Catching Up With Lindsey Griffin
Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Six years ago, we told the story of Lindsey Griffin’s amazing personal success at just twenty-three years old. Now a mother of two daughters and a Leader in the field, she continues to keep her business thriving by making a conscious choice to spread the word about her Rodan + Fields business every day. “I feel like this is far too good of a gift not to keep sharing.”

When Lindsey first became a Consultant at just nineteen years old, she says the biggest challenge for her was confidence. “There weren’t a lot of Consultants in their [teens and] early twenties, and I think that was my distraction.” After joining, she soon realized the possibilities that the business could bring. But she wasn’t entirely sure if that success was achievable for someone so young. “I had to acknowledge that age is just a number and success is up to me. I had to visualize that success and what I wanted it to look like.”

Lindsey celebrating with her family and Dr. Rodan

Lindsey enjoys representing what a young person venturing into the business is capable of, and especially being an example for her daughters. “I love showing them that you can create whatever you want. You can work hard and create something that you’re proud of and still be fully present with your family.” Today, she and her husband are looking into designing their family’s dream home and invest in the fabric of their community. Through her husband’s work in commercial real estate development and her interest in architectural design, they’ve supported businesses and projects that better the local area.

“Determine what you want and put your entire heart into it. Set your sights high. We need to see the opportunity that is ahead of us. I encourage people to choose to believe that and choose to acknowledge that you deserve that. Rise up and run for it. Success is up to us and we have every availability in this business to create that. It’s a unique thing and it’s a special thing. It’s worth going after and it’s certainly worth sharing.”

Lindsey with her husband and two daughters.

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2 responses to “Catching Up With Lindsey Griffin”

  1. Dinah says:

    I love your story and your attitude, Lindsey. You figured out what you wanted and you worked hard to achieve it. Kudos to you !

  2. Cassie Stangler says:

    It’s been such a pleasure to watch you grow and flourish in life and in business. You are amazing Lindsey and I am so proud to work with you.

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