Carly Del Carlo Marshall – Striving For Success
Thursday, July 25, 2019

For Carly Del Carlo Marshall, independence was a skill she gained early on in her life. “Growing up as the middle child of a physically active family in southern California, but being an overweight kid, led me to have to carve my own path.” After studying hard and graduating from UCLA in pre-law, she found herself unsure of what to do next. But when she was introduced to a fitness-based network marketing company and lost 80 pounds in the process, she developed a passion for both wellness and the power of social selling. “When you’re 23 and all of a sudden saying you’re going into network marketing, it’s like having three horns on your head…it’s amazing what people will talk about when they think you’re not looking. I had to grow thick skin very quickly and I had to be okay with no one understanding my decision.”

After spending years working on her previous business, she began to feel less secure about her financial future and considered other opportunities. “I remember thinking, ‘I could totally do Rodan + Fields.’ I already loved the products, but I didn’t think I’d actually transfer over.” However, when Carly’s sister in-law joined R+F and started sharing more about the opportunity, she began to pay more attention to the brand and what the business could offer. After a lot of research, she made the decision to cancel her previous business and sign up as an Independent Consultant in April of 2019. She soon found that the business fit seamlessly into her life because of how simple it was for her to talk about it. “Everyone does something for their skin, whether they wash with water or have a whole skincare routine. When you think about it as offering someone a solution instead of trying to sell someone something, it makes all the difference.”

After an inspiring weight loss journey, Carly developed a passion for fitness.

Setting Big Goals
When her Sponsor told her about the Lead the Way program, Carly set her sights on achieving a trip to Banff, Canada within just three months. “I didn’t have the luxury of waiting and getting comfortable talking about the business. I had to immediately start talking about it.” But her growth came even quicker than she imagined, and she hit Level II Executive Consultant (EC) in her first month. “Once I accomplished that and realized how confident I was about sharing this business, I thought, ‘Why not shoot for Level V’?” Soon after, the V by July program was announced, which strengthened her resolve. After following a strategic plan and a lot of hard work, Carly hit Level V by the end of May – just two months into her business. She says this accomplishment comes from shooting for goals that she didn’t necessarily think she could achieve. “I have big goals and I’m willing to put myself out there to achieve them. I’m not doing five reach-outs a day, I’m doing 50. If you want more out of your business, it’s so important that you do more.”

Building A Community
Carly acknowledges that another essential aspect to her success has been the support from her team. “I told them [about achieving Level V in a month] when I didn’t even know it was possible but I believed we could…having my team text me to ask how many ECs away we were, how they could reach out to encourage others – it was all really amazing to see. It wasn’t just me who wanted it, it was my whole team that wanted it for us.” To encourage teamwork, she says that it’s important to look for business partners that share the same vision. “I’m really looking for people who see it for themselves. There is so much more power in the quality of the people you recruit rather than the quantity.” Plus, Carly makes sure to use her social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to engage with a wider digital community. “I think that if you aren’t using social media [to share], you’re doing your business a huge disservice. I think my followers feel they know me and that’s really important. It’s so much easier to make a sale when that person trusts you.”

Carly and her husband are excited about planning their future.

Supporting Leadership
Looking at the future, Carly is excited about the possibilities ahead. “I know that my quick success is not normal. But I want to show my team what’s possible. Even if something is not normal, [the steps taken to accomplish it] can show them how to create their own path.” To successfully show her team members how to create their unique paths, she says that it’s important to instill leadership qualities in them from the get-go, such as accountability and confidence. For herself, she says that this business has allowed her to start making plans for her future again without feeling insecure, and to keep herself accountable, she knows that it’s critical to stay honest. “At the end of the day, if you can’t be honest with yourself about your own actions and goals, it doesn’t matter what you told your team you did. If you can’t be honest with yourself, there is almost no way you can be successful in this business.”

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