WHY: Ebie Hepworth – A Chance to Dream
Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Throughout her school years, Ebie Hepworth wasn’t sure what career path to take in life but knew that she was destined to help others. “I’ve always had a big heart for people…In college, I didn’t know what I wanted to do but knew I wanted something where I could show my passion for people.” While majoring in psychology and family studies, she learned about the global human trafficking crisis and felt a calling to get involved. “Three days after graduation, I packed up my car to move where I could intern for an organization involved [in stopping human trafficking] and soon after, started my own organization focused on rescuing girls from trafficking in southeast Asia.”

This line of work introduced Ebie to her husband, and together they traveled around the globe for initiatives, fundraisers and more for the purpose. “Anyone who knows about the non-profit world knows you don’t get into it for the money. You feel like you’re selling lemonade on the corner and asking people to give twenty dollars here and there…It’s hard because you have to bring an income in, but your attention needs to be focused on funneling support for the cause.” On top of that, she and her husband desired to adopt – an expensive process that was a struggle from the very beginning. “We had to sell our couch just to pay for the application.”

“For my husband and I, we understood the nature of human trafficking and how orphans can be a target, so when we were having conversations about starting a family, adoption was a no-brainer. It wasn’t a Plan B like many people assume.”

Seven months into the adoption process of her two children, an acquaintance reached out to Ebie about Rodan + Fields. “She’d brought it up to me a few years prior and my immediate response had been, ‘Absolutely not.’ But things were different now, so I told her that I felt I needed to do this.” After signing on in 2016, Ebie and her husband moved to Liberia, West Africa to be with their children while the adoption process finalized. “To be able to work a business from one of the poorest places on the planet blew my mind, but I struggled with a lot of fear.” Particularly, she found it difficult to share about the business on her social channels while keeping her content focused on nonprofit work, faith and family. “Every month, I asked myself, ‘Is this sustainable? Am I downplaying my personality?”

Ebie says that she “always had a heart for adoption” and imagined herself with a large, diverse family.

Meanwhile, Ebie was also adjusting to motherhood and struggling with her son’s diagnosis of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). “When we first got there [to Liberia], they didn’t think he would live; he’d had multiple different diagnoses. It’s very difficult to get him the resources he needs, like weekly therapy and a specialized doctor.” After the family returned to the states, Ebie continued to juggle responsibilities while timidly working her business. “I was so crippled with fear that I only talked about the products. I had bought in but wasn’t seeing the fruit of what my business could actually be.”

Her perspective changed at R+F Convention 2018 while watching the reveal of Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid. During the product unveiling, Ebie noticed a woman next to her in the crowd crying and nearly laughed. “I had this total judgmental lens. But then the woman turned to her friend and said how sharing this product could make a huge impact on her family. I realized that she saw the hard work behind the scenes and what it could do for her whereas I just saw a cool product. In that moment, I knew that I hadn’t been honoring this business like I should.”

Since then, Ebie says her business has “quadrupled” and she’s put more effort into building a team than she ever did before. Four months after that Convention, she hit Level V, and by the summer, had achieved Level V Circle. “I want my team to see that is something anyone can do, and I want them to be even more successful than me – to me that marks true leadership. Now, I always speak to the dreams that people have in their hearts because it was my dream that anchored me to this business. If you’re willing to chase after that dream, you’ll figure out how to run this business. You don’t have to have some complex, big dream – no dream is silly just because it’s different.”

Today, Ebie is grateful to take a step back and focus on her family and faith while working her R+F business.

Now a Premier Leader, Ebie has taken a step back on aspects of her life to focus on her family and faith. Though she has recently made the decision to surrender her nonprofit foundations, she continues to push her business to bigger goals and is consistently thankful for the impact it’s made in her life. “This business has allowed me to care for my son’s medical needs… It can change lives, and I love that I can talk about it with purity and confidence. I love seeing women wake up to their potential and break the ceilings in their lives because of this business.”

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5 responses to “WHY: Ebie Hepworth – A Chance to Dream”

  1. Susanne Lake says:

    What a beautiful soul you are Ebie!

  2. Nicole says:

    WOW. I have been praying and praying and praying and PRAYING and asking God to give me a sign that this is in line with my goals and dreams of rescuing foster and orphaned children and giving them a home, without being “superficial” or “frivolous” and how to reconcile this opportunity with this goal so I actually capitalize on it. Dont be made corporate but I almost NEVER read these emails other than for sales or specials and today I just happened to actually sit down and read your story and WOW. I am crying. I can’t believe it… THANK YOU For sharing your story Ebie! You are an inspiration! <3

  3. Sue Cochran says:

    Such a really beautiful story. Blessings to you dear girl!

  4. Well done for what you have done and your persistance!!

  5. Dinah says:

    Love your WHY & your story, Ebie !! Rodan + Fields has bern such a blessing in my life as I know it has been in yours!

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