Catching Up With Nicole Cormany
Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Since featuring her story five years ago, Nicole Cormany continues to thrive as an RFX Legacy Achiever. With her business partner and husband, Josh, the Cormanys lead an ever-growing team of top achievers that demonstrate the potential of what the Rodan + Fields opportunity can be. For Nicole, she “was always really motivated to have something of my own.” Now with R+F, she loves driving other leaders in her organization to overcome challenges and determine their own success. “It’s no fun when it’s just you. The best part is when you have your whole community wrapped around [you].”

Though Nicole jumped into the business quickly, other people in her life, including her father, initially had hesitations about her future in it. “[At first], my dad was rejecting, saying this was the worst investment I’d ever made.” But, as her business grew due to her incredible work ethic, she proved the potential she knew her R+F business had, and she shifted the perspectives of those around her – including her father. Now, she considers her business the best investment she’s made.

Nicole taking her father on his last beach vacation before his passing.

The business partnership with her husband also created a shift – one that Nicole says has had lasting impact on both her own family and the wider field. “[My daughters] have seen their dad be supportive of women in business and be here for them. He’s such a hands-on dad, waking them up for school every morning, making the lunches. He’s Super Dad.” Within the company, Nicole says that Josh joining her encouraged other men to see the opportunity in a different light. Plus, they’ve “plugged-in nicely” together as a team, leading as entrepreneurs and giving back to their local community by supporting empowerment programs.

Nicole and her family.

“Just like in any business, to be successful takes grit. I remember waking up every morning and thinking, ‘Why not me?’ Somebody is going to be successful, so you may as well go for it and see what happens. You can’t quit when it gets a little hard. You’ve got to be willing to just push through that and do what most people aren’t willing to do. Just know that you have the opportunity to change a lot of people’s lives, not just with the business but with the skincare.”

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