out of my comfort zone. At Convention in 2018, Mel Robbins said that if you’re not nervous at least three times a week, you’re not trying and doing enough. That has resonated with me so much because if you’re not nervous three times a week, you probably aren’t doing enough with your life. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone makes you into a better version of yourself. Today, I feel stronger and braver than I did two years ago. Overall, I’m a completely different person than I was before, and I owe it all to my Rodan + Fields business.”

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7 responses to “Mandy Rohr – Embracing Change”

  1. Rose Monilla says:

    Ilove it 💚

  2. Malia & Jeff Gerber says:

    We are so proud of Mandy and the things she is able to do for her kids through her R+F business!She has built relationships with young ladies from all over Ohio, and they will be lifelong support for her!

  3. Diana Rankin says:

    Mandy is literally everyone’s cheerleader! She is willing to support her team, her friends, her family, complete strangers no matter what. I’ve yet to meet a more positive, all-in person! She is a rare gift!

  4. Mandy Schmit says:

    You have SO much heart, Mandy and every time I think of your kiddos I imagine the pride they feel having you as their Mama❤️

  5. Bridget Talley says:

    Mandy you are a true inspiration to us all and so excited to have you as an RF sister!

  6. Sara Dwyer says:

    Congrats Mandy – you are a great leader; continued successes and much love to your family.

  7. Andrea Olson says:

    Mandy, I am thankful everyday for the impact you’ve made in my life! Love you!

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