Jennifer Steininger – Eagerly Diving In
Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Jenny Steininger has a close and complex relationship with water. She’d “grown up in bathing suits,” spending much of her childhood on the beach in the eastern part of Puerto Rico. But in September of 2017, Hurricane Maria left the island devastated and Jenny, a certified Master Instructor for ISR (Infant Swimming Resource), without a job. “That was the worst time emotionally and economically for our island.” After the hurricane, with no income to speak of, she knew she had to get out of her comfort zone.

A friend had once given her a Rodan + Fields sunscreen, and though she’d been interested in the products, she’d been too busy to keep up with the company. “I wasn’t a salesperson, much less a skincare junkie.” Nonetheless, she reached out to her friend and immediately dove into the business, working hard in the first few months though the odds were against her. “There was no electricity, no internet, no postal service.” Many of her first Customers and team members were women that she met while waiting in line at the grocery store for bottled water, or while out spending time with her two children. To find an internet connection to place orders, she searched every corner of her city – sometimes even “in the middle of the highway!” The opportunity drove her determination to make it work. “Puerto Ricans are go-getters. When we find an opportunity and know it is good for our family, there is no stopping us.”

Jenny at her job as a Master Instructor for ISR.

Inspired By Experience

When Jenny’s daughter was two years old, she suffered a non-fatal drowning. “It was horrible; my daughter was lifeless in my hands. But from that experience, as with the hurricane, some people take out the good.” She reformed her career from being a compliance officer to teaching infants and toddlers water survival techniques, instructing over 100 children a year. Now, her daughter is a healthy eleven year old, and Jenny credits the resiliency she learned from her past experiences for her initial perseverance in the business. She decided early on that she would go to R+F Convention 2018 as a Level V, and through hard work, did just that. In New Orleans, she found herself inspired by other Consultant stories. “If I thought I had it bad, I had to close my mouth and learn from other women, and their empowerment and strength.”

Having A Shared Goal

In November of 2018, Jenny and her team set their sights on qualifying in the Level V Circle program for February. However, on December 31st, with most of her team on holiday and work ahead to meet qualification by the day’s end, she worried they wouldn’t make it. But with her Sponsor’s encouragement, she reached out to her team members and they “rose up to the occasion and carried me, and themselves, because this is a team effort.” Rather than celebrate the new year in the traditional sense, the team worked together and made it a priority to reach their goal. Jenny has since met her fourth consecutive month in the program and says that her success is heavily dependent on the personal connections she’s made. “It’s a relationship business.”

Jenny and her family.

Leading Towards Freedom

For Jenny, one of the best things about R+F is the chance it gives people to change their lives. Particularly in her Latin community, she believes that the business can be a vehicle for people to reach potential they would never have dreamed of.  She compares it to her job in the pool, teaching survival skills that she says has enabled her to save twelve children in her program. “I still cry when I see that baby roll over and achieve that floating position, and I hear the inhale, and I know I changed the world. When a team member shows me her phone and says, ‘Jenny, I’m able to pay my mortgage,’ the image that comes to my mind is her taking her head out of water and taking a deep breath. That is life changing.”

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2 responses to “Jennifer Steininger – Eagerly Diving In”

  1. How incredibly inspiring this is to me! As a brand new consultant just getting started today, I am encouraged and in awe of your story. I feel motivated and determined to not allow myself any “excuses”!

    That last sentence just clinched it for me! I can relate to that imagery so well in so many ways. “the image that comes to my mind is her taking her head out of water and taking a deep breath. That is life changing.”
    Yes! It sure is,

  2. Jenny says:

    Welcome to the beginning of great things Brenda and Thank You so much for your kind words. RF has truly changed my life and helped me encourage so many transformations! I am here to help you in all I can.

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