Catching Up With Lacey Nagao
Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Back in 2017, Lacey Nagao told the story of her journey for personal growth. Before R+F, she struggled with the dilemma between a life as a stay-at-home mom or a life as a career woman and today, she feels grateful that her R+F business has since allowed her to fully embrace both roles.

“I feel like I have the best of both worlds and can celebrate being a mom and an entrepreneur with my R+F business. Our team name is She Conquers, and it has to do with this whole theme of just empowering women and moms. One of the coolest moments for me was a time at Convention where I saw these moms carrying their babies across the stage. At that point in time I thought to myself, ‘I’m in the right place and that is why I’m here.’ That was a full circle moment for me and that environment, where every person is supportive, is just one of the reasons I love the business.”

Lacey, her husband and their new son Knox.

Today, she continues to advance with her teammates as a Premier Executive Consultant and is grateful for the empowering team culture she’s been able to nurture. “I want everyone to feel like they are valued, whatever level of success they’re at. We have so many different personalities on our team and I honestly think that’s why we’ve experienced success so quickly. By having a diverse network, we’ve drawn and attracted different people to our tribe. I make sure that everyone feels like they are valued, which really helps to build that community and culture. With her next milestone set to reach RFX, Lacey continues to advance in her business by sharing the empowering opportunity and culture that the Rodan + Fields business provides.

Lacey celebrating with her team.

“I watched my Sponsor for about 6-8 months and I remember thinking, ‘what if I was actually able to do this?’” And I think that what if really made me pull the trigger and realized that I didn’t want to waste another day thinking that, what if. So, if you’ve been watching and thinking the same thing, I would just say that it doesn’t hurt to just dive in and see where it goes because you really do not know. You need to be willing to get outside of your comfort zone a little bit because if you’re not, you’re not growing as a person. Know that success is different for everyone so find out what success means to you and let’s figure out a way to make it happen together.”

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