Azadeh Ali-Moghaddam – Empowering Educator
Tuesday, June 18, 2019

As the first in her family to attend university, Azadeh Ali-Moghaddam understood the power of education and was proud to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. After graduation, she began working as an engineer and did so for two years while she and her husband lived in Tehran, Iran. But eventually, they began to explore the idea of moving to America and at age 25, Azadeh moved with her husband to Michigan and began a new life in the United States.

Not being able to speak English weighed heavily on her. To overcome the barrier, she decided to earn her doctorate in a subject that allowed her to practice speaking English. “Because I was an engineer, I could only write and solve everything on paper – I couldn’t communicate any of my knowledge. I loved math and chemistry, so the closest line of study was pharmacy.” She continued her schooling while raising their first child and graduated from the University of Michigan in 2015.

Azadeh has a strong background in science and engineering.

Discovering Her Niche

Once she’d earned her doctorate degree, Azadeh began working as a managed care clinical pharmacist. It was during this time that one of her coworkers gifted her with a sample pack, which included a Night Renewing Serum, Lip Renewing Serum and Micro-Dermabrasion Paste. After giving it a try, she loved how her skin felt and excitedly set out to learn more about the Rodan + Fields business. And shortly after researching the brand, she realized that the business could fulfill the one thing lacking in her job as a pharmacist, which was the ability to genuinely connect with people, so she eagerly launched her own R+F business in June of 2016.

Because of her pharmaceutical background, Azadeh was able to comfortably speak to Customers about the unique formulations behind the R+F products, which both expanded her outreach and also helped her build strong connections. “I learned that by educating people on what ingredients to look for during my reach-outs, I could speak more effectively.” This strategy proved successful for her, and in her very first month of business, she reached the title of Executive Consultant. She also began growing a team of others with diverse backgrounds and relatives overseas, and it wasn’t long before Azadeh came to view her R+F team as her extended family. Other than my husband and son, I don’t have any family members in the states, so my team is my second family. We’re so close and we talk to each other all the time. With them, I get the sense of feeling loved. I empower them and they empower me.”

Azadeh with her husband and son.

Utilizing Her Time

As she continued to work as a pharmacist, the demands of working a full-time position became more and more prominent. Each day she faced a long commute to and from work and after suffering three miscarriages, the stress had reached its limit. Thanks to the flexibility her R+F business allowed, Azadeh was eventually able to step down from her full-time job and take the time she needed to properly search for her next role. Soon she found a more ideal, part-time faculty pharmacy position at her local community college allowing for a more manageable schedule.

Her new job meant summers off, so Azadeh took advantage of the time off to visit her family in Iran, where she was able to still work her R+F business remotely. “I wanted to see my family overseas but because of my previous job I couldn’t go. When I switched to teaching, I was able to go home for two and a half months and enjoy my family, which was so life changing. It was also great that I could continue to work my R+F business remotely. Everyone would ask, ‘wow, you can still work on your business during your vacation,’ and I’d answer, yes that is why I love R+F!”

Azadeh representing her Iranian roots.

Moving Forward

Unfortunately, soon after returning from her vacation, Azadeh found out that her position at the community college was canceled. Grateful she could continue working her R+F business during this transition, she once again began to job search. She now works as a health outcome pharmacist and as a Level V Circle Achiever, is more motivated than ever to advance in both her pharmaceutical role as well as in her R+F business and has since ranked #1 in her region for April and May. Knowing that many markets would benefit from the products and the opportunity that R+F has to offer, Azadeh hopes to see the future of the business expand. “When I talk about Rodan + Fields, I’m talking about the best experience ever.”

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4 responses to “Azadeh Ali-Moghaddam – Empowering Educator”

  1. Vicki Bacon says:

    Very inspirational story! Very excited to be on your team.

  2. I am so proud of you. Congratulations on all your accomplishments! Keep growing, moving forward, and loving life!

  3. Manijeh says:

    So proud of you Azadeh

  4. Tiful McLaughlin says:

    You are an inspiration!

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